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Monday, September 10, 2012

Crazy night. :D

I'm really trying to update my blog more often! School stuff is really too much I hardly have time! :(

Classes have been really amazing. I got to learn a lot of great things and hectic school life turns out to be absolutely fun-filling!

Went out with my babe Yiguo for another photoshoot for her online shop. This time all the clothes are my fav styles: simple and Korean style.
And best yet, Yiguo invited a professional photographer this time who was REALLYYYY NICE. We called her Sister Xiao Hu. :D
She was really professional and very clear in her instructions on how to pose and stuff so I felt really comfortable working with her.

It was really funny because I would get tensed when somebody take my pictures. Sister Xiao Hu commented that I would look really stiff when I pose, but I couldn't help it! I'm not a professional model LOL LOL!

So in the end, she asked me not to pose, but just act like myself, walking towards her or doing whatever I want, and she would take the pictures randomly. The pictures turned out to be really natural! :D

Can't wait for the pictures already! :D Will have to wait for her to edit them, might take a few weeks. I'll wait for them and update here as soon as I got them! :D Stay tuned!

For now I'll update something happened 2 days ago! It was my cousin's 10 years old birthday so my uncle invited me over to celebrate together with them! :D

There were 2 cakes, both from Haagen Dazs! Prince and princess. :D So cute!

My cousins and I! The lil boy in pink shirt is my cousin, Yi Jun, who's having his birthday! :D

3 of them trying to blow 1 candle out. And took a long time in finishing that task. haha!!

Cake cutting! The lil princess cake is for my lil cousin, Yi Ling! They're siblings! :)

My pretty pretty lil aunt, Boyi, was there too! She is pregnant for 5 months already! I think she looks absolutely beautiful! :DDD
Oh yea, actually she's very young, but because of the ancient family hierarchy stuff that is totally complicated, she turns out to be my aunt, but in reality, I just call her Boyi because I can't bring myself to call her auntie!!! :D :D :D

With Yi Ling. ;D

Yi Jun! ^o^

And the youngest cousin in Shanghai, Long Long! Hehehehe! He's too cute!!

After the dinner, I met up with Xing Xing, Tuya and Rena right outside! They were in XinTianDi too so we walked around and had fun. :D
Pictures in the ladies room is a must. XD

Playing with Rena's glasses!

Xing Xing photobombing! XD

Cutie pie Rena! :D

Xing Xing photobombing again! Hahaha! So cuteeee!

The gorgeous lady. :D I want to be an eurasian too. :D Awesome features!

Some crazy shots. Hahaha! Rena's trying to act as Sadako in Ju On. And Xing Xing looked really cranky. XD

4 crazy girlsssss :D

Rena the ballerina with us doing some yoga stuff at the lakeside muahahahaha!

Hello Sadako the brown hair version. LOL.

It started to rain and we were trying to catch a cab to get home but it was REALLY hard to find any!
So we finally found one and we were like telling the driver, "OMG SHI FU YOU'RE OUR SAVIOURRRRRRRR."

Hahaha, and then we kept singing China National Anthem in the taxi, and the most hilarious thing was the taxi driver himself didn't memorise the lyrics of the National Anthem! O.O ohhhh Hahahaha!

We were like, "Shifu, how can you not memoriseeeeee???"

We even snapped pics with the adorable taxi driver. Hahaha!

Such crazy crazy night!!!!

Took a pic with my fatty Tutu before going to sleep! Didn't update his pics for so long. *guilty* 
See how big it gets now!!!! :D

Will do another post tomorrow! *finger-crossed* LOL.

Good night peepo!!!