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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Awesome Places at XinTianDi and Official Group Picture at ZEAL. :D

I have so many stuff to update OMG. O_____O
Dunno where to start.
Have to update all the pictures that I've accumulated for these few days, which are like hundreds of them!

Guess I'll start with the daytime activities I had done before I went for my-first-time clubbing. LOL.
BTW, got a phone call from my parents asking me not to go to the club anymore because they're worried about my safety.XD 

Haha, don't worry dad & mom, I'm not going there that often okayyyyy. 
Probably won't even go there in years. XD

Right, back to the day-time activities. That day was like the most exhausting day ever because we had been walking for hours! Haha!
Brought my roommate, Tuya and her friends to check out XinTianDi's shopping places.

I showed them some of my favourite places there.
One of them is definitely the Scent Library!

I think I've blogged about it in my old blog. :)
It's a very very interesting place which has a generous collection of all kinds of scents that you can imagine.

For example, some interesting ones like Dirt, Thunderstorm, Snow, New York, Freshly cleaned windows.

They use some pretty cool technology to trap the air and somehow get the scent from the air. Hmm. No idea how that works but the scent is pretty real! :D
I can really smell dirt, and thunderstorm from those little bottles!

Another awesome place in XinTianDi is this bookstore called 猫的天空之城.
I think it's the Shanghai branch of the Su Zhou shop that has the same concept: sending postcards to the future YOU/friends.

You can buy the postcards there, write something that you want to say to the future you/ your friends.
Then put the postcards in one of the columns as you can see in the picture below.
Depends on the date you want to send it.
For example, I want to wish myself happy birthday on 26th December, so I'll put the card in the 26th column of the last row.

They'll send the postcards out around that time, and I would receive the postcard on my birthday!

How cool is that! :DDDD

You can also put the postcards into the mailboxes that say 2013, 2014, 2015. Where they'll be sent next year, next next year and so on! :D

Besides there are a lot of super pretty/cute stuff. :D Checking them out.

L to R: Lily (U.S), Uliji (Mongolia), Tuya (Mongolia), Xixi (Malaysia) :D

Add in Yiguo! :D

Lily wanted to find something to eat and she decided upon ice-cream! So I brought them to Cold Stone! :D
Though I didn't buy one for myself because I was having period. FML. T_T

So I just did silly poses while the others enjoyed their ice creams. Hahaha!

Btw Miki (my dearest Japanese roommate) was supposed to reach Shanghai that day, but she missed her flight so she could only come the next day!
Poor Miki was crying when she called me from India.

It's okay dear, we'll wait for you! :D

So the welcome dinner for Miki still continued without Miki's presence. LOL.
At SzeChuan restaurant! :D

L to R: Christina (Korea), Tuya, Rena (Japan) and me! :D

Pictures credits to Jimmy! :D

Btw got this really nice picture of us in ZEAL.
Picture credits to the professional photographer in ZEAL.
It was uploaded in the official site and Xing Xing sent me the link.

L to R: Xing Xing, Sandra, me and Rena! :D

Right, going to update more!! Stay tuned!

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