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Sunday, September 2, 2012

First 2 days in Shanghai: I MET PARIS HILTON! :D

I know the title is very exciting, but you'll have to wait for Paris Hilton's gorgeous pictures LATER. LOL.
Coz I'll tell the story from Day 1! Haha!

Finally back to Shanghai after a month plus! First thing I checked when I got back in the dorm was my darling little bunny, Tutu!
You see, I've been trying to contact Jimmy (he helped me to take care of Tutu throughout the whole summer!) when I was in Malaysia to ask him how was my bunny doing, AND HE DIDN'T REPLY ME.

I was like, "Is my bunny dead or something, that's why he didn't dare to tell me?"
I know I know, I'm paranoid like that. Lol.

So it had been 1 month plus without ANY NEWS from Jimmy regarding my precious little bunny. And I'm expecting the WORST: An empty cage, and a shrugging Jimmy.


But when I got back, this fatty little thing greeted me like THIS.


Awwww it's still as adorable as ever! *hugs* Qi Qian commented that it looked thinner, haha, I guess it does gotten slimmer. Must be missing me too much! LOL!

I wonder whether it is because it has been locked up for the whole summer, now it won't come out even when I leave the door open . :(
Will take it out for walks soon!

Thank you Jimmy for taking care of Tutu so well! The cage is really clean and Tutu looks contented, the food bowl and water bottle is clean and full too! :D
And another thank you again for helping me to carry my 20kg luggage from ground floor to the 5th floor! MUAHAHAHA!!!!!

ps: Jimmy is the hottest "bellboy" in our dorm because he's very muscular, so every time we have very heavy things to carry, we immediately think of asking for Jimmy's help. LOL. 

In return of his favour, I treated Jimmy 小杨生煎, it was situated at the new foodcourt under 巴黎春天!A lot of yummy stalls inside! :D

After the dinner, both of us were so full and when we were heading back to the dorm, Jimmy said, "Ahhh so full! I'll go out to play for a while now!"

I was immediately interested, "Play what play what?? I want to join too!!!"

Jimmy said, "Just go out on my bike and look around, discover new places."

Me: "And then??? Play what???"

Jimmy: "Just like that lo."

Me: "Oh... =.='''" 

LOL. I was expecting some fun places. XD
Anyway a ride after dinner sounds better than sitting in the dorm so we went out for a bike ride! :D

Btw bike riding is actually pretty awesome!!! Good thing that Jimmy's a great biker so it is safe to ride with him, besides the night breeze was so comfy and soothing!

We discovered a lot of new roads and tried to remember all the names and failed. T__T

A picture of Jing An Temple at night. Taken while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. :)

Thank you Jimmy for the ride! :)  

And then the brand new day!
Had a tasty lunch with my girls!
How good to see them again! Missed them so much!
We had Japanese Ramen set lunch and I was so happy to find Wifi service there, coz I could update my instagram FINALLY. LOL.

With Ellen!

Ming Zhuang and Meier! :D

The set lunch, with a pudding as dessert afterwards!
The soup of the ramen was so rich and tasty I want to eat it everydayyyyyy... T___T

Went to shop with the girls after lunch, to get some stuff from Watsons and also to search for birthday pressie for Jiun Hui! :D
It was considered a belated birthday pressie already because her birthday was in August!

Finally found a really pretty bag from Tapenade, shared it with Ellen so it was affordable. :)

The colour is much more pale and dusty pink than the picture!
The picture doesn't do it justice. :( It's much nicerrrrr!

In the evening, went out for dinner with my darling babe, Yi Guo! :D She just got to Shanghai that day too! 

Selca picture in the subway. LOL.
Kinda paiseh because too many people! HAHAHA!

Eat again at the new food court! This time we tried out Curry Inn
The portion served was SO BIG. O.O
I was amazed at myself for being able to finish it.

My eye bags omg. T___T Still haven't recovered from my travel. :'(

Yi Guo told me this is nice! And it is!!!
Sorry that it looks a bit....... odd. Coz it already melted. LOL.
Will post up a more presentable pic of it next time. XD

Strolled around after the dinner and discovered Elle Femina runway show just outside ZARA!
We were almost leaving when the crowd suddenly got a lot more boisterous.

OMG Paris Hilton came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the big screen!

She's really pretty in reality too, and much smaller in size! I thought she is around 170cm above when I saw her pics last time, but nooo she's around 160 plus I guess, really gorgeous! :D

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, only brought my phone out that day. LOL. And for once I was happy with my height coz I could take pics of her easily no matter how many ppl standing in front of me. LOL LOL.

Love her dress!!! She just stayed there like 5 minutes to say hi and then left!
She actually looked at me and said good bye! Such sweet smile OMGGGG! Haha!
I guess celebrity is popular for a reason, they're really charming! :D

And the night is not over with beautiful ladies yet!
We stopped by Parkson and saw some really pretty girls there too!
Some cosmetics events! :D

I really like the model in the center, she has that really lovely smile, the model standing on the left is much more cooler and doesn't smile much. :/

Lovely China model in another booth! She's sooo pretty! :D *melts* (Okay actually I prefer to look at pretty girs rather than hot guys, I dunno why, and I'm not a lesbo! I just love to admire pretty girls! Hahaha!)

Saw this super cute flower guy giving out brochures for L'OCCITANE! :D
Requested to take a pic with him!

Hahaha, I love his height coz can put my head on his shoulder like this, 刚刚好~~ XD

And pictures for the dinner today! :D
Went out with Yiguo again, she discovered a new cafe called Noah Cafe.
It was very pretty and the food there was amazing too!

Sorry for the over exposed pic.
It was pretty dark there and my phone flash didn't work well.
So my poor Carbonara looked horrible. XD

Another one without flash!

I know my legs very fat. T___T sob...

Right, I really should go to sleep now. LOL!
Will try to update more!

Good night peeps!!


  1. OMG. You really not that fat okay?! HOHO. Sorry can't meet you up at KMN. SOB! Didn't back KMN even Raya Holiday. Busy study for exam! Miss you!

    1. Darlingggg, I'm so happy to get your comment! haha!
      Yeaaa was looking forward to meet up with you again... T___T it's okay i'm going back during CNY too!
      Good luck in your exams okay!!!
      Miss you too! :DDDD

  2. ehhh that L'occitane guy looked delusioned. tsk tsk tsk.. see la you stood so close LOL

    1. Hahahaaa I think he looked very sienz XDDD but have a lot of girls ask him to take pics with them already. XDDDD