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Monday, February 3, 2014

CNY 2014!

Gong Xi Gong Xi! :) Happy Chinese New Year peeps! :) Guess you guys are still in the CNY mood since now it's just the 5th day of it. :D 

I just got back home after spending 4 days in my grandma's house in Johor. :) It was nice to meet up with my relatives there, though this year it has been pretty quiet compared to the previous years. A lot of my relatives went travelling on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY so it lacks a bit of the boisterous happy mood like last time. Anyway, we stick to our custom of dressing up and going shopping LOL.

Start off with my big face! :D

With my sweet little cousin! She has the prettiest eyes ever! :) Sad that she was only there for the 1st day morning, and that afternoon her family went somewhere else to travel. 

One best thing about CNY is definitely the Ang Paos. Hahahaha!! 

*Insert $-$ into my eyes* LOL!

My 2 pretty cousins! :) Hui Min and Hui Ling! :)  Hui Min is very shy and quiet, and SHE DRIVES BETTER THAN ME. *facepalm* Hui Ling is very fun and talkative and she knows a lot of awesome phone apps which she recommends to me. :D Now my phone becomes more high-tech and pretty mwahahhaha! :D

Btw I really want to thank my brother, Hang! :DDDD He's the best! Hahahaa!
He drove us to the shopping mall and treat us EVERYTHING. The movie tickets, the huge sushi set, the movie popcorn combo and even snacks after! :DDDDD


Love this picture! :DDDD

The siblings! Hahahaa! Di An on the left and Hui Ling on the right.
Why so serious? :DDDD Hahahahhaa! Btw both of them are very good at eating Wasabi. 
*facepalm x 1000000000000* Seems like I sucks in everything. LOL.

I can only eat like a SMALL TINY PINCH of wasabi. And I'll cry. T______T

Brother ordered this hugeee plate of sushi combo! OMG! :DDDDDDD And 4 of us finished it and felt so bloated LOLLLL.

We went to watch The Monkey King. And to be honest I don't like it. LOL. I appreciate all those actions stuff but it's all too fake. The storyline is the old one, but added some new characters. It's all like very 狗血, LOL. I think I prefer something that's more down to earth. 

Oh btw, Hui Ling recommends this place as the best selca place ever. LOL. The make-up room in the ladies. :D It has the best lighting wahahahhaa!

Just to get the headband on my head. :) Learn this Headband Hairstyle from Youtube. 万能的Youtube大师。 Hahahaa! :)))

After that we went for Purikura!!! So much fun omg! Hahahaha! In some pictures, Di An just disappear because he's not fast enough hahahahaha! :DDDDD Purikura is all about speed and responding techniques hahahahaa! :D

Uhm.. Good lighting so allow me to put some selcas. Hahahaha. :D


Embroidered Beige Lace Dress from Zara
YSL Sling Bag
Aldo Skeleton flats

PS: I got both these dresses (including the navy blue dress I wore on CNY day 2) from the sales in Shanghai. Didn't even bother to try them out coz the queue was too long LOL. Just simply snatched the size that I usually wear and paid for it. Hahahahaa.

Luckily both of them fit perfectly!! :D Phew! :DDD


CNY Day 2! :) The same old routine. Dress-up and go watch movie again. LOL. Didn't bring my hair-curler back this time so couldn't do some fancy hairdo. T_T Just did a simple half-up.

We went to watch From Vegas To Macau. And I really loveeee that movie! :D It's really funny and at the same time convincing. :D Hahahaha good movie supposed to be like that okay??? :D Not like The Monkey King, always uses the same old "Transformer" technique ----- Monkey turns into King Kong in the end =.=. 我看到很闷,可以不可以来一点新意? *yawn* LOL.

Btw my Singapore relatives came over that day but I forgot to take pics with them!!!!!! OMG now just realised. =.= Anyway one of the reasons is my phone battery had gone dead so I had to charge it. :( Anybody know whyyyyyy Samsung phone always heat up? It was super scary, I thought it's going to explode or something. Super hot at the battery area. :( I already changed a new phone battery but the same problem still happen. :( AND the battery dies SUPER FAST. :( 


Navy Blue Dress with Criss-Cross Back from H&M
Belt from Bugis
YSL Sling Bag
Navy Blue Wedges from Earth Music & Ecology

Btw loveeee my little nephew, Travis! He's like super duper cute. Always smiling and loads of fun! :) He'll come to play with you and always shine you the brightest smile ever. :DDDDD Where to find such a cute kid like this! Hahahaha! And I loveeee his watermelon hairstyle. He has perfect skin and hair, like a doll! :DDDDDD

And here's my eldest bro, Yang! :)))) He's super awesome, and always help me with my phone and computer and stuff. :D He always gets new phones for me and my mom wheehehehehehehe!!!!! :DDDDDDD

Btw these are the BREAKFAST we ate everyday. 
I'm eating non-stop like a pig and now I'm still feeling very bloated. Can't stop myself because I can't find all these goodies in Shanghai!!! 
Shanghai's breakfast is Pao and dumplings. Everyday like that. T____T 

I can't stop myself, I have to keep eating. T__________T

I think I'll probably die of indigestion. T________T Somebody save me please. Anyway will update soon! T_______T Ciao!

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