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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Keep Changing! :D

Haha! This is going to be a very picture-ty post! 
Got the pictures from my friend, XiaoPai and here are her latest summer collection!

There are like 300 pictures altogether, so I'll just pick out some to share with you guys! :)

All the pictures are taken at Happyface Cafe in Shanghai, a very cosy and cute lil cafe. :D

So here goes pictures!
Very cute top that makes me look like high school kid. LOL LOL.

I love this dress so there gonna be a lot of pics coming on. Hahaha!

And another thing, I love how my hair looks here! XD

Beige dress. :) 

Another beige dress. :D

Very interesting top! Cotton above and lace material below!

Polka dot is love. :-P

Another polka dot top in baby blue!

Lacey top with studded pearl!

That's all! I'm so sleepy right now!
Good night peeps! :)

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