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Monday, August 20, 2012

Redang Island Trip (Pre-going and Day 1) :D

Hello peepo, do you miss me? ;)

I'm finally back from the exhausting yet fascinating 3D2N Redang Island Trip! :D
It was really an incredibly amazing experience so I couldn't wait to share with you guys!!!

My tan has finally settled and now my complexion is a nice honey brown. LOL.
Going to take a month to get back to my own skin tone.
Anw I'm happy with it because it's a solid proof that I have a great healthy outdoor summer hols! :D

Put this gorgeous picture of the clear blue sea (and me) as the first picture!
Notice how clear the sea waves are? :D And the sand are far whiter than usual beaches!

Just for comparison. LOL.
This is the Impiana beach in Kemaman (my hometown).
Check out the waves. You can see brownish waves here. LOL. And the sand is more golden brown!

*just want to emphasize how beautiful Redang is* 
I'm missing that place already now that I'm home. :'(

Right, before any more breathtaking beach pictures. I'm going to start writing about the evening BEFORE the Redang trip.

My mom already planned this Redang Trip way before I came back to Malaysia for summer holidays!
Her colleague (Teacher Ku)'s family are going and she asked my mom whether she wants to join, so my mom immediately thought of going with me!

Sad case my dad's working everyday so he can't go with us. :'(

Teacher Ku's sister is a VIP member in Awana Kijal so she orders an apartment for us to stay overnight before the Redang Trip! :D So niceeeeeee!

Though the only sad thing that day was it started to rain when we were on our way to Awana Kijal.

The sky is soooo dark!

And it rained so heavily all of us were worried that the weather next few days would be bad like this too. 

Luckily the rain ceased when we got to the apartment!
Awana Vacation Resorts. :D

I find banning the durians in the apartment is super hilarious. LOL!

Interior of the apartment! Kitchen!

Dining place and living room. :)

The bedroom and washroom!

Since it was just 5pm something, I decided to go out and snap some pictures. 

I'm so glad that Teacher Ku brought her 2 kids along!
Yen Sie and Xiang Choong!
They're real awesome travelmates and make this trip super entertaining!

I swear I laugh throughout the trip because of them! LOL!

I wasn't so close with them on the 1st day, so 3 of us were acting cool and distant. Up until we played cards together and they discovered my super kiddy side, so in no time they started bullying me. T_____T


Yen Sie told me afterwards that at first she thought I was a very lady-like, elegant big sister, turns out I'm just one crazy funny kid. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL. :D

Fine, it's okay, I know I memang 没形象~~~ hahaha!

All the coming-up photos in Awana Kijal credits to Yen Sie! :D

Found another durian-banning sign. AHAHAHA!
I think Awana Kijal's boss really hate durian!

Found these in the ladies' room. O_O

Helloooo little sis! She's 14 this year and I'm 21, but we got along really well. Guess she's kinda mature and I'm kinda childish, so it balances out. LOL!


The 1st day of Redang trip!
Woke up super early in the morning: 3am.
Didn't really sleep well because was chatting with my mom until 1am.
Overall we just slept for 2 hours omg!!!!

Yen Sie's dad drove us to KT and we reached around 8am plus.
Found a place to have our breakfast!

Loh Mee. :D

My mom's 干捞面. :)

Some views of KT Chinatown (登嘉楼唐人街). 

Boarded our ferry at 9.30am! Hellooo Redang here we come!

The ferry trip took 1 hour plus.
I dozed off and when I opened my eyes, I was greeted by sparkling clear blue sea. *gasp*

I've gone completely speechless when I saw this.
And at the same time super touched.
Ohhhh how come Malaysia got such beautiful place like this?

This is the time when I feel like "Malaysia boleh".

Closer shot at the water. Like swimming pool one weyhhhh! 
So clear I can see straight to the bottom of the sea!

The room for my mom and me!

We were staying at Redang Bay Resort.
It is a very nice and cosy resort (not as extravagant as the Lagoona resort next to it) but affordable and simple. :)
One thing I love most about it is the super adorable workers there. They are so friendly + funny, and smiling all the time, it lightens up my mood and makes me feel at home!

There was still an hour more to go before the snorkelling activity, so we strolled over to Lagoona resort to take some pictures!

Yen Sie's dad said he saw this coconut tree in some Redang Island postcards LOL.

Ze famous More More Tea Inn!!!!!!!
Do you guys remember the movie "夏日的么么茶" (Summer holidays) starring Samme Cheng and Richie Ren?
It was shot in Redang Island!

Love the colours!

You need to take off your shoes before you enter any shops there because they don't want you to bring the sand in! 

Hahahaha! We're muscular guys playing guitars!

*oops why I put my hand on the shoulder LOL*

Super white sand! The sun was so bright I couldn't open my eyes.

Snapped this at the Lagoona Resort. Very beautiful resort indeed! Though much more pricey compared to Redang Bay Resort. 

A lot of ang mos enjoying themselves sun-bathing. :)

Came back from snorkelling! :D
Didn't rent the water proof camera that day so didn't get to snap any under-water pictures.

Asked my mom to take a pic of me before I went to shower and change. LOL.
Wet from head to toe!

The tea break. 
I really enjoy the food in Redang Bay Resort because it's clean and above all, YUMMY.

Awful dark circles because of the lack of sleep. T_T

We have lots of free time after snorkelling so we spend time promenading along the beach and take pictures!

Found lots of these dead coral reefs on the beach!

The colour of the sea is just astounding!

The dead little coral reefs on the beach. Eerily looked like human bones. O.O

Amazingly fine and white sand! As fine as powder!!! I bottled up some for my dad! LOL!

Giant sand turtle! :D Dunno who made it.

Cute little spaceships made by a very adorable ang-mo kid using some molds. :D

Crossing the bridge to another resort/restaurant I dunno. :D

Views from above.

A very cute quote I found. HAHA!!!

With mommy! :)

When my mom and Teacher Ku were chillaxing at the "new" resort. Yen Sie and I decided to go down to the beach and take some pics on the rock. :D

I looked so funny in this picture. I dunno what I was doing. =.=
But Yen Sie's smile is so sweet, so I post it up. LOL.

Photo credits to Xiang Choong. Hehehe!
Poor him, his shorts got all wet because he needed to get into the sea as well to take these pictures for us! We somemore asked him to take from different angles. Muahaha!

I cut my heels when I got down from the rock because there were a lot of sharp seashells on it. :'(
So many blood oozed out. :(

I limped back to my resort to get some band-aids.
On the way back spotted these! :D
Ohhh I loveeee sandcastles!!!!

The reception office of Redang Bay Resort.
Took this pic while waiting for the worker there to help me attend to my wounds.

There was a dog inside! #Like a boss

I'm really really grateful to the super nice girl at the reception who helps me to bandage my heel! :D
She's so patient and kind!

Bandaged heel protected from sand! Hehehe!

Playing Uno games with them to pass the time. :D

BBQ dinner!! Yumsss.

DJ at Lagoona resort.

2 awesome vocalists at our resort! :) Very enjoyable night listening to their beautiful voices. :)

Alright! Going to write about Day 2 tomorrow! 
I still haven't recover from my fatiqueness. T___T

So till then, good night peeps!!!

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  1. Xixi! Guess what, I found ur this post through google search of " Redang Island trip blog" , really like ur this post, full of happy tones, and every description come with a picture! And ur pic is pretty clear too! After reading ur 2nd redang post, I found out ur english is so damn good lar~~ U can really describe ur feeling through words! thats the awesome thing. I hope for more of this kind of blog more!