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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jazz Festival Shanghai 2012

Helloooooo dearies! I've been gone for a week plus. O.O Sorry about the lack of updates, was going to update it a few days ago but VPN connection super 不给力 due to the politic meeting stuff that was happening in BeiJing. Guess they strengthened the restriction against all these internet-freedom software. :(

So finally the meeting was over and I can have my dear blog back. :D
Last few days have been totally hectic. I had piano exam on 5th November and violin recital on 7th.

Piano exam was really interesting! :D I played Bach's Prelude and Fugue in c minor.
In China, most of the music students usually major in 1 instrument only, so most of the students from the string department just starting to learn piano from September this year to cope with the exam! O.O They all did really great job I think!

The exam took place in a room where all the students had to queue up outside to wait for their turns. 
In the room, there were 3 teachers, 3 chairs for the students to sit, a grand piano and an upright piano.

I was so nervous my palms kept sweating. And my classmates were all like, "OMG you're playing Bach's Prelude and Fugue?!?! That's so hard!!!" Which totally didn't help to ease my nerves. :S

One of the guys in my class, the tallest one, he was so animated, LOL. He was like pressing his face hard onto the little window of the door and checking out the exam room, then he yelped, "OH NO THIS IS TOO SCARY WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO?!?!?!?!" And when someone started playing, he was like, "WOW HE PLAYED SO F***KING GOOD OMG WHAT AM I TO DO OMGOMGOMG."


When I entered there were 2 Taiwanese guys played before me, and I was chewing on my scarf already because I was so nervous, worrying about forgetting the music and stuff.

Then it was my turn. I told teacher my name and they were like, "Is this a Japanese name?"
I was like, "Huh?"
Then another teacher said, "So it's a Korean name right?"
I was like double "HUH?!" "No, I'm a Malaysian."
And the teacher just nodded and said, "Oh I see. Korean name."


Anyway I decided to get down to business and sat in front of the piano and took a deep deep breath. 
In the end everything was great! I didn't forget anything! :D So happy about it! When I opened the door, there were like 10 people trying to squeeze their faces onto that window to peek inside, and they were all like WUUUUUUUU. LOL! XD

Violin recital was great too! :) I'm happy to have improvement and yes practice does makes perfect!! :DD

Haha, omg I talked so much. :D Sorry, there're just so much to tell! 
Okay, now I'm going to talk about the Jazz Festival 2012 in Shanghai! :) I went there with Yurina! ;D

I met up with Yurina in the afternoon to go shopping with her at Forever 21. :) She is working in YuYao (somewhere 3 hours drive away from Shanghai) now so there's basically no nice shopping malls there, which is totally miserable for us shopaholics. She was really happy when she came to Shanghai because it was just a shopping heaven! :D

There was some Australia travelling promotion thing going on in the mall, and I took picture with this cheeky kangaroo. XD

Yurina stayed in Jin Jiang Intercontinental Hotel. YES, JIN JIANG AGAIN.
LOL. Die hard fans of Jin Jiang. XD

She got the double-beds room for the same price with the single room, so she asked me to stay with her after the jazz festival! :D

The hotel was sooooo nice! :DDDDDD

In the bathroom, my outfit before I changed into my Forever 21 buys. LOL.

My pretty roommate of the day! :DDD

Changed into my new Forever 21 studded top! :D And a new leather jacket too, show you guys in pictures later. XD

We got there around 5.30pm and met up with Rena! :)
First a nice tourist picture.

And then a hyper one! :D

The first band that we watched was Tobias Preisig Quartet .

We were saying that the violinist Tobias Preisig looks so much like Johnny Depp! *gasps* hahaha! Ze love of my life. LOL LOL.

Their music is really cool, and the violinist used a lot of techniques to create some really intriguing sound effects! :) Watch the video below.

And a picture of them performing. :)
Some facts about them.

Tobias Preisig, born in 1981 in Zurich, was admitted as the first violin student at the “Swiss Jazz School” in Berne at the age of seventeen. He performs with several bands of different styles such as Herbie Kopf’s “Close Contact”, his own band “Warnton”, Albin Brun’s “Alpine Ensemble” as well as with “Johannes Lauers Streicheinheit”, “Araxi Karnusian’s Strange Sound-Beautiful Music” and the “Kaleidoscope String Quartet”.

Then we went to the Green Note for the next performance. It was really great too! Look at the crowd!

Pictures with ze girls! ;D

With babe Yurina! :D Same leg pose LOL LOL.

Leather jacket, Studded top, leather bag from Forever 21
Studded boots (gift from Yiguo)
EMODA shorts. 

Kisses! :D
Btw you can still see the band-aids on my knees here! Still hadn't recover from the fall on Ellen's birthday. T_T

We had a great night! :D How are you all? 
Ciao, till the next update! :D

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  1. awww the crowd cheered for u?? loool. u must have performed above par!! grates! way to go! :D