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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dancing Around The Stars.

So I've been back in my home for a few days. As usual, the mosquitoes love me, so I got a lot of bites on my legs. In Shanghai, there wasn't much mosquitoes around, probably because there wasn't a lot of trees or plants in the city, so it wasn't exactly the perfect home for mosquitoes. LOL.

And I found the weather to be too hot. I am already sitting under the fan while I'm practising but beads of sweat just keep forming on my forehead. I even feel hot today when I woke up around 5am. Like seriously, I remember 10 years ago when I was still in highschool, I will feel cold when I wake up that early. What's going on with the world?

Anyway, let's continue down my phone photo timeline! :) 

The 4th of April is my darling Xing Xing's birthday! :) Thank god for sending me an angel to be my best friend! :)

She is an amazing organizer, you just have to admit that. She prepared everything for the party, it was amazingly fun!

The party is held at Cafe Sambal, a nice Malaysian restaurant with beautiful terrace view. Xing Xing even got the photobooth props prepared!! 

And she got this super cool custom-made cake! If you notice, the doll on the cake got the exact same outfit she is wearing on that day! :DDD 

We had amazing BBQ on a long table outside on the terrace, enjoying the cool weather. No idea why Zhen Xiang got that distorted face expression ahahhahaa, and yeah I'm the photographer. 

And here's our star! :DDDD

I just love this face. :DDD

Da sexy lips. :D

This pretty girl here is Rena's sister, Rina! They are so identical, the long black hair, the face, the way they talk and their personality! Rena had gone to Italy to continue her studies, and now Rina is in Shanghai! The first time I saw her I was so astonished, it just feel like Rena hasn't gone at all, they are extremely alike in terms of personality!!

The cake is rainbow layered inside! :) Can't say that it is delicious but I guess you can only choose to have either the appearance or the taste. T____T


Posted this picture on FB and a lot of ppl thought it was my birthday. T___T I sure hope I'm still 22.

Can't stop laughing every time I see this picture! Hahahahahaa! Girls are trouble. Yeah.

And on 24th of April, it is a very significant date for all the Armenians in the world. This year is the 100th year commemoration day of Armenian Genocide. In 1915, Turkish people killed a lot of Armenians cruelly. It was a massive massacre. Now they are denying that they have done it, so every year the Armenians will demand them to recognise the Genocide. For now there are already 20 plus countries who officially recognised Genocide and it is still increasing! #Armenianpower

Xing Xing is the representative of Chinahay in Shanghai, so she organized this super cool event for the 100th year Commemoration day of Genocide. Her idea is to make it into a gallery that shows the history of Genocide and then a display of all the famous Armenians who had contributed to the world. We are astonished to find out there are so many amazing Armenians out there!!

Here's the video of the event that day, Xing Xing is the editor of the video, told you she is amazing! She can organize this whole event by herself down to the smallest detail. And she is 2 years younger than me! So capable!

The countries who already recognised Armenian Genocide!

In this picture, I'm at the highschool of Shanghai Conservatory of Music! :) In China they even have music primary school. So if you have decided for your kid to be a musician, you can send them to music primary school, and then highschool and finally into the conservatory. So that's why Chinese have a very high standard in music performance, because they are already doing it professionally from such a young age!

That day we were performing with a French choir. And after the concert, they gave us this super adorable handmade card with Eiffel Tower on it, and a box of super delicious handmade chocolate too!

This was taken at a very awesome gig. :) This kid looks so handsome in his suit!! hahahaa! 

Apparently the bride is a huge fan of Cinderella. She got this replica of the Cinderella dress in the movie! :)

After the gig we were being treated to dine at the Japanese restaurant on the 2nd floor of the hotel. They asked us to order whatever we want, and they will pay for everything. And when we look at the menu we are like, "OMG."

Everything was like double of the normal price.
One bow of ramen is RMB200, which is around RM 120. SERIOUSLY? It is just noodles, veges and a few piece of meat.

Cannot understand. I guess it is the branding again. LOL.

And this one was like RMB 100 plus for 4 small pieces of beef with mushroom. Each of us got one piece, and we joked that "There goes RMB 25!" LOL.

From time to time, Xing Xing and I will hang out at one of our fav place, Unico. :) It has great music all the time! :)

Oh and I'm very much of a loner. I like to be on my own and enjoying lots of me-time.
I only like to eat with some of my favourite people, most of all, Xing Xing! Hahahaha!

Look at the fashionista.

She always got these fun t-shirts! hahahahaha!!!! I really should get one of these!

That day, I was coming back from a shopping spree, and I saw the fluffiest dog alive. It was so super adorable and friendly and so white! I can't imagine how the owner can keep it so clean and white!

I love love love fat dogs! Hahaha! I think they are just so hugable! This dog can even sit like a human wtf.

So photogenic omg! Look at the eyes!!!! Hahahaha! I will give him everything I have T_____T

Seems like that day is my lucky day to bump into all sorts of cute and fluffy dogs!!! Met this two lil thing on the way home too!! Fluffiness overload T_______T

Lastly a picture with the baby!!!! :)))) What a smiley dog!!!

Till then, XOXO!


  1. wanna comment as soon as you post this! but unfortunately, my another laptop slow in downloading, until I thought the problem is with your comment setting hahaha.

    btw, the food in shanghai really quie expensive ler~~ Rm 120 add few more ringgit can eat jogaya buffet ady.

    and you change your new layout ady!! blog more! I will read quite frequently!

    1. Yeah Shanghai is very expensive T___T but this RM120 thing is like crazy expensive one, no idea how they can charge like that for a bowl of ramen lol I wanna change my blog layout like yours!! So nice!! I think if my blog is nice then I'll be motivated to update hahaahaa