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Monday, July 16, 2012

Back to Malaysia.

My very first night in Malaysia after a whole year!:) Reached KL at 7.30pm, and after all the check out, take luggage procedures, I met my beloved daddy outside the airport and took a bus to KL central!

Uncle came to pick us up and we had dinner/supper with aunt and my second bro at Kuchai Lama Food Court. =P~

Totally love this place. I was so excited like a foreign tourist because I didn't get to eat real Malaysian food for a whole year. For me, there's nothing tastier than Malaysian food. And all the food stalls there made me salivate! 

Shanghai food is nice, but it's milder in taste and they eat vinegar all the time. Dip Xiaolongbao in vinegar, everything in vinegar. LOL.
Can't find chilli + soysauce there. They only have vinegar + soysauce. (:|

I had a plate of wanton mee and felt so contented because I didn't have one for ages.
A plate of wanton mee in the Malaysian restaurant in Shanghai cost at least RMB 35 to 40 per plate. Besides, the taste isn't original at all. :(

I absolutely recommend this 鱿鱼雍菜!! The taste is so rich it's heavenly!!!!

The 2nd day, woke up very early in the morning.I updated in facebook about my return to Malaysia the day before, and some of my friends requested for a meet up. So I texted all of them to meet the day after but in the end everyone put me aeroplane. [-( 

Haha, okay okay, actually it's my problem too.:P My phone died so I only contacted them very late at night, like 1am plus. So some of them already made other plans, while my besties were all in another states. :(

Waking up early in the morning feels so refreshingggggg!

OOTD:(Outfit Of The Day)
pink dress bought online (it was long but I brought it to the tailor to cut it short. :D)
Braided casual brown bag bought online.
shoes bought online too. :)

Now you can see how much I love to shop online! Hahaha!!

We went to the pc fair at KL Convention Centre. It was crazy inside, so completely crowded and full of promoters from different booth. You just need to keep dodging here and there, when people knock into you from different directions. :-S

And the funniest thing there was there were so many promoters from different booths, each of them tried their best to stuff you with their brochures. At the same time saying, "Hey miss, MISS! Check out our printer/USB/camera/earphones etc. It's very cheap! Very cheap!"

The last hall ( Hall 1) was the craziest. The promoter queued up in 2 lines, left and right. And we walked straight on with them at both sides. They're like paparazzi, just not with camera in hands, but tons of brochures!
I got a brochure from the digi booth, because I'm a digi user. Haha. *support* :-bd
Then one of the promoter from the maxis booth beside digi yelled, "Miss miss, don't use digi lah, digi so slow!" and at the same time, stuffing me with more brochures! LOL!!!! :))

Got out of the pc fair like a refugee. I guess I had taken like hundreds of brochures. It isn't so obvious in this pic because I didn't spread out the pile. It's very thick!!

Random snaps LOL. Tired face.

Which way ar? That way is it?

I said I wanted to take pic with the twin towers so my bro snapped this. Then my dad complained that he didn't get all the twin towers in.
"The subject of the pic should be the building!" said my dad. :D

So my dad took my camera from my bro and snapped this for me. :)):)):))

Can you spot me? ;;)

Now I wonder if you spot the difference of my outfit in this pic below

Yessss, I changed my shoes. =DDD The freaking shoes I wore before was too painful it gave me blisters. :(
One of the disadvantages of online shopping, you wouldn't know if it's comfy enough.:|

It was too painful so in the end I bought a new pair of sandals from Vincci.Changed on the spot. :)

My bro and I separated ways with our dad and we went back to the pc fair place again because I wanted to take pic of the pc fair banner. Hohoho.

We got tired walking around and sat down to have some drinks outside Convention Centre. 
There were a lot of LimKokWing graduates there, everyone looked so happy in their graduation robe! 

Picture with my 2nd bro using his Galaxy Note. 
I'm so in love with Galaxy Note. It's so convenient and the picture quality is great too! 

Snapped by me. :D

My bro and I each got ourselves a USB! My bro got the bunny one, and I got the croc one.  /:)
Haha,actually I wanted to get the bunny one, but my bro was like, "Urm, I want the bunny one." before I said it out loud. 

And I was like :-O "eh, really ar?"
So I decided to give up bunny and get the croc. #sacrifice
Lol. Anyway my croc can glow in dark one ahhh!

Cute usbs!!!

Was on our way back when I spot this huge teddy bear! Wheeeeee! Wouldn't miss the chance to snap a pic with him! 
#salute :)


  1. I love your blog!
    I'm going to try 鱿鱼雍菜 one day :P
    waiting for more updates!
    have a nice day ;D

    1. Thank you San! ;) I'm sure you'll love the dish, it just taste too good!
      I'll update frequently! ^o^ have a nice day too!