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Monday, November 26, 2012

Single's Day: 11/11/2012

Here's my full record of how I celebrate Single's Day 11/11/2012 with Rena.

Actually I didn't really care about celebrating it at first, because the only significant thing for me on that day is the huge ONLINE SALE in Taobao. Everything was 50% off so I was crazily browsing through tons of online shops, shopping for clothes and stuff. 
And I did bought quite a lot of them. LOL.

Rena called me the day before to hang out with her and celebrate the day by watching Peking Opera, and I was actually mildly interested. Haha.
MILDLY interested because my impression on Peking Opera is downright BORING. LOL.
Anyway, I decided to give it a try because it's not fair to judge something before experiencing it. Besides, I love spending time with Rena! :)

I was actually keen enough to pin up my hair that day.
Friends noticed and complimented that I looked nice that way. Only then I realised how lazy I had been. I don't care to braid my hair or do anything to it. Every morning I just blow it dry, comb it straight and go to school. LOL.

Maybe I should spend some time to style my hair now that it's getting longer? :)


Klein Plus's furry winter coat
C&A brown irregular cardigan
Stripey top (gift from Yiguo)
H&M jeans
C&A fluffy winter boots

Reached the Peking Opera theatre around 7pm! The programme that day was pretty interesting! Some are stories that I had read before when I was young so I couldn't wait to see how the story play out in the opera!

Some blurry but nice pictures with Rena! :)

Snapshot of the opera! Really action-packed.LOL. 
The costumes and make-up are incredible. 

I was actually astounded when the show started.
There were screen showing the words they were reciting, so I could understand easily what they were doing. 

To be frank, I was trying my best not to doze off in some scenes because they dragged each syllable for so long, one sentence that contained 4 simple words actually can drag on for 2 to 3 minutes geez. T____T

After the opera, it was already 10pm plus. Rena proposed to go to Brown Sugar because there was some kinda event that day: Meachie (the singer performing on Ellen's birthday) would be performing and there would be free flow of champagne. Plus Rena told me that 2 girls from our school that she got to know the day before would join us too.

Anyway it turned out to be pretty disastrous. :S
We met up with Rena's 2 new friends in LUNA pub and we went to Brown Sugar together.
One of her friends came with her boyfriend, and she wasn't very happy with the Brown Sugar because there was no seat. In the end, she left with her boyfriend saying she would come back soon, and she suggested us to change to another clubbing place called Rex Baby or something. She said there would be seats there.

So Rena, the other girl and I stayed at Brown Sugar and watched Meachie's performance. All was well until 2 guys came near us. We were dancing to the songs and suddenly they asked us to join them at their tables, promising drinks and seats. The girl immediately told us, "Well, I'm going to join them." And she left with one of the guys.

Another guy was obviously trying to get Rena and I to their table too. He stayed and talked to Rena (because I was ignoring him all the time). Rena told me that he asked us to join their table now that our friend was there too blablabla. I was already getting annoyed but I politely told him, "Sorry, we prefer to dance here, so we don't want to go, thank you."

AND I DUNNO WHETHER HE'S BRAINLESS OR WHAT. He stayed there, smiling at me and said, "It's okay, I'll dance here too!"

I ignored him and continued talking to Rena, dancing and watching the performance. He stayed close behind us all the time. And then the performance stopped for a 20-minutes break, he came up on us again.

"Hey pretties, come on, let's join us at the table! We can get you some drinks! Besides, your friend is with us too, you see?" he pointed towards the direction of his table. The girl was sitting there, drinking something.

So I just declined and Rena helped me to talk some sense into him too. When they were talking, I turned over to another direction and danced a lil bit to the music, when this uncle came towards me, opening his arms as if wanting to embrace me, saying,"Hello girl, let's dance with me!"

I was so pissed off with all these I practically yelled at him,"我不要我不要!!!" He ran off looking scared LOL. And then I was in such a foul mood I told Rena that I would not go to the club later, I wanted to go back.

So yeah, poor Rena because I'm a total spoilsport. LOL. Guess I will never get used to this clubbing/pub life where the weird guys are looking for some kinda targets. I just want some peace listening to music and dancing with my girl friends!

We got out from Brown Sugar afterwards and stopped by Starbucks to get some drinks and muffins to bite.

These are Rena's friends! *I forgot their names T_T Sorry girls.* I felt much better afterwards chatting with them in Starbucks rather that staying in Brown Sugar.

Rena and I! :)

Well, despite those annoying stuff, it was still pretty much a great day! I've finally watch LIVE Peking Opera and spent quality time with my friend! :)

Till then, XOXO!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yes... I Do!

One of the many perks of going to violin gigs is that I get to share the joy and happiness of the newly-weds in their sweetness-overdosed lovely weddings.;)

Today I'm going to share with you guys 2 weddings I had been to recently that totally spell "Joy and Blissfulness" loud and clear.

Both weddings are distinctive in terms of decorations but you'll be able to sense the intense love and effort put in preparing for the day.

Let's start with the pink and very Japanese style wedding!

A huge puffy ribbon greets the guests at the door! :)

I was overwhelmed with the cuteness of all these delicacies there!!!!!!! Such effort to make everything pretty and perfect!

Only thing is the wedding planner mis-spelled the "Just Married" to "Just Merried." Hmm.
Anyway It's a merry/happy day so I guess that's fine. :D

The crazily adorable yumminess-overload desserts served outside! They look too pretty and cute to be devoured! Such pieces of art!

I was so fascinated with everything there I hoped I can pack some back for collection. Just put them on my bookcase for display. LOL. Definitely can be some eye candy for my crazily messy room.

Mini triple-layered cake!!! And the little white icing rose on top! O.O
My mom worked in a bakery before so I watched her making icing roses like that, they were really intricate and so pretty. I recalled myself trying to make some myself but I was so clumsy in the end it looked like some lump of ugly cream meshed together. :'(

What's more?
There's fondant cake too!!!!!!!!
I've been totally in love with fondant cakes after discovering Joanna Foo's Designer Cakes! 
Click SNOWERY to see her fabulous cakes!

Cupcakes with sprinkled pearls are major loves.

Me in the midst of pink. :D

One more picture with the huge bow! :)

From the wedding, you can easily see how much the bridegroom loves his bride. All the wedding decorations, from the choices of colours, bridesmaids dresses, the cute cakes and desserts... everything, is considered to make the bride happy. :)

The bride is a Shanghai girl who loves Japanese dolly style, and they set up this super adorable doll house's backdrop for the newly-weds to take pictures with the guests.

When I thought everything was already so perfect, I had a surprise waiting. 
This Riakkuma bear conjured out of no where with oversized head, looking blurred and dragging his feet when he walked.

As you can see in the picture below, the hole of his neck is too huge it cannot stay upright so he has to stuff his hand inside the hole to make sure the head is straight. LOL.


Couldn't resist to take picture with him! The bear finally steadied his head into this position and lowered his hand to take picture with me, without any facial expression. LOL.

I don't really know how Riakkuma's character is in the anime, somehow I think the guy inside the mascot had his own idea of how the bear should act like.

He had decided to be the cool and indifferent Riakkuma for the day.

This is really strange because when someone invited mascots to brighten up their weddings, they expect them to like dance around, making cute poses, waving to the guests and volunteerily taking pics with the kids.

But NO. This Riakkuma is not the common mascot.

He ignored the kids, did not wave around, dragged his feet when he walked (and he didn't stop walking, he kept walking around in circles) and he actually went to the place where the newly-weds took pictures with the guests and BLOCKED THE CAMERA BY STANDING IN FRONT OF THE NEWLY-WEDS.O.O

Anyway no one got mad at it because of its cuteness. LOL.

One more picture! :D

I guess you'll agree with me that's the pinkiest wedding you've ever seen, right? :D

Now I'll show you another not-so-pink but still absolutely amazing wedding. I was so amazed and 感动 I just have to share it with you all!

The wedding is a photo collection of the soon-to-be married couple.
You must be thinking, duh, what's so special with that? Everyone display their pictures on their wedding day isn't it?

Wait till you see the pictures!!!

On all separate boards are the different countries they had travelled to together, and pasted on the boards are their special moments in the countries! :D

They're in a way, recording down all the sweet memories they had together in the previous years. It's just like a beautiful, sweet memory book, only in a wedding shape. :)

Those pictures are so breath-taking and artistic I suspect the bridegroom might be a photographer himself. :)

They look so cute together! And the bride has such enormous innocent dolly eyes! :D

They even seen the Aurora together! O.O 感动 max... T____T
Imagine someone traveled with you to the end of the world just to watch Aurora with you. T_________T

I believe you agree with me too one of them must be a professional photographer who takes the pictures using some tripod. 
The pictures there are just too beautiful!!!

This looks very much like Malaysia haha!

And probably Malaysia's monkey pulling on the bridegroom's shorts.

Pictures of their Europe trip. 

I think I saw this aquarium place in some kinda movie before, anyone can place it? 

A picture of the really pretty bride! :)

Huge backdrop of sunset. :)

These two weddings were both so thoughtful and well-planned, they showed how much love the couples shared and truly moved us who attended the weddings too.

These are the times when I'll start wondering about my own wedding too, how it's going to be like? 

:) And before I end this post, I deeply truly wish all the people out there (you included ;D) to be happy and healthy forever. :)

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Behind The Scenes. :)

This post is dued like almost 2 months ago. I waited for a month to get the edited pictures of the photoshoot and ended up liking my own edited version better. XD 

So yeah, finally an update about the fun photoshoot on 16th September that I went with my 2 babes, Ming Zhuang and Xing Xing! :D 
There was this promotion thing so each person only needs to pay RMB 200 (which is just RM 100) for 4 costumes + 4 make-ups and hair styling! :D

We had been pretty sceptical at first because this price was really low and we expected the clothes provided there would be of really bad quality and the service might not be good too.

We were really surprised to find out that the place was really cosy and all the costumes/dresses/gowns there were of decent quality. There had a lot of bridal gowns especially. :DDD

In the end I've decided what to wear, so the very nice make-up artist there helped us with our make up.

I wore my one-shoulder-strap dress for the first look.
My super pale face after a thick layer of foundation and eye-line. 

Ghostly. LOL.

Finally full make up on. XD
Pictures with Xing Xing! :DDDDDD

Mind control.

Tropicana! XD

Really nice hair-do! :DDDD This is like the 3rd hairstyles the girl did for me, the first two didn't look really nice with the dress. 

We can request whatever accessories we want and the girl just patiently attend to all our needs. :)
I asked for some white flowers to be put in my hair. :) 
And there was this really pretty rose wristband thing, though in the end I think putting on too much wouldn't look good so I sacrifice the rose wristband. Simpler the better!

I browsed through all the costumes there and wanted something different from my previous photoshoots. 
Last time mostly I did photoshoots in long gowns, so I wanted to try something special this time.
Xing Xing suggested me to try this really cute blue-and-white stripey dress and the make-up artist styled my hair into this really cute bun that she called "soccer baby hairstyle".

I think I look like a few years younger in this hairstyle! LOL!

Plus a huge bow to add to the cutesy style. XD

And some pictures of my darlings looking gorgeous! :DDDDD
Xing Xing wearing her blue gown with lots of crystals sewn on it.
So elegant!!!

Hahahaha this pose is so not elegant, darling. XD

Ming Zhuang looking ravishing in this pretty green gown! :) Her smile is really sweet!

Right back to my 3rd look.
Found a long Bohemian casual dress and decided to use it for the outdoor shoot. :D

Stupid face with totally mismatched hat. XD


Xing Xing wearing her "I'm 100% Armenian" tee! :DDDD

And Ming Zhuang changed into her maroon gown and 3 of us went out for outdoor photoshoot! :D

My last look: Bridal gown.
I had been hesitating whether I should wear this because I remembered a lot of my relatives and friends back in Malaysia thought I actually got married after seeing my photoshoot pictures last time. LOL.

I only wear long gowns in the previous photoshoots and they already got so alarmed, what if now that I actually wear real bridal gown? LOL.

Anyway, in the end I decided to try it out because the photostudio had really nice bridal gowns!
I just keep reassuring myself that I'll look much prettier on my real wedding. HAHAHAHAA!

We got the non-edited pictures right after the photoshoot! Each of us have like 150 plus pictures each! XD
Here are some of my fav shots among them! :)

First look: Romanian Princess.

Second look: Barbie with Teddy

3rd look: Bohemian girl in the Garden

4th look: Little Bride

Tell me which look you like best! :)