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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Black Ballerina.

I came up with an idea of photoshoot today and I'll have to say a big thank you to both mommy and daddy for being my photographer(s)! ;) It's such fun to have my parents collaborating with me in this photoshoot and how professional they can actually be if I tell them what I want! :D

Planning the next photoshoot tomorrow at the beach, stay tuned! :)

Rose red lipstick to match the dress. :x 

Wearing a black dress bought online! (Haha I'm an online-shopaholic)
I was actually going to buy one as a present for my friend, and when I realised it looked so pretty, I ended up buying one for myself too!

I love the thin outer layer of muslin that creates the beautiful feel of a ballerina's tutu-dress!

So I'll name this photoshoot as the Black Ballerina. ;)

Snapped a pic outdoor before the sun set!

That's all for today! Night peeps! :x :x :x


  1. Just brought a new dress??
    I think you brought more than one, right? haha :D
    it's a beautiful dress! love it :)) very suits you!

    btw, the backgrounds are your house?

  2. ;) haha I got the dress in Shanghai! I bought 2, one for my friend and one for myself, huhu. Thank you!!

    yup, it's in my house, and my garden! XD