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Sunday, September 23, 2012

MuXiaoPai's Home Autumn Collection THREE.

Helloooo again! Updates before sleeping! :D
I really need to finish this photoshoot update ASAP! One more post about it, I PROMISE. Then I'll blog about something else! LOL!

Speaking of which, I still haven't blog about the photoshoot I had with my 2 darlings, Xing Xing and Ming Zhuang! :D We really had so much fun! And the pictures are great. :) Can't wait to tell you guys about it.

So let's get straight to the point!

Clothes of the day:

Boyfriend Button Down Shirt that comes in 6 colours and awesome zipless jeans hehehe.

I'm wearing the orange button down shirt. ;P 

Why do I call it the Boyfriend Button Down Shirt? LOL, because it looks as if you're wearing one of your boyfriend's shirts, don't you think?

I used to think button down shirts are pretty boring, and only worn by people in the offices. :S
Now I think they actually are pretty chic if you know how to match them! :D

I really love button down shirts with jeans and Converse. :D

Oh yea and the jeans is from the collection too. It's zipless btw. HEHEHE.
You don't have to bother about the buttons/zip whatsoever. It has the elastic band thingy at the waist so you can just pull it up and that's that. LOL.

Besides the shape is great! It comes in 2 colors, dark blue and light blue. :)

Moreeee picturesssss because I really like this look hahaha!

Inside Black Magic Chocolate. :)

For a more chic/sexy look, you can unbutton the last 2 buttons and tie the ends into a knot like this. :D

Btw check out the jeans now if you don't get what I mean with "zipless" above. XD

Say Hellooooo to Yi Guo! She's the owner of the online shop, MuXiaoPai's Home. :D
This time she joined in the photoshoot too!
She's super good at posing and doesn't have my awkward problem at becoming stiff in front of the camera LOL. 

She's the exact opposite of me, she gets really natural in front of the camera! :D

Some really pretty pictures of her in the mint color boyfriend button down shirt! :D

See? Told you she's really good at posing! :D

The 6 colours available. :)

Cutesy ribbon knitted top! :D
Paired with the button down shirt to create a more school girl look. :D

It comes in 3 colours! I'm wearing the pink one.

Beige colour! :) 

And green one! :D

Okay one more post about this, just ONE MORE! :D

Till then dearies! :D

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