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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ellen's Craziest Birthday Party Ever. :D

Sorry peepo, I have this habit of procrastinating my posts until weekends. LOL.
BUT REALLY, if you want me to juggle between my studies and blog, I'll not hesitate to throw away my blog and just focus on my studies. 
Though I really enjoy blogging, studies is still of my utmost priority. :)

So yeahhhh back to the post today! :D 
It was Ellen's birthday early of October! I knew it from Imelda when she asked me whether I wanted to share the surprise birthday cake with them. :D 

Imelda, Jiun Hui and Irene (besties of Ellen) all had things to do on her birthday night so they planned a morning birthday bash which included waking up around 6.15am and scared Ellen out of bed with Haagen Daz's adorable strawberry ice cream cake. LOL LOL. It was a major success. Though pictures not available here as the birthday girl forbade us to post. XD

I love celebrating people's birthdays. So usually I'm always the one organising people's birthdays in the dormitory LOL. :D And for me, a morning birthday bash is definitely way not enough for such big day! :DDDDDD We should have a good birthday dinner and girls' night out!

I invited Ellen's close friends for the dinner and Xing Xing suggested us to go to Brown Sugar Club at XinTianDi afterwards because it was Wednesday, Ladies Night! Wheehee! :D

Xing Xing and Ming Zhuang were joining us for the ladies night, so for the dinner, there were altogether 6 of us. :)

The ladiesssssss.
L to R:
Sayuri, Tuya, Ellen the birthday girl, me and Christina. :)

And of course Rena too! :DDDDD

I brought them to Abbey's Road for dinner! Wednesday is Pasta Day, which means all the pasta have discounts yooohooooo! :D Regardless of how expensive the pasta are, you can get each one with RMB 55! :)

So Rena, Sayuri and I ordered the most expensive one, Salmon Asparagus pasta with the original price of RMB 80 muahahahhaha. XD

Oh yeah and I fell on the way to Abbey's Road and both my knees were bleeding. T_T
I blame my high heels and the uneven road. 

I just fell flat on the ground like that, and scrambled up immediately. The others ran towards me asking me, "OMG ARE YOU OKAYYYYY?!!!!"
And I just feel so embarrassed and kept apologising, "Sorry guys sorry guys I feel so stupid." 
Sweet Rena accompanied me to the washroom to clean the wounds and the waitress there gave me some band aids to cover the wounds up. 

Maybe I'll need more practice on walking in high heels LOL. 

Some pictures before the food arrived!

Group picha! :D Over-exposed again, sorry. Poor camera doesn't work well with flash. T_T

I told the girls I wanted to go to the washroom, and then I told one of the waitresses to bring in a piece of blueberry cheesecake with a candle on after we finished our meal. 

The waitress was so cute, she was like walking to and fro around us, spying our plates to see whether we finished eating or not. And I was like giving her all those eye signals that you can only see in spy movies. Hahaha.
She understood me perfectly. XD

So tadaa!!!!!
The cake was brought in on the most perfect timing! :DDDD
Look at Birthday Girl's happy face. :D

Solo picture and group picture LOL LOL.

After the yummy dinner, we went back to the dorm for a while and we were so happy to find out we have more girls joining us! :DDDD

Ming Zhuang brought her new roommate, Jiu Yi along. And Tuya asked her cute Mongolian friend, Uliji. So we were like a whole group of pretty ladies going out to party! :D The more the merrier!!! :D

Telmuun saw us and he was like, "Ohmygosh, how come I didn't know there are so many pretty girls in the dorm?!?!" LOLLLLLL. XD Dude, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Hahahahaha!

Rena and I in XinTianDi's ladies' room. Perfect place to self snap hahahahaha! 

I love Rena's furry gloves!!!


We saw this super cute kid outside FCUK and he was so bubbly and talkative! Couldn't resist to take a picture with him! :D

Girl power!!!! :DDDDDD

Looks like some kinda modeling poster. XDDD Happy that the wounds on my knees don't show here. :D


All of us are madly in love with this cute guy on the wall. :D
Jiu Yi blowing kisses to him and Rena has that dizzy in love look. Hahaha!

Xing Xing's special way of showing her affection. Hahaha!

And my HUSH BABY HUSH pose. LOL.

The performance at Brown Sugar supposed to start around 9.30pm, so we took tons of pictures outside while waiting! Haha!

Really have to thank all the friendly passerbys who were kind enough to take group pictures for us! :D

In the middle of the road kekekekeke. XD

Ze paparazzi! XD


Xixi and the birthday girl. :D


Xing Xing's idea. Squeezing us all into this door hahaha!
She took the first picture. :D

And some nice girl taking this picture for us! With Xing Xing in! Thank you! :D

Continue with more pictures........

This one is so random! :DDDD
Only sad thing is XingXing's not inside. :(

Finally the performance started!!!!!!
We have Meachie singing for us! :DDDDDDDDD

All the ladies get free flow of champagne all night! :D
I totally wasted that because I just couldn't enjoy the alcohol taste. T_T
So lemme see, I only drank a few sips of my champagne and left the glass somewhere on the floor. HAHAHA. 

Happy girls with champagne! :D

The music was great and the best thing about Brown Sugar, no smokers allowed! There's a special space for smokers at the back.
So we can enjoy fresh air and great performance at the same time!!!!!!!!
All of us just kept dancing non-stop! XD

The hyper picture of us and a guy photobombing us at the back LOL.

Panda guys! HAHAHA!

Then Meachie asked all the birthday people of the day to get up to the stage! He had something special for them. LOL.

All the birthday guys/girls have to perform a solo dance each OMG!!!!!!!
We were screaming like mad when it was Ellen's turn.
I actually have a video of that, and it was soooo funny and crazy but sadly, birthday girl forbids me to post so I can only tell you guys in words. T_____T

All I can say is I can never imagine Ellen dancing like that.

LOLLLLLL the 4 birthday peeps!

End this post with this happy picture! :DDDDDDD

Good night peeps! ;DDDD Happy weekend!!!

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