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Monday, July 16, 2012

Modeling? =D

I guess every girl dreams to be a model some phase in their life? :)
I am a total photography lover. I enjoy taking pictures of others/scenery and at the same time love to be taken picture of too!

So I was completely thrilled when my darling friend, MuXiaoPai asked me to model for her online shop in Shanghai! ;;)

She usually models herself for the shop. She has a very cute face you see. I knew her a few months ago and we became great friends! :D
One day she asked whether I wanna join her to take pictures next time she went out for online shop shooting. I was like :-O REALLY??? Of course!! 

I am really happy that she gives me the chance to try out modeling! 
And only after being one, that I realised what a tough job it is!
Especially being an online shop model. #:-S

You'll have to change into a lot of clothes in a very short time, and pose and smile at the same time.

XiaoPai is already a very good poser, so she taught me how to pose. ;)
I was pretty awkward at posing the first time, coz I never really learn modeling before.

Anyways, I'll continue learning so I'll look more at ease next time! :D

Some pictures. :)
Pink shoulder-gaps top traced with lace + cute shorts!

White cloaky top with high-waisted shorts!

Black Korean-style lacey 2-in-1 top + shorts.

Love the flowery shorts here in dusty blue!

And the orange long dress! :P
Not long enough for me hahaha!

Love the way it swirls when I turn!

Thank you babe MuXiaoPai! :-*
Waiting for your 2nd round of updates!! :)

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