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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Time and Dancing Joget. :D

Hello peeps! So sorry for the lack of updates!
If you really want to know, I've been going out a lot lately, too many pictures to update but no time! :D

So today I finally find time settling in front of my pink lappy, and will start writing about what I've been doing so far! :D

This post is dated back to the day after my Redang Trip. :D It was the start of Hari Raya so my 2nd bro, Hang, came home for holidays! 
He wanted to go to the beach because staying home playing video games all day didn't really qualified as a good holiday thing, so I asked mom to join us to go to Impiana!

I know right? My mom and I had just got back from Redang, and now going to the beach AGAIN. LOL.
Anyway we were really happy because it wasn't easy to actually gather together after my bro started working and me being in Shanghai.
Daddy being a spoiled sport coz he wanted to stay at home instead of coming to the beach with us. Haha.

So the 3 of us! :D
Mommy is very into self-capturing lately too. HAHAHA!
She requested this shot herself.
She was like, "Xi, come take a self-shot pic of the 3 of us!"

I happily obliged. :D

Again I have to stress, I really love my bro's galaxy note. T___T
The picture quality is pretty awesome for a phone (that considers as a phone right?) 8 mega pixels wheeee!
And summore can upload to FB straightaway coz he got broadband. HEHEHE.

Me with my bro! :D He's taller than me which is great! Coz I'm tired of being taller than others. *eh sound smug meh?*

No la, seriously, being tall isn't such a good thing.
Ppl are afraid of standing next to me during picture-snapping session coz they don't want to look short, and I myself feel like a coconut tree. T____T

Somemore guys feel intimidated by my height too. LOL.
The question I got all the time is, "Why you grow taller again?"

NOOOO I DIDN'T. Last time I check I'm still 174cm. 
Ppl just have the illusion I'm getting taller and taller every year I dunno why. T___T

So hehehe, with my taller bro so I look like a normal girl. :D

Bro & mom! :D

Mom and Me! :D

Hang said my smile looked very fake in this pic.
OF COURSE LA, imagine you have to look happy when the sun shine straight at you, so bright you can't open your eyes. LOL.
You see my mom's face you'll know how torturing that is. :D

Okay, now pictures from my camera! ;D


Love this shot!

Showing off my Redang Island tee. :D

Since it was Raya, there was a very interesting dance tutorial activity going on!
I joined in and learn some steps on how to joget! :D
It was really fun, and it got funnier when they used SNSD's songs to dance. XD

Right, I'm going to continue update now! Stay tuned! :D

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