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Monday, July 16, 2012

Last Day in Shanghai.

Last day in Shanghai before summer holidays started! Okay, technically summer holidays already started a week before, but my own summer holidays start only when I step into Malaysia!  =))

I spent the whole last week in Shanghai shopping around, getting nice pressies for my family & my besties! :-*
Got 2 shirts from H&M for my bros, a Cerruti 1881 leather wallet for my dad, and pretty long dresses for my mom!
And what I got for my 3 besties I'm not gonna say, wait till they find out! :-$ :))

So yea back to the last day in Shanghai! :)
I went to Eleven for a hairtrim. My fringe is covering my right eye and it gets really annoying when I practise/eat/read/everything. LOL. It's like I have only one eye like ze pirate. 

My fav stylist, Rose, wasn't there that day, so I picked someone else named Alvin. Ahaha the name reminds me of Alvin the chipmunks!! Though the stylist was an incredibly handsome guy. :">

After hairtrim. :) Love the curls at the end! Though it didn't stay long. :(

Borrowed Jimmy's Nikon for 2 days. Jimmy you're ze best! :):):)

Outfit of ze day:
Dress from Zara
Bag from Mac Douglas
Browny's wedges from WegoHarajuku

We decided to go to our all-time-fav place ----> Abbey Road!
The Lemon Chicken and Abbey Road's Steak there are the must-trys!!!
Abbey Road in Summer is buzzing with people. Most of them choose to sit outdoors around the small tables with candlelights and have huge electric fans hanging on the trees. 

Some pics taken outdoors.

We had lemon chicken and Abbey Road's steak plus the famous french fries there! The food there are served in such big portions you don't have to worry about not being full afterwards! :D

Before leaving, take the last picture in front of Abbey Road! Spot the western guy photo-bombing me at the back! LOL!

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