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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My EVIRE Experience. :)

Hey peeps! :) This is probably my first time doing a skin care product review! Can't wait to share with you guys!

First of all, I want to thank EVIRE for sponsoring me this set of awesome skincare products! 

The actual price is RM 249 per set, but since this month is the Valentine's month, they're having promotion price at RM 199 per set with cash voucher RM 30 for Facial Treatment too!


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WHY do you need EVIRE…????

ü  Natural & Organic ingredients
ü  No contain mixed chemical
ü  100% free from ALCOHOL
ü  Revive your CONFIDENCE
ü  Discover your PERSONALITY
ü  Make your day FRESH
ü  Quality product with qualified by KKM
ü  Suit for every age category with different skin type
ü  Results in between 2-4 weeks times
ü  Affordable & Reasonable price with product import
ü  Clinically tested proven
ü  User-friendly with just 4 steps only


Ä  EVIRE PURE CLEANSER (100ml)                                    
Ä  EVIRE PURE TONER (100ml)                                           
Ä  EVIRE PURE EYE CARE (15ml)                                       

I really love how they put the number on the packaging so we can easily know which one we should use first!

This is to show you guys how to use it! :)

Start with my super bare face lol.

First step, the Pure Cleanser! Press 3 times to get the sufficient amount!

And you will get transparent gel like this. Add some water and use your hand to smooth it out. It's kinda different from the usual cleanser I use, because it doesn't produce a lot of bubbles, just a little bit of it.

I already have the cleanser on my face in this picture below but as you can see the bubble is not obvious at all. Anyway after I rinse it off with water, I can feel that my skin is cleaner and oil-free! More refreshed. :)

Step 2, the Pure Toner! Held it 6 inches away from your face and spray! It helps to restore pH balance and calms irritation. Besides, it helps in soothing and moisturizing our skin too!

Step 3, the Pure Hydrating Moisturizer!

Just press on it and milky cream will ooze out from the middle. Use your finger to sweep up the cream and apply it evenly on your face and neck!

Like this! Hahahaha! It  has the UV filter effect and provides whole-day protection for the skin.

Last step, step 4! the Pure Eye Cream. :)

Press softly and you will get this transparent gel. :)

Apply it around your eyes. It is very effective in reducing eye bags, especially the puffiness around the eyes when you just wake up in the morning!

After the 4 steps I can feel that my skin is very comfortable and well-moisturized! Best yet, this product is from Malaysia! :) Support Malaysia brand!!!

There are a lot of people who always think overseas branded stuff are much better, but actually it is just a brand. Most important is still the quality I guess. :) And I'm very satisfied with the effect of EVIRE products. :) 

Hahaha Watanabe-san posing with EVIRE set! :)

So… What You WAITING FOR!!! Begin your miracle journey NOW and redeem YOUR priority offer!!!


Redeem your Coupon Code: <<EVIRE-LS3218>> and get more discounts.                       

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With your every purchase of EVIRE SKIN CARE VALUE PACK, you deserve RM30 CASH VOUCHER for your FACIAL TREATMENT.                          
Offer is limited for 1st 50 EARLY BIRD…!!!

Welcome to visit their website: 

They provide free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia, as for Sabah, Sarawak or overseas, they will charge it according to the rate that that moment! :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Miki In Malaysia Last Episode: Cat Rules The World.

Sorry for the long awaited last episode of Miki In Malaysia series! Lol. 

I went to Kuantan yesterday and watched "The Journey" (一路有你) and laughed and cried myself non-stop throughout the whole movie. It's really easy to relate and since the film was shot in Malaysia I felt closer to the film and at the same time it was really refreshing to see our country, our dialect and our culture incorporated into a film. 

I paid attention to all those lil details, like how Malaysian Mandarin sounds like, and Manglish too omg!!! :) “你要站就站饱你啦!!!” 
 “  Pondan树也不会开花的嘛!”
 "Baby veli good one! If you hear him call you papa hor, the feeling... walao, damn nice one!"

Hahahahahaa I kept laughing when I watched it!!! Have to put it on the top of the films that I'll show my international friends how Malaysian people talk and what is our culture. :DDDDD

Btw, I totally forgotten that I should blog about this last episode, and I thought nobody will ever going to miss it, but Uzey called me at night asking me why I didn't blog the last episode yet? Hahahahhaa!!!! DUDE MISS MY BLOG! :))) Wow I'm motivated! Hahahahha!!!! 

So for Mr Uzey's sake, I'm going to blog this post today and it is going to be a fun one. :D LOL!

It was the last day of Miki in Malaysia. She would be flying in the evening. Uzey brought us out in the morning to bring us to Awana Kijal because Miki hadn't been there yet, and it's like the most beautiful beach in our hometown, it will be crazy if we don't bring her there. 

Uzey recommended this Nasi Minyak place right beside Ai Mei Jie! :) Kemaman people will know what I'm talking about. :) The Nasi Dagang there is famous too but they didn't have it that day. Anyway the Nasi Minyak is totally out of my expectations, really yummy!!!!

Miki squealed in delight when she saw cats around the table. This kitty came up beside me and started staring at me. LIKE VERY INTENSE KINDA STARE.

Me: What chu want, kitty? I ain't got nothing.

Kitty: *Continues staring*

Me: NO. My Nasi Minyak's Chicken is only for MYSELF. You hear me?

Kitty: *Increase staring power level x 806872358735987987398* *Hypnotising activated*

What I see in my eyes:


Kitty: Humans are easily-manipulated inferior creatures.

*feeds on my chicken afterwards.*

I don't know, I think cats have the hypnotising power using their eyes. No kidding. It's like you can't say no.
I can envision this happening in the future anytime soon.

After the breakfast, we were on our way to Awana Kijal, and Uzey stopped at the roadside to get some Lemang! :) I didn't know they opened their stalls so early! And Uzey told me some of them actually open 24/7 OMG. O.O Seriously???

The happy driver bahahaha!

There's this scary thing he put in his car, and I thought it's some kinda voodoo doll or something. And I'm like why are you putting this scary thing here ar?? 

Uhm, but I guess all DOTA players will know this witch. LOL. She's called The Prophet.

Googled about her and.... I think I like the lil doll in Uzey's car better. T______T

Reached Awana Kijal in no time! More tourist shots for Miki!

The sun was strong that day and the clouds!!! Love it!

We decided to have jump shots as memory. But..... I'm a terrible "jumper".
Look at me.
Obviously my hair hates me. And I always jump like barely a few cm away from the ground. =.=

I mean like, I'm pretty sure I jump quite high, but, somehow I just can't grasp the right timing and the shots always end up looking like I barely jump at all.

AGAIN, MY HAIR HATES ME. And I didn't look sexy revealing my spaghetti top beneath too wtf. Hahahahhaa!


But I looked like I'm high on drugs. Hahahahahhaha! WTF.

Okay F*** it I don't care. Hello belly button, Hello world! :DDDD

Okay enough image spoiled in this post. Now back to the fake, sweet tourist pic: playing softly with the sea waves. 

Forget what you see above, tqvrymuch.

It's not a girl's time out without selfie.

Miki's Legs For Days!!! :)) She taught me how to tiptoe so legs will look longer hahahahaha!

My turn, hey it does works. LOL.

Miki playing with the branches and it ended up looking like...

Some sacrificial ceremony. Hahahahah! Like later she's going to spill animal blood over that place and make a spell. Bahaha!

Meanwhile, I took advantage of her awesome camera and took endless selfies.

Mainly I just want to show off this wishbone necklace from Diva given by baby Sera. T______T
*touched maxxxxx*

It says dreams can come true. Sera says she hopes my wishes will come true after wearing it! :)))))) I hope so too!!! And mad love it coz wishbone comes from the Korean drama "The Heirs"! OHHH MY KIMTAN!!!!

I'm going to wear it almost everyday now for good luck purposes!!! :)

Btw I found this perfect angle to get the coconut tree into my selfies! Got tropical feel anot?

Uzey oso want to join wahahahha!

Love miki's legs!!! I have to work harder to slim down mine. T____T

After noon time, we went to Parpardelle to meet Syafiq! :) Miki was really happy to meet him because she really loved Sera and her family! :) She kept telling me how nice all of them were, hahaha, and she would probably want to meet Syahmi too if she can, or even Sera's parents! hahahaha! :) 

So for now she has already met 4 out of 5 of the siblings! :)

Syafiq surprised us with his super fluent Japanese and so both him and Miki kept conversing in Japanese and Uzair and I just sat there looking at each other and shook our head. hahahahaha! Seeking comfort in each other for being out of their Japanese world. T____T orz

It was fun!!! :) 
ps: I love the wall because it's like the perfect photoshoot background LOL.

We got home after lunch and Miki packer her stuff. Then my parents drove us down to Kuantan for a brief afternoon tea with both of my brothers!

My eldest brother so damn shy omg. I kept on nudging him and asked him to talk to Miki but he just wouldn't. He flipped out his handphone and started playing games, obviously his tactic to avoid conversations lol. AIYOOOOO. 

My second brother was better, he wasn't shy at all and struck conversations with Miki. So in the end, I nudged Miki instead and asked her to talk to my eldest bro, coz I really cannot stand people hiding in their shy-shell. I have this urge to drag them out instead. hahahahaha!

So finally Miki managed to talk to my eldest bro as well YEAYYYY! :)))))

PS: I wanna change the world and help shy people to overcome their shyness. LOL.

Sent Miki to the airport afterwards and we waited together until her boarding time.
Goodbye Miki, I'll see you soon and I'll try my best to save money to fly to Japan!

Lastly, presenting to you all our constipated faces. :)

I love MIKI! Mwahhhhh!!! :))) *lesbo detected* Bahahaha!