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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hari Raya Gathering in Shanghai. :)

Greetings dearies! :)
I really enjoy updating my blog because I'm happy that you guys are reading! Do keep reading, so I'll feel motivated to continue updating it! :D

Feeling pretty tired lately, maybe still haven't recover from the whole-day photoshoot 2 days ago (carrying lotsa bags and moving from places to places to get good pictures lol). All my muscles are sore and I just feel like I want to sleep for dayssssss. 

No good no good. I need to practise more.

Speaking of that, violin class is dued the day after tomorrow. :S

I'm going to update about the Hari Raya Gathering happened last week in Shanghai. It was organised by our Perdana Menteri's wife, Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor in Kerry Hotel, Pudong. I went there as a dancer, LOL LOL.

Right, will talk about the Raya Gathering later!
Here're some goodies I got from my darlings after the summer vacation!

These are really awesome Armenian candies from Xing Xing! The lil white box and the red heart-shaped choc are from her eldest sis's wedding! So pretty! :D
There's a wish inside the wrapping of the red choc too!

Below the candies is my theory exercises. LOL.
Btw I passed the 乐理免修考试!Wheepiedoooo, I don't have to go to theory classes anymore, more time to practise yay! :D

On the left is the yummy Feijoa Milk Chocolate from New Zealand, given by dear Jiun Hui! :D She had a fun vacation there during Summer hols! :D

And on the right I have the interesting biscuit thingy given by Ming Zhuang, all the way from Vietnam! :D She also gave me the cute diamond-shape little stuffed thing with bells around! :D Love it!

Alright, now back to the Raya Gathering dinner. :)
Helloooo peepo, we are the 4 dancers of the night!

L to R: Jiun Hui, Yong Jing, Alex and Me!

We only practised for 3 days because we were informed last minute. T___T

Some pictures I got from Alex's China FB. Haha!
He's really good at editing and making photo collages! :D

Tired after practice. Selca using Alex's ipad. Hehehe!
They say I'm a very professional self-snapping girl. MUAHAHAHA!

The day when I didn't join them because I got a violin gig. T___T
So Alex pasted my face just in case I feel left out. LOL LOL. XD

ps: my face so colourful omg. XD

Pretty! :D

Besides us dancers, some of our friends have the Chinese instruments performance too!
Here's my Vietnamese babe, Ming Zhuang! She's sooooooo pretty in Cheongsam!

The very very very happy gathering! So surprised to see so many Malaysians residing in Shanghai! O.O

Datin. :)

Happy kids! I especially adore the I LOVE KL tee! Hahaha! I want one that says I LOVE MALAYSIA. 
I think the only "I LOVE ..." tee that I have now is I LOVE REDANG ISLAND that I got during summer vacation LOL. XD

Joined in the fun! ;D

The cutie pie Vietnamese among Malaysians!! :D

So happy to see Li Ching after so long! She's studying in Shanghai Chinese Medical University. :D (not sure if that's the right name but you get the idea XD)

With Sebastian!

Alex! He and Yong Jing are soooo fun to work with!
Alex is from Penang so I really like to listen to him when he speaks because he reminds me of all my beloved Penang MPYO buddies like Yvonne and Sze Chiann! :D
They like to use Hokkien which is super adorable when mixed in daily conversation hahaha! :D

Some food that day! :D YUMMINESS.


With Jing Huang! He was seated at the same table with Datin worrrr, so nice! Hahaha!
Btw he's so tall! O.O 

Another picture collage made by Alex! :DDDD The 4 of us!
I think we did a pretty good job that night! :D Claps for us! :D

Some after dinner shots. Changed back into our casual outfit. Haha!

With my darling Ming Zhuang. Love her lots. Hehe!

The girls. :D

Got some errands to run tomorrow. 
So good night guys!! CIAO! :D

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