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Monday, July 16, 2012

Chronicles of Baby Tutu. :)

After writing the previous post of Tutu, I realise time flies so fast!
Looking back at Tutu's baby pictures, which was only the matter of 8 to 9 months ago, I can see how big it has grown!

Tutu was soooo chubby when Miki brought it back 9 months ago! Its ears were just 2 tiny triangular thingy. Super super adorable!!

I'm going to write this post recording the cutest moments of baby Tutu! :D:D:D
Tutu is still very cute now, in a mature way. It loses the baby fat on the cheek. :( but its eye lashes are still as long as ever! ;;)

Did I mention I finally confirmed Tutu's gender? It's a boy bunny. 
I admit I'm kinda disappointed because I always thought it's a girl bunny!

It has such pretty eyes with long eye lashes, and pink nose!!!
Look at the picture below, tell me how in the earth can you ever imagine it's a boy? :-/

How???? @-)

HOWWWWW????? @-)@-)@-)

Focus in on his pretty lashes. ;;)

Some adorable moments of Tutu!!! Miki polishing its nails with Sephora nail polish sponge. :))

Tutu's fav food ---) Cherry Tomato! :x

Tutu hates shower. X(

Pink bath robe~~

Ohhh wheee, blowdrying! Another thing that Tutu hates most because it's afraid of the loud sound coming from the blowdryer.

First time clothing Tutu, and again, it hates it. It wiggle waggle as if it's in pain so I quickly free it after snapping this pic.

Munch munch munch all the timeeee.

Tutu growing up! See the ears are bigger and its face is sharper.
It was winter so I bought the dry-grass home for it to sleep in. Tutu loves stretching in the cage.

A lot of funny poses when it sleeps.

This one is soooo funny!!!! :)) :)) :))

Lastly some pics I took with Tutu last time! :)

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