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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Beaten Wooden House and The Golden Field.

Three more days to go and I'll go back to Shanghai! So I decided to post up my last set of photoshoot up before I leave! :)

We were on the way to go to the place Wooi Lun decided early, and then we went past this really wide deserted ricefield with a completely abandoned-looking wooden house on its right. And we were like, "Why not go check it out?" So we ended up shooting here instead! :) 

The wooden house has so many "holes" everywhere, I was scared that it might collapse so we walked very slowly. I wonder how long it has been there and who has been using it for what.

The missing wood in the wall allows us to look at the magnificent view of the whole piece of ricefield below. It was mind-blowing.

I can see the sun, the view, the horizon :)

Happy with the dried flowers :)

The sun was really strong at that time even though it was already 6pm plus. So I have this really fierce look on my face, not because I'm mad, it is just that I can't open my eyes since the sun is too strong. LOL.

I swear I got a few tones tanner after that day lol.

Did I mention the wooden house is actually built on the second floor with super long "legs". How do you call this kind house in Malaysia? :D Rumah Panjang? Pondok Atap? Lol. I lost all my Bahasa Melayu. T_T

We spent around half an hour shooting in the wooden house. And we were waiting for the sun to set to shoot at the ricefield. We waited until 6:30pm yet the sun has no sign of signing off at all! In the end we were like, "Whatever! Just do it!" 

So yeah, I'm like getting the sun-tan enough to last for a whole year. T____T Anyway, the sunlight does make everything looks amazingly positive and nice! 

I got super happy to see this wide beauty of nature and I started posing like mad hahahaha!

Okay I'm tired. *sitting down* LOL. Nah, it was actually too hot so I'm trying to find shelter hiding within the paddy.

The dreamy blue flowers! :)

Actually I'm kinda dreading the time to go back to Shanghai. I heard it is crazy hot over there. 39 degree celsius, omg! I already felt suffocated here around 35 degree. T____T I guess I will try to stay indoor all the time.

Till then, XOXO!


  1. omg, these are pretties! and scenery, angle, lighting, everything!

    1. Thanks dear!!! :)))) Thank you for keep reading! love you mwahhh