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Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Rainy Rainy Rainy.

Helloooo dearies, sorry for the hiatus!
School already started and everything was crazy! I'm really glad to get piano lessons (FINALLY touching the piano again after 2 years lol lol) from a really awesome teacher. She taught me the right way of using my fingers to exert pressure and then release it on the keyboard, so it won't be so tiring. 
Okay I sucks at explaining, just want to say I'm really happy to learn so much from her!

Got to know a lot of new friends in school, still trying my best to remember their names and match them with the right faces. LOL.
I always forget Chinese names really soon, I can only remember English names but most of the Chinese students don't have any. T_____T

Anyway will post up pictures of my new friends soon after I know them better HAHAHA!

There are soooo many pictures in my camera and phone I think I'll put them into 3 separate blog posts. Decided to start with a post of a stormy rainy day in Shanghai(yesterday), haha!

Went to school for my violin class in the morning and stayed in one of the practice room until noon.
Then I decided to get back to dorm and get my lunch and saw this.(view video below) O.O!!!!!!

HOW COMEEEEE?! 15 mins ago it was still a sunny day! And after 15 mins it was so dark. AND THE RAIN WAS TOO HEAVY, nobody could have stayed dry walking with an umbrella. There's simply no way to do it, the rain would attack you from all angles. If you don't believe me, watch the video and focus on how the rain scattered on the road. IN ALL DIRECTION I TELL YOU. Crazy wind, thunder and lightning. 

Together with me, tons of upset students standing and looking at the rain. Nobody brought any umbrella because it was REALLY SUNNY in the morning. =.=
Shanghai weather is so unpredictable. :(

The crazy "storm" that lasted for an hour.

I went back to the practice room and continued practising until the sky cleared.
View from 18th floor!
No more rain, wheeeee!!!
The gloomiest noon I ever seen. Heh.

I had a violin gig in the afternoon at Skyway Pullman Hotel! :)
It was a wedding gig and I really love this beautiful set-up!

My puffy eyes scream "HELLO I JUST WOKE UP FROM A NAP". =.='''

Walking to the bus stop after the gig ended.
Spotted this!
Just in case you guys are wondering where my bunny, Tutu, came from.
My ex-roommate, Miki, bought it at the roadside from pet vendors like this. LOL. :DDDDD

Fluffy lil things! :D Tutu looked exactly like the one on the upper right when it was still a baby. :D

Yiguo invited me over to her apartment for dinner, so I stopped by at Yu Gui Ren to get some desserts for the both of us!
I really love the design of the plastic bag!
It has a slit in between so we can put the cups separately without worrying that they'll tilt here and there and make a mess! :D

No rice, no veges, nothing.
Just fried chicken. E.N.D.

Hahahahaha!!! Each of us had 5 fried chickens. Sounds fattening. T___T

To prevent fats from accumulating, we decided to go for a walk right after dinner. Haha!
Spotted this!!!


It's the cute version of WILLY WONKA from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!!!! :D

*sorry readers, I will pretty much die of hyperventilating when it comes to Johnny Depp and all the movie characters of his. Kekeke*

Really cute isn't it????

Showered and changed into my "pajamas" after I got back to dorm. Then Tuya (my roommate) told me Jimmy called her and wanted me to find him ASAP.

I was like, "Oh did something happen to his bunny?!"
So I pretty much ran to his room with my hair still wet. LOL.

When I got there, Jimmy and Telmuun were playing that WeChat software on iPhone. =.=
It was something like this, you can "throw a bottle" to any strangers who are onlining as well and send voice messages to them.
So Telmuun was talking to several strangers at the same time, saying weird stuff like "I'm going to die in 3 months, the doctors can't help me, what am I going to do?" in that really desperate, sad voice.

And the strangers took it seriously wth. =.=''' A girl even asked him to find a better doctor. LOL.

So in the middle of all the craziness going on, I completely forgot to ask why exactly Jimmy asked me to be there. LOL.

Suddenly Jimmy pointed to my phone that was laying on his bed and said, "Oh yea, Wen Xi, your phone."

I absent-mindedly took it up and saw that there was a message from Yiguo saying "Your papa called you!"

And I was like, huh? So I called her and asked.

Yi Guo: Darling you left your phone at my place just now!
Me: Huh? No, my phone is with me!
Yi Guo: *confused* What? No, your phone was here, and your dad called you! Check your call history!
Me: What? What call? There's no call!
Yi Guo: Darlinggggg you left my phone at my place just nowwwww and I brought it to Jimmy so he could bring it to you!

Me: *pause for 5 seconds* *smacks head* OHHH...

Hahahaha! I thought my phone was with me ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! =.='''

So Telmuun and Jimmy asked me to join them for a walk after that crazy WeChat session. Hahaha.
So we just walked out in our super casual "pajamas" in search of supper.

He got something to do so he went back to the dorm sobsob.

So Jimmy and I continued our journey towards our precious supper. LOL.BTW,

We had really yummy dumplings at 龙门阵!
Inside is very RED. LOL.

Asked Jimmy to take my picture using my phone. Hehe.
Hello this is my totally "naked" no-make-up face. =.=

LOL this picture is SO UGLY but whatever la. XDD
I was complaining to Jimmy why the pictures he took of me weren't nice.XD

Finally a decent shot using Jimmy's iPhone. HAHA.

Btw Jimmy showed me this picture and I immediately asked for his permission to blog about it! HEHEHE!

Just to show you guys how heavy the rain was!!!
It destroyed Jimmy's umbrella!!!

Totally soaked Jimmy and the remnants of his umbrella. HAHAHA!

I guess I'll continue other posts tomorrow!

Good night people!!!

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