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Monday, August 6, 2012

Bazaar Ramadhan with my buddies! :)

Like the yummiest day ever! :D :D :D

Uzair texted me a few days ago saying that he would come back a few days later and we gonna meet up, so I was like, "That's awesomeeeeee!"

And what's more awesome? Sera and Mai are coming back together with him too! And Wani's back from Canada as well! Triple happiness! Haha!!
A big thanks here to Mr Asda Uzair for chauffeuring me that day! He brought me to Bazaar Ramadhan near Padang Astaka to meet up with the rest! :)

A lovely group picture to start the post with! I realise I really love to add bokeh to my picture coz it'll make the pictures look more festive! :D

Note that in this picture everyone "shopped" something! ;)

Alright, let's check out the food!!!
Bazaar Ramadhan is the hottest and most popular food market before Raya!
Sad to say, I've never been to any one before.
This was my very first time!!!
I did went to some food stalls but they weren't this spectacular.

Bazaar Ramadhan has like at least a hundred food stalls combined together!!!! O.O *I'm not exaggerating!*

I discovered so much new things that I never seen before! :)

Ayam Tempayan!

When I reached the Bazaar, the first thing I saw was a lot of huge Tempayan lining up. They're all really big I can hide inside lol.

So here's how the chicken are roasted! Hanging at the side of the Tempayan with burning coal below and close the lid! Yummmm~~~

The end result of Ayam Tempayan. A whole chicken for RM 22. :)

The tasty Ikan Bakar! Ohhh my tummy is growling now. T___T

A pot of very interesting + bizarre BLUE rice. O.O
I posted this in FB and my Thai friend, San, told me they probably use a kind of blue flower called Butterfly Pea to colour it. :)

Flower, hmm... That sounds healthy! :) *Ahhh now can eat without worrying that it's some bad colouring already* :D

An obviously very popular stall. See the Kuah also cook until so big pot. O.O

This one should be... Nasi Minyak. ^_^


The crowd!

Murtabak, my buy of the day! :) Sera recommended it!

Potato chips. O.O Interesting right?

Akok! Very cheap and yummy! :)

Uzair's recommendation, Akok! He said this Akok akok is the only reason he comes to the Bazaar every year. 
O.O say until like that wo, must be very very yummy one loh!

Remember this Pakcik yea! Go to his stall. Haha!

ps: Btw I tried a piece, really very yummy. Best served when it's hot. :)

And then I got amazed when I saw this. 
Another new discovery. :D

She uses a cup that has holes beneath and pour some yellow mixture into it. Then she moves her hand in circular motion to form something like this.

The end result.
I was taking the picture, and there was a Makcik beside me.
She looked at me and smiled, so I smiled and told her it was my first time looking at this. :)

So she turned around and faced us (Uzair, Mai, Sera, Wani, me) and said, "Ohhh ini namanya Roti Jala, ROTI JALA."

The other guys laughed so hard afterwards coz evidently the Makcik thought they're "foreign tourist"(coz I looked like a tourist with my camera. lol.) like me too. XDD

So let me present to you, the ROTI JALA. :D

Si Ham with sambal on top. :)

Ikan Pari. :D

My friend, Farouq Hadi (I call him oppa ^.^) told me the name and I was like, "Ohhh that's such a pretty name! You know, in Chinese we call this "Ghost fish"!"

And he said, "That's so creepy, but do you know Ikan Pari means "ghost fish"?"
Me: "But I thought Pari means Angel?"
Oppa: "Errrr Pari-pari means angel, Pari means ghost."

Ohhhh myyy Bahasa.. T______T

Very cool chef frying chickens in hot boiling oil! 

A row of very colourful drinks. Spot the sea-blue colour one. O.O

The colours so POP! Me likeyyyy (but don't dare to drink) Haha!

Another very POP-colour Kuih. 

Do they paint them or what? I wonder. O.O
Kuih Sarawak!

Lastly, a picture of a very cute Abang smiling for the pic! :D
The chickens he's roasting is called Ayam Golek! (Thanks to oppa for telling haha!)

Very suitable name, golek golek golek! (Golek means spin in English!) ;)

Bought a piece of Murtabak and tofu fa in the end. 
Feeling so full now!

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