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Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Post!

First, I want to explain why I create this blog considering I already have one. :)

I had been a pretty dedicated blogger (I think :">)for the last few years, up until April 2012. Not even the sucky facebook/blogger/youtube block in Shanghai stops me from updating my blog. I'll spend hours waiting for the pics to be uploaded into my blog, painstakingly posting one single post that used up almost one day!

So what exactly happened in April? :|

On that particular sunny day, when I suddenly had the mood to rebuild my blogskin, I actually forgot to backup the previous skin before uploading the new one. So in the end, I wasn't satisfied with the new skin, and it was too late when I realised I can't get my old skin back! :-o #sheesh i know.

I didn't want to simply rush a new skin out so I just locked my blog. (don't want to scare ppl with the ugly messy blog layout):( And since I'm pretty much a procrastinator, this drags on until now, when I finally have a summer holidays! <:-P

Okay, still that doesn't explain why I create a new blog.
I can just spend my summer holidays remake my old blog's look, right? Why bother to create a new one?


I was actually dumb enough to meddle with my blog setting and change myself from my blog's admin to author.

Again, when I realised it, it's too late. I can't put my hands on the blog layout/template already!! 

* what I felt exactly at the moment:~X( ~X( ~X(

So in the end I sort of give up, and think: why not just create a new one? 

LOL. so yea that's the whole story. 

I guess I need to be more careful next time before I punch a button! :-<
Anyways, I'm going to keep this blog alive and prettify (if this word exist) it from time to time! ;;)

So stay tuned peeps! :x:x:x

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