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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Miki in Malaysia Ep. 2: Going On Adventure Together In KL The Concrete Jungle.

This is going to be my record of how I spend my Vday this year.

You know, every time I come back to Malaysia from Shanghai, I will feel more appreciative towards every single thing in Malaysia. Things that I haven't really pay attention to, things that I usually brush them off, but somehow being away from home for so long, and spending so little time at home like only twice in a year, everything in Malaysia looks beautiful to me, and the food tastes better too.

This is even more magnified when Miki comes over. Coz I get to see Malaysia from her point of view too, just like if I go to Japan the first time I'll probably be like that, going gaga over the most simple and plain daily activities there. :) Miki will snap out her camera from her pocket and took pictures of every single thing. Things that I think like, what's so special about it? And she replied, I've never seen it before it's so beautiful! I get to change my perspective and revalue the thing again. :) It's a great feeling. :D

Oh wow, I'm becoming so sentimental, I guess I'm always a sentimental person inside. I love watching videos or movies that can make me cry. I always tell my friends, we need to read or get exposed to all the touching/inspiring things out there or even the sufferings going on, so we will not be oblivious to the beauty around us, and get to really appreciate everything that we are having now.

Somehow, the people nowadays mostly prefer to indulge in happiness, comedies and entertainment stuff and they don't want to deal with the darker side of what is happening in the world. They have this, screw it, it's not my business, I just want to be happy for my own life. I find that pretty sad. Spiritual wealth is the best wealth in the world.

Alright, I really should get on with the pictures and telling you guys about my Vday. :) On Vday's morning, my mom fetched us to the food court to have breakfast and then sent Miki and I to the bus station. :)

I recommend Milo to Miki because in Shanghai, the Milo is totally tasteless and China people always come to Malaysia to buy the Milo here. However Miki tells me Japan sells Milo too and the taste is pretty much the same here. *facepalm* *failed recommendation* LOL. Though she says they don't drink Milo for breakfast. Maybe only for afternoon tea or something. For breakfast they usually drink milk. :)

My all-time-fav Gan Lao Mian! :))) Can't find this in Shanghai, probably just those with Char Siu and fried dumplings one that doesn't taste authentic enough. :(

It's almost raining when we depart for the bus station!

The bus stopped somewhere in the middle of the journey and we went down for refreshments. Miki, the all-time cat lover couldn't resist taking pictures of this cat! And it is really camera-sensitive hahahaa!

Miki told me it's really bizarre that cats can run around free at eating places like this because in Japan it's not allowed. Though she found this really endearing. hahahaa!

I recommended her Teh Tarik and demonstrated how it is "tarik"-ed and she loved it. :) She called it the Bubbled Tea. :)

Oh and she keeps asking for mango! *high-5s* I'm a mango lover too!

On the way she wouldn't sleep and kept looking outside the window. I asked her why and she said that it was really cool, she had never seen so many jungle (oil palm estate?) before. :DDD In Nagoya it's mostly golden paddy fields. :)

We reached KL around 2.30pm and snapped a picture while waiting for my gorgeous baby, Sera to come to fetch us! :)))) Sera is my best Malay friend since highschool, so many years already!! :DDD We both have the same kind of interest and drools over Korean hot guys too hahahahahaa! Who doesn't????

First stop, we went to KLCC. Since Miki and I didn't get our lunch we stopped at the food court there and Sera recommended Mee Soto and Cucur Udang! :) Miki had her first try of Nasi Lemak which the sambal almost killed her taste buds. LOL. 

Btw, Mee Soto is crazily good. :)

Hello KLCC, I didn't see you since the last MPYO concert like 5 years ago!

Miki + Sera + Syasya (Sera's lil sis!)
I really love Syasya because usually she doesn't really talk much, you might think she's cool, but actually she's just shy I guess. :) She will look expressionlessly at you while you are talking, but when you say something that is stupid or funny she will suddenly break into a super sunny smile, it's absolutely adorable! Hahahaha! :)

Sera is as usual her super bubbly and gorgeous self. :) She makes people around her feel lively too! :) She has that power! Hahahaha! She brought out the crazy side of me Mahahahaha! :)

The fountain! As usual people are chilling there. :))) I realise I've been missing this place. :)

The obligated tourist pic with twin towers. XD

Oh and btw Miki spent so much at Bershka! :)))) Both Sera, Syasya and I were like OMG when she selected the clothes and went to the counter without checking the price tags. 
We asked her, "Did you check the price????"
She said, "It's okay! I love the clothes here, can't find it in Japan!"

Hahahaa! I like her shopping spirit! :))

We went to the LRT station after that because I need to get to my uncle's house to join their Chap Goh Meh dinner. While we were queueing up to buy the LRT coin, 2 guys came up to us giving us these colourful lollipop and wished us Happy Valentine's Day. They asked us whether we could take pictures with them and they would give us a bottle of birdnest in return.

We were like OK why not? And I was the first one to take. Only then I realised it's some kinda facebook photo competition omg. LOL. I don't really like competitions like that you know. Have to get people to like your picture. I don't even like it when people ask me to go to click like for some pictures for the sake of winning things. I only do that if you're my good friends.

Anyway, I just go with it since I promised them in the first place. They took the picture using their phone and I would have to sign into my fb account to post the pic to my fb. Somehow the wifi sucked that day so they couldn't post it after several tries. In the end they still give me a bottle of birdnest and I promised to post the picture when I got home since Miki was taking my picture when we were posing, I supposed I could use the picture there.

Miki, Sera and Syasya decided not to take so we left afterwards. :)

It was only when I got home I realised the picture in Miki's camera is THIS PICTURE BELOW. LOL. This one how to upload ar? So, uhm, sorry to these 2 lengzais, not I don't want to upload but this is not qualified for the competition I guess. Sorry that I already taken the birdnest. T____T

Just realised I didn't have solo picture before with Syasya! :))) She would go back the next day so sad :((((( I love to see how much Syasya and Sera adore each other. :) I mean, of course they might fight sometimes, but they love each other. :) I hope I have a sister of my own too. :) It must feel really nice. :)

The super sumptuous dinner at my uncle's house!!! Had a great time talking to the relatives! They are really fluent in Japanese. Miki told me she wouldn't know they are Malaysians if they start speaking Japanese. So damn cool! :D I just sit there nodding my head, and understanding nothing. Hahahaha!

We had a really good sleep since uncle gave us a really awesome room that made us feel like we were staying in a hotel. LOL. And he brought us to have breakfast at this awesome Hong Kong dimsum restaurant! :)

You guys must go try this out! So yummy!!!! :) I heard there are a lot of branches so you can just google it and see which branches is closest to your area. :)

The dimsums are categorized into Steamed Dian and Fried & Deep Fried. :)

Stuff we ate! So full! :DDDDD

Uncle fetched us to the LRT station so we could take the subway to KLCC and wait for Sera there! :) While waiting I brought Miki to DFP to show her where MPYO concerts used to held, and we took pictures outside. :)

Love this building!

Selfie while waiting for Sera. :)

We went to Pavilion afterwards and that day was my turn to spend a bomb. LOL. Couldn't resist when I see all the pretty clothes and stuff!!!!
I'm really glad to have Sera there, coz she's like the perfect fashion advisor. And she helps to give me suggestions. I'm starting to try out all those colourful outfits since I have always stay in the safety zone of black and white and dull colours.

I want to change!!!!! :) You guys will soon see me wearing all colourful hahahahaha! :)

Sera brought us to her favourite restaurant, Ben's. I love that place so much! We sat outside and enjoyed the view and wind. :)

Btw Sera recommends this Watermelon Lychee! I tried it and omg it's the most refreshing drink I've ever had before! Soooo good!!! And the middle one is Miki's Vanilla Milkshake, also really good!

I love the portion of it, I usually can't finish my drinks since they're always in really big glasses, but this size is just right! :)

I forgot what Miki is showing already. Maybe her cat? :DDD 2 of them are fanatic cat-lovers hahahaha!
I'm like in the middle, I love all the fluffy things, but I'm kinda afraid of cat's claws. XD

The food we get! :)

Miki ordered The Ben's Salad! Again, the reason WHY Miki is so slim. T_T

Sera's favourite Duck Confit Spagghettini!
I can't remember the name actually hahahaha, so if you guys go there, search on the menu for the word "duck" and "confit" I think you will get it. XD

I got the Crabmeat pasta!! It's so rich of tomato taste, so good!!! :)))) Ben's is definitely a place I'll recommend my friends to go! :))))

Sera brought her polaroid camera out and her younger bro, Syahir helped us took this picture! :)))) Sera gave this picture to Miki as a memory! :)))
Love polaroid camera! Maybe one day I might get one and take a lot of memorable pictures and stick them on my wall. :)

After shopping like crazy, we went to this French inspired Korean bakery named Tours Les Jours (TLJ) @ WOLO, Bukit Bintang area. :) Directly opposite H&M near Pavillion.
It is such a nice place! Please please please you guys must go and try! :)

Pictures using Sera's Iphone! :)))

That's Syahir at the very left! :) He's learning Japanese now in his college and he is a really good student! :) I believe he'll get really fluent in Japanese very soon. Hahaha!
My first impression on him is he doesn't talk much, but actually he's super gentleman and nice. He had a flu that day and I could see he was really tired and not feeling well, but still he accompanied us all day shopping and walking around!

We apologised to him that he had to wait for us while we shop, and he told us he already got used to it since all the girls in his family love shopping HAHAHAA! :))) Well, there's a potential of becoming the perfect boyfriend ya! hahahaha!

I ordered the mushroom egg sandwich and Miki got the eggplant sandwich.
When the food arrived Miki thought mine was hers, coz she said, hers was supposed to have "egg".
I was like, uhm...  yours is "eggplant" right?
Miki: Eggplant means egg right?

Hahahahhahaa!!!! So cute!! And at the same time feel sorry for her also, so I shared my egg with her. And she chewed on her eggplant sandwich ruefully. She said she would never forget what is "eggplant" anymore. Hahahahahaha!!!

The Mango smoothies!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD!!! Reminds me of Mango Six in The Heirs! :DDDD Mwahahhaa! Btw Shanghai got Mango Six shop yah!!!! I'm planning to visit it when I get back. :) It's situated in the Korean town. :)

We waited there for hours until 9.30pm. Then we headed to Puduraya bus station. :) Again THANK YOU SO MUCH SERA AND SYAHIR FOR BEING SUCH AMAZING TOUR GUIDE AND COMPANY!!!!! T______T

Not enough words to express our gratitude. T___________T Very touched. T__________T They spent time, and petrol and energy to bring us around and at the same time really patient while we shop and brought us to all the awesome places. T_____________T

So Sera and family, PLEASE COME TO SHANGHAI, and I'll return the favour and bring you guys to all the awesome places okay? :) I believe I'll be the best tour guide there since I already know Shanghai like totally already. Hahahahaa!

We saw a Henna artist at the roadside and Miki decided to have a try. :)

There it is! Though it's a lil bit messy and pretty pricey since it is RM 15 for this pattern. :( Anyway it's a good experience for Miki. Haha! :)

When we got to Puduraya it was already 10pm plus. The bus is scheduled to be at 10.30pm, so we rushed to the washroom to wash our face and changed into bus-friendly clothes.

Last picture of the day! 

We reached home around 4am! Not going to take UTAMA bus next time, so slow. :( It keeps stopping at a lot of places for a really long time. :((((((

Stay tuned for the next episode! :)))

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