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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Cherry Brown Hair. :)

Lemme see, it had already been 4 days since my last update. O_O
Doesn't SOUND long, but it FEELS long enough. Haha.

So a short update for today, some pictures of my cherry brown hair! :D

Why CHERRY brown hair?
Well, that's the name written on the bubble hair dye thing I got from Watson. LOL. The expected dream result is supposed to be a pinkish brown that looks amazing, so I was really looking forward to myself turning into a pinky brown hair creature........

The end result is like THIS.

Side shot.

Well....... I guess it does have some pink in it, huh? it's actually just mostly brown. 

T____T I want something pinker! T______T

LOL, but actually I'm happy enough with the colour because it just costed me RMB 89 for the bottle of hair dye. If I go to hair saloon, it'll be at least RMB 400! :D

It had been like a few weeks already since I dyed, and so far I like it. Haha.
Maybe if I really want real PINK cherry brown hair I'll have to go to the saloon and pay big bucks for it. Haha!

See you guys soon! :)


  1. wen xi , u know what, what intrigued me is for about ur hair, (ok la, second focus). the main focus is about ur t-shirt with a word "wu" on it,hahaha, its like u r going to dancing class=)

  2. haha you're right! it's the tee of the dancing class in our school! :DDDD but I wore it to the sports class LOL. :DDDDD

  3. you have sports class???? and dancing class???

    1. Yeah, sports class is mandatory, but I went to dancing class for fun. LOL.