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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Redang Island Trip (Day 2 & 3) :)

:) Just updated my new blogger template! Am in love with ribbons currently LOL.
Hope you guys like my new template!

Okay, back to the topic, I'm going to write about my Day 2 in Redang now!
The title says (Day 2 & 3) but we left the island very early on Day 3 so basically NO PICTURE. T___T I will just elaborate a lil on that.

Day 2 is the most happening day throughout the trip because there were 2 snorkelling activities that day! Once in the morning and the 2nd time in the afternoon!

Here's a picture of Yen Sie and I on the boat towards Pasir Akar for our afternoon snorkelling activity!

The night before, Xiang Choong and Yen Sie already mentioned something about watching sunrise the next morning. 
I wanted to watch too, so we woke up around 5.30am, feeling tired and groggy. 
Then we realised the sky is still DARK.

Fine, we laid down on the beach benches and waited.

When the sky turned slightly brighter. :)

After a while! :D It's really amazing to see the changes!

I've took a video while waiting for the sun to pop out from the horizon! It's a beautiful purplish pink everywhere I felt so happy. T_____T My fav colour okay??

The signs before the sun comes out. :) 

Check out the rays of sunlight!!!

There were a lot of ppl waking up to watch the sunrise too! They woke up around 7am so just in time to watch the sun coming out! 
We were the only ones who woke up so early. T_____T LOL.

A very drowsy and cute-looking ang mo beside me with high-tech equipment to video the whole sunrise process. Haha.

Notice the colour changes.
The sky changes from purplish pink to blue. O.O

And then the sun comes out.....

It was totally breathtaking.
And actually the whole process of the sun coming out took around 5 to 6 mins. 

I video-ed it!

Hello sun! :)

Here's the video! I started recording it when I saw the sun peeking out from the horizon! 
And the funny thing was there was an ang-mo lady jogged past. O.O

It was just 7am plus, so healthy. LOL.

Going out to snorkelling around 9.30am!
All of us got puffy eyes coz didn't really sleep much for the sake of watching sunrise. HAHA.

We chose to sit outside the boat, which is very very exciting!
The boat crew kept telling us to be very careful coz there were cases where ppl fell into the sea when the boat sped up. O_O

So the 3 of us held the only iron handle thingy so tightly. :D

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you guys.
There were waterproof camera for rent!
RM 30 for 40 pictures
RM 40 for 80 pictures and
RM 50 for 150 pictures!

=.= Very good business tactic, coz ppl will automatically choose RM 50 coz can snap so much. LOL.

So I got ourselves a waterproof camera for RM50 and must return it before 6pm or you'll get charged with RM 10 per hour afterwards!

The lady told us that we shouldn't check the pictures to see nice or not after we take the photos because the battery supply is only enough for you to take 150 pictures.

So we were really scared and didn't dare to check, just snapped away and power it off when we were not using.

Coz after we came back from snorkelling (we already took like 160 plus pictures O.O dunno why can take 180 maximum), and the battery is STILL FULL.

So we just check the pictures and deleted the blurry ones, and to not waste the money, we took more pictures at the beach until the memory is full ---> 180 pictures. :D 

Okay let's continue with the snorkelling pics!!!
We went to the Marine Park in the morning, and it's a heaven for marine life!
So many fishes omg!!!! Like really A LOT!

Xiang Choong and Yen Sie. :D 

Yen Sie's dad brought 2 packets of white bread for us to feed the fish (very effective way to attract the fishes over for pictures!) :D

You see ar, the moment I put the bread in.......

The fish attacked the bread in no time!!!!!! Like they starved for a long time already. O.O
It feels very special, because it's like little birds pecking at your hands. :D
And I touched the fish, very silky and slippery. :)

You know, I really dislike fishes before. (not in terms of eating. I love to eat fishes)
I think they're scary, because they're so slippery and their eyes bulge out... ewwwwww.
And I feel like they have no emotions, just swimming around all day.

Now I changed my mind.
I think fishes are very cute now! Because they also got the "interested" look when they saw strangers, and they will surround me after I fed them the bread as if asking for more!
Just like what usual pets do! :D

Very beautiful rainbow fish spotted!!

This is very cool. O.O
It's very interesting to see it from above because they look like a group of seaweeds in the sea, but they're actually fishes! 
Dunno why they always stick together and keep swimming in the same place!!!!

View of the fishes from above!!!
Really look like seaweeds right?!
And it's very cute that they'll leave out a space for the humans to swim in.
I snapped this picture when they formed a Mickey sign!

So interesting!!!

Yeah so that was for the morning at Marine Park!
After the sumptuous lunch (forgot to take pic T_T), we prepared for our 2nd time of snorkelling at 2.30pm!

This time our stop is at Pasir Akar, which I later found out to be a coral reef paradise. O.O

On the boat! This time we chose to sit at the back of the boat. LOL LOL.

Hello underwater babies! :D

Self-capture in the sea. LOL LOL.
Interesting diamond-shaped bokeh!

Round bokeh is loveee. :D

Yen Sie the poser muahahaha~

Xiang Choong kept pulling our legs! =.=

Hello I'm here! :D
Btw I need to write about how snorkelling actually feels like!
It's a very very new experience for me.

I actually cannot swim you see.
My dad used to bring us to the beach when we were small but he stopped bringing us when I was around 8 coz he got busy with his work.
So I didn't know how to swim until now. T____T

Another thing is I'm really afraid of the sea water getting into my ears, it feels really scary, so usually I never want to dip my head inside the sea, I'll just swim with my head outside so I'll feel safe. T____T

So the very first day in Redang, they brought us to the super deep part of the sea and everyone got down into the sea.

The sea was a deep deep blue so I couldn't see below without dipping my face into the water.
And my imagination started working.
I thought of the sharks circling us underneath, and giant octopus ready to pull us down. Horrible huge seaweeds twirling themselves around our legs.


I spluttered and gulped down a few mouthful of sea water. GOD IT'S SO SALTY AND BITTER. T___T (hope nobody peed in the sea lol)

Anyway the safety jacket kept me afloat, so I calmed down after a while.
I realised I tended to sink when I panicked, but when I started breathing normally, I can float nicely.
I guess it's because I didn't breathe deeply when I panicked so there isn't enough oxygen to keep me afloat? 

So after I calmed down.... I started experimenting on how to move around in the water. LOL.
And I checked out other ppl to see how they did it.

So they paddled their legs in the water! Just like riding an invisible bicycle underwater LOL.
And it worked! I can move around pretty fast like that! And to navigate the direction, you just need to move your arms around and spin your waist to change direction. HAHAHA. It's very fun!!!!!

In no time I'm pretty pro at snorkelling already. MUAHAHAHA. 

I dipped my face into the water (of course with goggle and the breathing tube thingy). You have to breathe only with your mouth, not your nose, or else the water will get into your nose and goggle!!! Noted that!

And then I got amazed.

A really amazing sight greeted me. I saw the underwater world... Everything is blue and it's as if I'm looking at a jungle from above, but not the usual green jungle, but underwater coral reef jungle.

There were a lot of fishes swimming around, playing hide and seek in the coral reefs. They will come up to you to check you out (at a safe distance where you can't easily touch them).

It's simply beautiful.

I dipped my head further in and the water got into my ears, but... surprisingly, I wasn't afraid anymore.
The moment the water filled into my ears, all I could hear was my own breathing *breathe in, breathe out, in, out...*
And I felt absolutely tranquil and at ease.

It's as if I belong there too, I'm a part of the underwater being, and it feels amazing. :)

Happy me! :)

The boat crew who dives into the sea with such ease!

Fishes swimming around us. :)

Yen Sie the poser self-capturing too! LOL! I must say she's a pro. LOL.

Thank you to the diver uncle for helping us to take this underwater pic!
He asked another diver to push us down into the sea (because the safety jacket will keep us afloat, we would not sink into the sea).

So when he pushed us down, we have to hold onto the coral reef and posed while he took the pictures!


Hahaha poserssss.

:D Getting back onto the boat!

We handed over the camera to the diver uncle and he helped us to dive into the sea to take some awesome shots of the underwater beings!

The pictures are so beautiful, can make into postcards already! :D

Spot NEMO! :D

Got totally wet but very very happy!

Oh yea... forgot to tell, I cut my toes during the snorkelling at Marine Park in the morning. T____T

I swam too close to the bridge so I used my feet to kick the pillar of the bridge so I could swam away from it easier.
And I felt the pain, something cut my toes.
Must be some seashells residing on the pillar and when I kicked I pretty much slit my toes!

Luckily there wasn't any shark around, or they gonna detect my blood and come after me, tearing me into pieces... *there goes my imagination again* T____T

When I got out of the water, I checked my toes and omg I cut 3 toes altogether!
And they were pretty deep too! Blood kept oozing out. T___T

So I paid another visit to the reception office of Redang Bay Resort. LOL.
Sorry to the worker there, I kept wasting their meds and band-aids. 

Sad face.

These pictures are taken using the waterproof camera. Not to waste the camera's memory ma. :D
With my mommy!

My mom looked like a kid here! Eh? I so tall one meh? :D LOL.

Yen Sie's idea! :D

More picturessss. :D

With some of the super adorable workers at Redang Bay Resort! 
They're really very very very very very friendly and fun too! :D

*ekhem* I can drive. HEHE.

The dinner! LOL.
Btw forgot to tell again. 
Yen Sie's dad is the friend of the boss of Redang Bay Resort, so they get to stay for FREE throughout the whole trip!!!
They just need to pay for the ferry fee to and fro from Redang! Which is RM100 per person. 

So nice right?!

And the Redang Bay Resort's boss is so nice, he treated us these!

I was shocked to see it. LOL.


These is the buffet dinner where everyone eats. :)
So we got extra yummy prawns and fish! ;D
Got lotsa envy looks from the other tables LOL LOL.

At night, we listened to the 2 awesome vocalists performing again! :D
Requested to take a picture with them, and they asked me to sit on the chair coz I too tall. LOL.

There was this little girl from China who was super talented and cute!!!
She told her mom that she needed to sing this song called 感恩的心 that night, or else she wouldn't go to sleep!!!

So her mom told the 2 vocalists and they performed together with the little girl! :D

Super cute! She got poses summore. LOL.

And a video of the performance!

Btw I just realised my camera's video quality is so bad. =.='''
Why my phone video's quality is much better ar? Time to change a new camera. LOL.

So that's all for my Redang Trip! :D
The 3rd day we just checked out and waited for the boat to come.
We reached KT jetty around 1pm plus and had lunch at Tang Ren Jie again! :D

End this post with this picture. Hehe.

Redang is really an amazing place! :D

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  1. I don't know why I read ur this post last time no long ago after u post this. I dun feel much about this post. but Now, 11.24pm 17th Nov 2013, when I read this back again. I felt so much touch esp the little girl video. Great that u recorded it! Wander if the girl will be able to find out this video of her when she grow up.