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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Halloween 2012 @ The Geisha

Halloween, the night where evil rises. All the creepiest creatures you can imagine crawl out of their tombs to join the party...

This year, the evil team from Shanghai presents you...

Sadako, Cleopatra, the Joker, Kitty Lolita and the Corpse Bride.

They started to prepare for the party early, the Joker especially looking forward to it and borrowed Cleopatra's headpiece to create a more stunning look.

Sadako carefully applying make-up for him.

Very happy Joker. :D

Hello peepo, I'm the Corpse Bride.
White gig dress LOL.
And lace ribbon and hair done by Yiguo (major loves)

PS: We were discussing what character to disguise as the day before Halloween and I was like, "I want to look pretty and scary at the same timeeeeeee." At first I wanted to be a Zombie Barbie, but can't find the cutesy barbie clothes last minute and Yiguo suggested me to be Athena, wearing a long white dress and be really pretty.

I wailed, "But I want to be scary!!! Can I be vampire Athena? You know, like put on some fake teeth, or maybe the Zombie Athena??? put some fake blood??"
Yiguo sighed in exasperation, "Who says Halloween cannot be JUST pretty? Why must be scary huh?"
I insisted, "But I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!"

So I went to pester Xing Xing.
"Xing Xing darlingggg, do you know where can I get fake blood???"

Xing Xing: Darling. Go kill someone.

Me: Hmmm baby*raise eye brow*,that's a great idea.

Anyway in the end, Sadako (Rena) lent me her blood red lipstick so I can prevent from going to jail for stabbing someone to get fake blood (oh hey should be real blood) for halloween costume. LOL.

Anyway I'm annoyed coz I can't find any white foundation to put on my face so I can't achieve that ghostly look. 
With that smeared lipstick and horrible dark circles beneath my eyes, I look more like a 怨妇 whose fiancee fled on the wedding day. LOL.

Complete look of Joker (Telmuun) and Sadako (Rena).

LOL!!!! We were saying how completely odd Joker matched his clothes, but he seemed to be extremely satisfied with it. XD

And Rena was perfect playing Sadako because she just dyed her long hair jet black the day before Halloween!!!!!

And she's awesome in her facial expression, and the blood she drew using her lipstick dripping from her lip down her neck is so creepy omg! :DDD

Joker + Sadako = Best friends. :D

A human being joined us!
Ming Zhuang was on her way back to the dorm when we were having our photoshoot session LOL, so she joined in the fun! :D

Awesome eyes-rolled-up-until-no-pupil look by Sadako. O.O

We had surveyed for several places that had Halloween parties going on and decided upon The Geisha, because they have free entrances for all those who wear costumes! Hahaha!

Saw this really cute Stitch guy. Haha!

Cleopatra and Joker getting into the party mode. :D

Even Sadako smiled. O___O

Chen Xi and Yi Guo! Being Minnie Mouse and Kitty Cat! :DDDD
They don't want to be scary LOLLLL. I was trying to brainwash them with all the fake blood idea but failed. T____T

Terrorizing the pretty ones because they're not scary enough.
Eh wait, Xing Xing also pretty and not scary what?! 

Okay, we biased. LOL.

Oppa Gangnam Style's PSY halloween version!!!

Joker found his buddy with the same hairstyle! XD

Spot the black swan hitting the dance floor!

The DJ.

Some cool costumes that night.

Drama king and queens. LOL.

The girls trying to be sexy and Joker ruined the mood.

Random cute pic of Yiguo. Haha!

Some ppl with nice costumes there! Elvis Presley!

Uhm some kind of Lolita?

Pretty nurse!

Having fun. Haha! My forever-the-same expression because no idea how else to look spaced-out and scary. Haha. XD

Cleopatra took off her wig and looked even more gorgeoussss!

Sexy Sadako with Mr Dracula. XD

Sadako looks like she's being my boyfriend here LOL LOL. So macho. XD

This guy borrowed Chen Xi's headband away, and all of us were like he's so handsomeeeeee. LOL.

However I personally think this guy is so much more hotter because he's wearing this suit and most of all he had this indifferent expression and danced in this really cute way. 

Lol, I guess I prefer guys that are more low profile. XD Not those like screaming yelling dancing like crazy type. Haha.

Anyway we decided to go home after staying there for 1 hour plus.
When we went down the stairs there came this really cool group of people!!!!
I immediately requested to take pictures with them! Haha!

The one beside me is the REAL corpse bride LOL LOL.
The the 2 "girls" on the right are actually guys in woman costumes HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Last group picture at the stairway.

With the super pretty girl at The Geisha. :D

Joker decided to change into Cleopatra's hairstyle.

I think he looks amazing in it, don't you? 

AHAHAHA okay I'm going to die laughing.
Good night guys! It was a great Halloween! :DDDDD


  1. the guy who borrow the hairband from your friend, chen xi is super handsome as u say!!

    1. haha right!!!!! but i still prefer the one with skeleton gloves! :DDDDD