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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Week on Instagram. :)

Since I'm leaving for Pulau Redang tomorrow, I will liven up my blog with one blog post before abandoning it for 4 days straight. LOL.

I can promise you guys great pictures after 4 days though! :D Stay tuned!
*So looking forward to the famous Pulau Redang trip, sad thing I as a Terengganu people never even been there once in my life!*
I'm really happy when mom decided to bring me along too! She's going with her colleague's family. :D

I hope Pulau Redang is really as beautiful as everyone says it is! :D
Will show you guys pictures really soon!

For now I'll show you guys what I did this week with my instagram pics!
Will tell you stories from the latest news to the older ones. :)

Starting from TODAY. 
puffy-eyed coz just woke up.
Welcome my darling Yingz to my home for hair-braiding + photo-snapping session!

This was before I changed into the green dress. Still in my pj. :D
Okay la my pj is nothing special, just plain white tee and short black pants.
I'm planning to get some really cute pj when I get back to Shanghai soon!

Btw here's the nice French braid Yingz did for me when I'm still super drowsy. Haha.

Nice right?
Didn't dye my hair for a year already and not planning to either!
I want my healthy hair back. :D

My hairdresser of the day! She's trying out the four-strand-braid we saw online.

Yingz said she did some mistake in the beginning hence it didn't look right, looked kinda sad instead LOL.

Here's a tutorial on how to do the four-strand-braid! It's really really pretty!!! 
Kinda confusing at first, but if you keep trying, it's actually not too hard to understand. :D

And Yingz showed me how to do the Fish-bone braid too! It's very nice!

Here's the tutorial, by the lovely Beautifymeeh! :D
I love the Korean bun too!
Watch and learn!

A pic of me with the cutie-pie, Umairah! :D I love her teeth!!!! So tidy and small!!!

Oh yea, a pic of my successful attempt at Sambal Petai, wheeeee! :D

This was a few days ago, went Kuantan and met up with Ebby and Deric!
We chatted at EC Mall for like almost 2 hours! Haha!
So many things to talk about!

I had Starbuck's Raspberry blackcurrant!:D

Deric's in the house!
I have to say I'm very very very impressed at Deric's communicating skill.
He basically can find topics to chat endlessly with ppl from different age ranged from little kid to old ppl! :D

He just know so many things!!! A lot of interesting things to share with us, health, cosmetics, anything you know. Haha!!!
I hope I can learn that too!
Sometimes I don't know what to say to people, lol. T__T

And here's Ebby!!!!
It's really a very awesome thing to know her.
I knew her via blogger last time so we were considered as internet friends? :D
She loved violin and kinda stumbled into my blog last time when she was browsing Ee Loe's blog, and she left me a comment afterwards... and started from that time we became friends! :D

I was lucky because she was in Kuantan last Friday so I got to meet up with her!
This is our first official meet-up!

Last year, I bumped into her but she/I was in a rush to go so we only get to take a pic together and chatted very little. :(

This time, we can finally sit down and talk properly. Hahaha!
I realised she's a very friendly, adorable, and interesting girl!
She's very different from the other girls and is very brave in pursuing her life goal, I find that very admirable. :)

Continue to work hard dear! And do what you love to do! For me, that's the most important thing. :D

Let's meet up again next time! :D

And these pictures are from the beach trip a few days ago!
The plastic bag I'm holding contains clothes for me to change afterwards coz I know I'm going to get really wet playing with the water. LOL.

Happy girl at the sea!

Showered and changed. :) Enjoying the sea breeze!

Do expect more beautiful beach pictures soon! :D
I've to go to sleep now!

Good night peeps!


  1. I like your new hairstyle :)
    The Korean bun is also cute! try it sometime ;)

    Oh! your Sambal Petai looks so nice!
    I wanna try it :)
    Cook for me please! haha

    Hope you have another beautiful week ;)
    Take care!

    P.S. I love your head blog!

    1. :) Haha! Braiding is really fun, though I don't really know how to do that myself on my own hair. T_T
      Am planning to try out the Korean Bun when my hair's longer! :D

      :D okieeee will cook for you if I have the chance!!!
      You mean my header? :D thank youuuu! :DD