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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Arabic Taste - Al-Safina.

Hey guys! I must share with you guys an awesomeeeee new dining place in Kemaman! :D Huge thanks to Syafiq for bringing Uzair and I there! :DDDDD Thank you so much!

I was like totally spellbound when I got there, I didn't even know there's a place like this! Since usually we just keep eating in the same restaurants in the Cukai town, so this is like a totally new discovery! :D

It's pretty hard to find. It's situated nearby the Kijal beach inside a Kampung area. We travelled on a narrow road with kampung houses on our left and the beach on our right. Sometimes the goats would cross the road, and chickens as well. Kids playing happily at the roadside too. It was a nice sight. :)

Greeted by this signboard upon our arrival! :) Can't wait to try!

I was like "wow" when I get in, and Syaf brought us to the "best seats" where you need to take off your shoes and go up the stairs. :D There were cushions on the floor and pillows so you can sit there cross-legged. Super comfortable and fun hahaha!

With Uzair! He's probably still crying now because Arsenal lose to Liverpool 0-4. LOL. 

With Syaf! Good to catch up after all these years! :)) And thanks for bringing us to this awesome placeeeee!

We ordered the Arabic Mint Tea and it comes in this huge pot with emeralds at the side wtf hahahahaha! Looks like Aladdin lamp, the longer version ahahahaha! :D

The boss serving us tea hahahaha! :D You can add some sugar in it, I personally prefer the original taste though. :) Love mint!

The scenery from the window, you can see the beach and the blue sea from here! :)

Since it was still early we decided not to eat too heavy, so we got ourselves some kebabs!

The taste is soooo good!!!! The bread outside is just right and there're chicken/lamb inside with pickled cucumber and other veges. SOOOO YUMMMM omg. :DDDD I finished it in 5 mins. I think the price is around RM 6 to 7 per plate! :) Totally affordable!

Closer shot of the seats! :))) So comfortable I can fall asleep there haha! :) All the time I was there I'm thinking I need to come back here again, and I need to recommend this place to my friends and bring them here as well! :D

Pictures shot outside before we left! :DDD

Trying to get the sunkissed hair-fashionably blown kinda shot but.......


Goats crossing the road! :)))) Love this blurry shot! :D

Oh you guys must want to know the price and what else do they have there!

I think the price is totally affordable and the proportions are big enough! :)

Btw, it's like god heard my wish, since I kept thinking about going back there again bringing my friends. And my wish actually comes true! 

The VERY NEXT day, I went for CNY day trip with my friends and after visiting a lot of houses and getting lots of ang paos, we decided to go Mesra Mall to watch movie. And I forgot what happened, and suddenly we decided to go to the Arabic restaurant again! Good thing we had Ehaun with us, coz she just live nearby that area. If you ask me to bring them there again I'm afraid I can't find the way. LOL.

They all were totaly hyped about that place and they loved the food there too! :D

This time we ordered the Chicken Madhgout! It's like some chicken buried inside the rice. The taste is a puke-rainbow experience! The chicken is soooooo soft and the rice... THE RICE. T____T Cannot tell you how yummy it is omg. T_____T You just need to go try it. The taste is really special and different.

The price is RM 41.90 for this whole huge plate of rice (1kg). It's great for 4 ppl! :) So after divide, it's just like RM10 per person. Really cheap! :) We shared it among us, which were like 6 ppl and we were pretty full already! :)

We ordered the mint tea again! :) Though some of the girls don't really like the taste of mint haha! Only Ehaun and I appreciate it hahahahaa!

Maple with the magic teapot! Haha!!

Happy girls!

And it's like god loves me too much he wants to grant my wish several times LOL. My aunt announced that she would treat us dinner at a really good Arabic restaurant, and I was like, "Is it Al-Safina"? The answer is YES. 

OMG Hahahahaha! So it's like 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS I'm going to the same place!!!! But I love that place so I'm not complaining. Hahahahaa!

They reserved the whole best seats for us! :DDD Yayyyy! Pictures of my aunts and family!

This time the special dish is Mixed Grilled! As yummy as ever too! :) It's like RM 23.90. A very huge plate!! :)  

Do go and try it out if you're Kemaman people or if you're coming to Kemaman! :))))

Restaurant Al-Safina, Kijal Beach

Address: No. 1212 Kg Che Wan, Kijal Beach, 24100 Kemaman.
Tel: 09-8588239
H/p: 0122783015

They serve lunch buffet from 12pm - 3pm, from Sunday to Thursday! :)

Ps: The boss there is from Iraq I think. And he's superrrrr good-looking! Hahahaha! My aunt was like whispering to me, "The boss here super leng zai one!" And I was like "omg where where!!!!! I want to see!" And the boss appeared later and I was like OMG REALLY LENGZAI!!!!!! Hahahahaha!

Ps2: All the ingredients of the food are imported from Arab so I can assure you the authentic taste! :) So must go and try and also check out the lengzai boss! hahahahahhaha!!!!

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