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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Behind The Scenes. :)

This post is dued like almost 2 months ago. I waited for a month to get the edited pictures of the photoshoot and ended up liking my own edited version better. XD 

So yeah, finally an update about the fun photoshoot on 16th September that I went with my 2 babes, Ming Zhuang and Xing Xing! :D 
There was this promotion thing so each person only needs to pay RMB 200 (which is just RM 100) for 4 costumes + 4 make-ups and hair styling! :D

We had been pretty sceptical at first because this price was really low and we expected the clothes provided there would be of really bad quality and the service might not be good too.

We were really surprised to find out that the place was really cosy and all the costumes/dresses/gowns there were of decent quality. There had a lot of bridal gowns especially. :DDD

In the end I've decided what to wear, so the very nice make-up artist there helped us with our make up.

I wore my one-shoulder-strap dress for the first look.
My super pale face after a thick layer of foundation and eye-line. 

Ghostly. LOL.

Finally full make up on. XD
Pictures with Xing Xing! :DDDDDD

Mind control.

Tropicana! XD

Really nice hair-do! :DDDD This is like the 3rd hairstyles the girl did for me, the first two didn't look really nice with the dress. 

We can request whatever accessories we want and the girl just patiently attend to all our needs. :)
I asked for some white flowers to be put in my hair. :) 
And there was this really pretty rose wristband thing, though in the end I think putting on too much wouldn't look good so I sacrifice the rose wristband. Simpler the better!

I browsed through all the costumes there and wanted something different from my previous photoshoots. 
Last time mostly I did photoshoots in long gowns, so I wanted to try something special this time.
Xing Xing suggested me to try this really cute blue-and-white stripey dress and the make-up artist styled my hair into this really cute bun that she called "soccer baby hairstyle".

I think I look like a few years younger in this hairstyle! LOL!

Plus a huge bow to add to the cutesy style. XD

And some pictures of my darlings looking gorgeous! :DDDDD
Xing Xing wearing her blue gown with lots of crystals sewn on it.
So elegant!!!

Hahahaha this pose is so not elegant, darling. XD

Ming Zhuang looking ravishing in this pretty green gown! :) Her smile is really sweet!

Right back to my 3rd look.
Found a long Bohemian casual dress and decided to use it for the outdoor shoot. :D

Stupid face with totally mismatched hat. XD


Xing Xing wearing her "I'm 100% Armenian" tee! :DDDD

And Ming Zhuang changed into her maroon gown and 3 of us went out for outdoor photoshoot! :D

My last look: Bridal gown.
I had been hesitating whether I should wear this because I remembered a lot of my relatives and friends back in Malaysia thought I actually got married after seeing my photoshoot pictures last time. LOL.

I only wear long gowns in the previous photoshoots and they already got so alarmed, what if now that I actually wear real bridal gown? LOL.

Anyway, in the end I decided to try it out because the photostudio had really nice bridal gowns!
I just keep reassuring myself that I'll look much prettier on my real wedding. HAHAHAHAA!

We got the non-edited pictures right after the photoshoot! Each of us have like 150 plus pictures each! XD
Here are some of my fav shots among them! :)

First look: Romanian Princess.

Second look: Barbie with Teddy

3rd look: Bohemian girl in the Garden

4th look: Little Bride

Tell me which look you like best! :)

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