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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hubby Does My Makeup Tag by Beautifymeeh and TamangPhan. :)

Just saw the cutest video of the day on Youtube!!!!
Was watching some makeup tutorial videos there and this title got my attention.
"Hubby Does My Makeup Tag" 

It's about 2 really sweet Korean couple where the husband does the makeup for his wife.
It's funny that the girl was like "please don't turn me into a monster" and the guy is so good at makeup because he always watches his wife's makeup tutorial videos on Youtube! (Yea, the girl is a Youtube makeup GURU! :D) He even got her favourite eye shadow right!

I think the end result is stunning! :) Thumbs up for the super adorable guy!
I'd like to do the same with my bf in the future too! Hahaha! It looks like so much fun! :x :x :x

Enjoy the video peepo! :) This video made my day!

Btw, if you guys want to read the pretty girl's blog, here goes: 

She's going to have a baby soon so congratulations to her! :)))

Till then, see you peepo!

PS: Oh yea, and some more updates here! Just watched another similar video of Husband does the makeup for the wife, though this one is kinda disastrous. LOL LOL! Anyway still really sweet and funny! 

I especially like some parts of the video for example:

Wife:What is this, is this a foundation?

Wife: What is the colour of the lipstick? (expecting him to check the label and say the correct name)
Husband: (took a quick glance) pink.

So let's watch this video, I laugh throughout! What a suffering face the girl has going through the makeup process hahaha and yet she's being so sweet encouraging the guy to continue. LOL!

So yea she ended up looking like a badly sunburned person but I do think the tanned skin looks very much like Snooki hahahahaha!!

Btw this girl is also a makeup GURU on Youtube like the Korean girl up there!
You can go like her FB page here: Promise Tamang Phan

Hope you guys enjoy the videos! :x

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Girl With Seven Horses.

Something I really want to share with you guys about, it's an amazing photo project done by Ulrika Kestere, from October 2011 to January 2012. :) It's about a fairytale of a girl who is looking for her seven invisible horses taken by the storm together with all her clothes.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had 7 invisible horses. People thought she was crazy and that she in fact had 7 imaginary horses, but this was not the case. When autumn came the girl spent a whole day washing all her clothes. She hung them on a string in her garden to let the gentle autumn sun dry them. Out of nowhere, a terrible storm came and its fierceful wind grabbed a hold of all her clothes and all seven horses (authors note: since they are invisible they obviously didn't weigh much). The girl was devastated and spent all autumn looking for each horse spread around the country, wrapped in her clothes. 

Photo project by Ulrika Kestere, from october 2011 to january 2012

Credits to Ulrika Kestere for all the beautiful inspiring pictures! 

Lilac Dress :)

Hello peeps! Sorry for not updating recently! Have been pretty busy. :D
And since now that I have instagram, I seldom bring my camera out anymore and all those pictures in my hp automatically got uploaded into my instagram! 
Instagram is real love! :x :x :x

I don't like to use my instagram pictures to blog because I already captioned them each so I guess there's no need to repeat the stories here. :)

How're you all going there? Hope everyone is doing fine!

I feel like I shouldn't abandon my blog, so I play dress-up today and took some pics to blog about haha!

I'm wearing a lilac dress from OEMURA. :)
It's very light so it'll flow with the wind, which is super pretty!
I especially love the beautiful flowery prints on it! Lilac colour is just too romantic! :x :x :x

Some big face pics to start with. Hahaha!

Pardon the dirty mirror! Haha! It's a maxi dress. :) 

Going to sleep now! Good night peepo! :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Retro Style + Bob Hairdo. :D

Things that I'll do when I get bored.  /:)
Have been taking some videos of myself playing violin these 2 days, and realise what a pain video-taking is. :-w
My mom, who has been really patient helping me holding the camera also got upset in the end because of the endless retakes. Hahaha. Sorry mom.

I'd love to upload the videos here but the size too big and it seems to be uploading forever so I give up. :-<

Anyways, I got tired of video-taking and decided to find something to blog about. Haha. Found a long-sleeved polka dot top in my mom's closet and thought of doing a retro style post! :D

Tied a ribbon at the bottom of the top for a chic look! Love my torn EMODA shorts. :)

Got bored of my medium-long hair and do a bob hairdo again! :D

Helloooo I feel so boyish. Hahaha!

Going to continue video-shooting later. T____T Ciao peeps!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Playing With My Hair. :)

Hello dearies, I'm kinda bored today! LOL. So I spent some time playing with my hair and self-captured. :D :D :D

I'm happy to have my straight hair back! I'll never ever perm my hair again! Dislike x 100 that hairstylist in HC Shanghai, because he coaxed me into perming my hair like a lion mane (Maggie mee head). :( He probably wanted to make more money because hair perming costed more. He kept telling me my hair won't look so thin and boring afterwards and I believed him.

After perming, I regretted it so much I washed my hair 10 times trying to straightened it back and brushed it like mad but the perm maintained. T___T
I looked 10 years older omggggg.

So yea, I'm really happy to have my straight hair back after so long! Straight hair is ze best ever! :)

My hair has grown longer so now I can do more things to my hair! At first wanted to try out some nice hairstyles I learned online but didn't have hair curler and my hair is so die-hard straight I couldn't blow it into curls. LOL. In the end I can only stick to some simple hairdos. T___T

Straight hair is love. ;) Didn't dye my hair for a year already. Haha!

Twist and pin! Very easy! :)

Pig face. O.O

High ponytail! :) Love how it sway from side to side when I walk! Just tie it up as high as you can! :)

Bob hair! Tie your hair loosely and twist the ends inward and hide them with pins! ;)

I kinda like bob hair. LOL.

So yea that's it for today! :)

And peeps, please be careful when you guys go out at night, seen lots of bad things happening around the country on the newspaper. Robbery, rape, murder, thieves. Just take care and don't stroll outside late at night!

Till then, XOXO!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Photodiary: Dark Clouds and Yummy Foods. :)

Remember in the previous post, I was talking about planning another photoshoot at the beach? :) 

I enjoy photoshooting really much because I love to see beautiful pictures,both others and mine. I'd like to think of every photoshoot as a special project, an artistic way to express one's thought. A certain theme, background, facial expression, lighting combined that will create a sensational picture which can move people in some ways. I think photography is very much like music, they're both beautiful and able to affect people. ;)

I went to Awana Kijal beach with my mom because I think it's one of the prettiest beach near my area. 

When I got down from the car, the scenery took my breath away. It's so bright and colourful everywhere, and the sky is so blue my stupid camera didn't do it justice. :(

I turned to look at the sky behind me, and omg it had already turned dark.I could sensed an impending rain from afar. The sky over my side is still incredibly sunny, so it's kind of amazing to see the distinct difference. And somehow the sky looked so much bluer than usual.

Alright pictures time!
Love how my green dress meshed with the scenery! :D

Always love the huts at the beach! It has this really primitive feel, don't you think?

Sports facilities available too!

Check the price here if you're interested! :)

Changed into a black maxi dress for photoshoot, but the dark clouds moved so fast it almost reached the beach already!
The sun disappeared soon too, so I didn't manage to get much good pictures considering the lighting isn't ideal.

In the end, I decided to postpone the photoshoot until the next sunny day! In the mean time, I'll post up 2 pictures that I think is okay. LOL.

Here you can see the sky is already getting dark on the left.

It's pretty cool to see the gradient from left to right! =D There were thunder and lightning already, so we left immediately after taking this picture!

Dark clouds looming. Snapped from inside the car.

Mommy mistook an alternative road back to Cukai on the way back. We journeyed on the unfamiliar kampung road, not knowing when exactly we'll get home.

Then we discovered this really huge food-stalls-market near a building with huge words called "BINJAI SOUQ"! ;)

We spent some time to find a place to park, there were so many people there buying food to buka puasa later! :) It's so nice to see such happy and boisterous place!

Food stallsssss.

Only in Kemaman! Satars!!!!

Very colourful drinks! I wonder how it tastes like! =P 

Giant otak-otak! Only RM1 each!

Cute menu! :)

I like how they hang the light bulbs and plastic bags up there. :D :D :D Everything so colourful!

Fried foodsssssss. :x :x :x

Nicely packed noodles!

Love the colours of the puddings! Especially the pale pink one!! :x :x :x

Durians tied onto a motorcycle!

I'm so excited to see so many durians after so long. In Shanghai it's hard to find even one! LOL! I bet my China friends will be so happy to see so many durians!

Bought some satars and otak-otak home! *nom nom nom* ;)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Black Ballerina.

I came up with an idea of photoshoot today and I'll have to say a big thank you to both mommy and daddy for being my photographer(s)! ;) It's such fun to have my parents collaborating with me in this photoshoot and how professional they can actually be if I tell them what I want! :D

Planning the next photoshoot tomorrow at the beach, stay tuned! :)

Rose red lipstick to match the dress. :x 

Wearing a black dress bought online! (Haha I'm an online-shopaholic)
I was actually going to buy one as a present for my friend, and when I realised it looked so pretty, I ended up buying one for myself too!

I love the thin outer layer of muslin that creates the beautiful feel of a ballerina's tutu-dress!

So I'll name this photoshoot as the Black Ballerina. ;)

Snapped a pic outdoor before the sun set!

That's all for today! Night peeps! :x :x :x

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dancing In The Garden. :)

Hello peeps! Updates for today! White tunic dress of XiaoPai's Collection! :)

Enjoyed the afternoon dancing in the garden. ;)
Feel fresh and pure wearing the dress! :x 
It's slightly short for my height, will be perfect for girls around 160 to 167cm! Anyways, I can tuck it in and match it with a pair of shorts or jeans! :D 


Love this effect and my belle lacey leather shoes. ;)

Good night peeps!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lazy Afternoon in a Pretty Lil Cafe.

One thing I love most about Shanghai, they have a lot of pretty little coffee shops for us to spend the lazy afternoon, sipping drinks, day-dreaming, reading a book, catching up with friends. 8-> A place where you can feel serene and peaceful. :)

There's this really cute lil cafe near our school named Happyface. ;) It has a small garden outside and inside it's all cosy and homey.
Xiao Pai and I spent our day there having our photoshoot, I brought my bunny, Tutu, along and the waiters there (2 cute guys wearing black apron :">) were nice enough to let me walk my bunny inside the cafe.

"Just don't let it stroll into the kitchen. If the cook sees it, we won't be able to save it!" said one of the waiters. :)) Hahaha. Tutu seemed to understand the "threat" and kept itself out of sight and going undercover, hiding underneath the sofas/tables/chairs and sprawled itself comfortably on the floor.

One bad thing about Tutu, when it gets comfortable with a place, it'll feel safe enough to pee. :-<
So that day it felt so comfy and safe, it found a spot at one of the corner of the wall and PEED. X_X

I was like, :-O TUTUUUUUUUUU!!!! *screaming inside coz don't want the waiters to know* LOL.
Then I went around the tables, stealing tons of tissues from the tissue boxes and threw them on Tutu's weewee. *very not environmentally friendly I know* :( :( :( 

Then I secretly threw the soaked piled of tissues into the rubbish bin before the waiters came! Ahahaha! Tutu got the guilty look on its face.

The waiters are so nice they even got some carrot from the kitchen for Tutu to chew on! :) Felt double guilty about Tutu's weewee!!! :-S In the end I locked Tutu inside a small kennel at the garden outside while we continue photoshooting. :)

A picture with the very nice + cute waiter! :) Thank you for being so nice!

I love the reading corner of the cafe. There are some really nice books on the bookshelf! The one in my hand is The Ten Commandments of Dog Ownership.:x:x:x

XiaoPai's Collection:
Peterpan-collar buttoned up light green top
Pearl studded lacey jeans shorts