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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Old Blog. :D

PEEPO, I've reopened my old blog.

I just open it, but I'm not going to update it anymore!
Anymore new updates will be HERE. :D

The old blog has so much of my memories contained inside! Happy ones, sad ones.
I'm really going to miss it!

So I'll just put a link to it in my blog so you guys can read it sometimes!
*and so that I can read it too!*
Now it's going to be my Archive Blog. Lol Lol.
Like a library that saved all my previous memories!

Sorry about the ugly layout, coz I'm lazy to update to new pretty layout.
Most important is the content!!

So here goes,

Cheers to my old memories, and hello to new ones! :D

Good night peeps!

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