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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thai Horror Movie (3AM) + Meggi Ketam With Sera & Uzair!

Yesterday was...... horrendous.... and full of screams, because I went for a THAI HORROR MOVIE DATE with my friends, Sera and Uzair. LOL.

I'm someone who cringes at the idea of horror movies, be it at the cinema or at home, because after watching it, I will have nightmares and sleepless nights fearful for the appearance of bloody-faced ghosts in my bedroom. 

Anyway, Sera had been really hyped about watching horror movie, so I decided to try watching horror movie for the first time in the cinema! We would be watching 3AM, and I really regret it after buying the tickets. It's a Thai horror movie! T_____T Thai horror movie and Japanese horror movie both are the scariest! T_____T


The movie consists of 3 ghost stories; "The Wig", "The Corpse Bride" and "O.T." from 3 directors Issara Nadee (Dark Flight 3D,Art of the Devil 2 &3),Kirati Nakintanon (First Kiss),Patchanon Thumajira (Colic). The Thai belief that 3am is the hour that ghosts make their appearances -- the hour most haunted by restless spirits. 3AM is the hour of fear, and if you're wise, it's not the time to be in certain places: a wig shop, a funeral, or even in your office working overtime. Because you never know what took place there and because you never know what will come back...

The first story is about two sisters (Focus Jirakul and Apinya Sakuljaroensuk) in a haunted wig shop.

Focus, who made her debut as a child actress in 2003's Fan Chan, leads The Wig. She's a kind soul who runs a shop where she specializes in making wigs for cancer patients. She lives in the shophouse with her bitchy older sister (Saipan Apinya). Things get creepy when a bundle of long hair that's been unceremoniously hacked off a vengeful corpse is delivered to the shop. Shelves full of dummy wig heads have an unsettling effect late in the evening when the older sister has brought back a couple friends from a night of drinking.

Not going to tell you guys what happen afterwards. You'll have to go watch yourself, but one thing I'm sure, I'll never try to get any hair extension tqvrymuch. 

The scares turn kinky in the 2nd story, The Corpse Bride, in which singer Toni Rakkaen is a medical student charged with looking after the corpses of a bride and groom who died under mysterious circumstances in their creaky old teakwood mansion. The bodies are dressed in their wedding outfits and laid out in coffins. The student is shown around the sprawling place by a stern nurse, who warns him to not go into the couple's bedroom. But of course the kid scoffs at the warning, and barges right in to the bridal suite and makes himself at home on the bed. He then finds himself strangely attracted to the lovely bride, and removes her from the coffin for his own personal playtime. He then starts to have visions of what he thinks might have happened to the young woman. Meanwhile, the groom's coffin starts to shake and rattle. A tookay lizard crawling up the bride's dress also gets the audience squealing.

The corpse bride in this story is sooooo pretty I think I will fall in love with her too. Can't really blame the guy for wanting to protect her, but it gets too much when he actually had sex with the corpse!!!!!!!!!!!!
We all were like EHHHHHH WHAT??!?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?!??!!?!

Oops, I'm a real spoiler, but that part really freaks me out. They say there are real cases like this in real life too, when human having sexual intercourse with corpses. Seriously what are they thinking???? O.O!!! Must be out of their mind. T____T

Anyway, the ending is totally out of expectation and the story got a great twist in the middle that changes everything. It gives us something to think about, like who's actually the mastermind in it. Hehe, you'll have to watch it yourself! 

See she's really pretty right? Speaking of corpse bride, it reminds me of my Halloween look 2012, click HERE to see my version of corpse bride! :D

Now I think it would be better if I draw some stitches on my neckline too. LOL LOL.

The 3rd story is O.T., which is about office workers earning overtime by working after hours. They are scared out of their wits when chairs start moving around and computers turn on and off by themselves. It's only their bosses, Shahkrit Yamnarm and Ray MacDonald (almost unrecognizable in his off-kilter haircut), playing pranks on them. As the hour grows later, the office drones try to top their bosses with ever-more-elaborate hoaxes and scares. But soon, the horror turns very real. And the final look on Shahkrit's face is priceless.

This is basically the most hilarious ghost story I've ever watch. It's really scary and yet at the same time I can laugh throughout. It keeps you guessing which ghost is real and which ghost is just prank. I still think the ending is a prank too. Hmm. XD

Overall I think 3AM really worth the watch! :) You guys should go watch it some time! :D
All the synopsis of the stories taken from HERE and HERE

There were just around 10 people inside the cinema. Sera and I fully utilized our bags as shields in front of our faces, and poor Uzair didn't have any handbags to protect him so he kept on trying to snatch ours. Hahaha. I was the most hyper one, who keeps on saying WTH WTF WAS THAT?! AHHHHHH, and screamed non-stop. Sera and Uzair just ball up in their seats trying to act like they don't know me. Hahahahaha!

After the movie, we went to the famous Otak-Otak stall nearby Pantai Teluk Mak Nik! :) They told me this place is so famous even Singaporeans came down here to eat!

With the super gorgeous Sera! :) She's Chinese and Malay mixed! I want her hair! *maybe will take like 2 years for me to get to that length* T_T My hair grow too slow... T__T Sera said her hair grow so fast just in a few months! Super envy!

Sera & Uzair! My dates for the day!

Candid shots ;D


Keropok Lekor & Otak-Otak. #fingerslickinggood

Sera so focused on eating! Hahaha! *demented face*

Advertising for Keropok Lekor. :D Hello guys, if you guys want the best Keropok Lekor please some to Kemaman. :D

The juicy piece of fish inside Otak-otak. Awfully yummy omgggg.

Teh Ais. :D

Mee Celong! Very similar to Mee Soup! :DDDD

Fried squid! :) Super crispy!

We went back to our homes and came out again around 9.30pm! :D Uzair told us about this really yummy Maggi Crab Bistro nearby the bus station.

I didn't know there's a place to eat crab with Maggi mee in Kemaman before! 

Here goes: 4x4 Megi Ketam Bistro

Sera ze gangsta bunny! Haha!

Here's shasha/syasya (not sure how to spell T_T), Sera's little sis! :D Only 14 this year~~ So young!

Sera wants my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Hahahahaha!

Uzair with his awesome Nasi Goreng Ketam Promosi! Hahaha!

Here's Megi Ketam Promosi!
Promosi means we get to have 2 crabs with the noodles with a reasonable price!

Sera suddenly got that Muka Semangat, hahahaha! And ShaSha/Syasya is like MAKANNNNN.

Sera: Wenxi ni tak nak makan ke???
Shasha/Syasya: *oblivious to all of us* MAKANNNNNN.

The damages.

Pictures not to be missed!

With Uzair! :DDDD

Love these shot taken by Sera! 

Uzair's Iphone 5 very nice, can take this Panorama pic! :D

Some ghostly pics of the girls, where Sera becomes the Hantu Sos Cili. And a very frightened Uzair. XD

Never ever going to wear any wig in the future!!!!!

Gives Uzair the quartet cd I recorded with my friends in Shanghai! Haha!

It was a total fun day full of horrors, friends and awesome food! :D

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