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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Breaking Dawn

I guess this is the first time I woke up so early for a photoshoot. Wooi Lun's idea is to catch the sunrise at the beach. Thank god Malaysia's sunrise is not as early as Shanghai. Shanghai's sun already comes out probably around 4am? 

We departed at 5:30am while the sky is still dark, and slowly the sun starts to come out around 6am. I'm still feeling pretty sleepy with my bed hair lol. So do excuse my puffy eyes and messy hair.

Everything was blue-ish and pale. We are surprised to see some foreigners already swimming in the sea at this hour! The water must be really cold then.

The best thing about Cherating beach is that they have these shallow "lakes" on the beach so we get to take some reflection shots like this!

I'm completely mesmerized by the colors of the sea. It was so beautiful. The mixture of blue and grey and silver. I just feel like painting it! And the sky has a tint of pink to it that looks like those in Rome paintings!

Happy jump shots! Always feel blessed to be born in a city nearby the sea!

And then the sun starts to peek over the clouds.

Btw, I want to apologize to the owner of this building because we went up there without permission! We didn't see anyone there so we assume it was okay, but after that he came out and nicely asked us to come down. So sorry about that again!! 

I'm thinking I probably need to re-dye my hair. Hmm.

Cherating beach has all these really nice and laid-back pubs with tables and chairs out on the beach. It must be nice to enjoy the sea breeze and have some drinks at night chatting with friends here.

Catching the sunrise at the beach is always a great idea to start a day! :) It just makes you feel completely in awe with the beauty of nature.

One last photoshoot to post! :) Till then, XOXO!


  1. yes, continue to post! Actually I hope that the post wont end. Continue to blog even after all your photoshoots photos are up!

    1. I love your blog layout!! so nice!!! Actually I kinda lost a bit of the blogging motivation already T___T but thanks to your comment I will try my best to update! <3 mwahhhh!