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Monday, July 23, 2012

Photodiary: Dark Clouds and Yummy Foods. :)

Remember in the previous post, I was talking about planning another photoshoot at the beach? :) 

I enjoy photoshooting really much because I love to see beautiful pictures,both others and mine. I'd like to think of every photoshoot as a special project, an artistic way to express one's thought. A certain theme, background, facial expression, lighting combined that will create a sensational picture which can move people in some ways. I think photography is very much like music, they're both beautiful and able to affect people. ;)

I went to Awana Kijal beach with my mom because I think it's one of the prettiest beach near my area. 

When I got down from the car, the scenery took my breath away. It's so bright and colourful everywhere, and the sky is so blue my stupid camera didn't do it justice. :(

I turned to look at the sky behind me, and omg it had already turned dark.I could sensed an impending rain from afar. The sky over my side is still incredibly sunny, so it's kind of amazing to see the distinct difference. And somehow the sky looked so much bluer than usual.

Alright pictures time!
Love how my green dress meshed with the scenery! :D

Always love the huts at the beach! It has this really primitive feel, don't you think?

Sports facilities available too!

Check the price here if you're interested! :)

Changed into a black maxi dress for photoshoot, but the dark clouds moved so fast it almost reached the beach already!
The sun disappeared soon too, so I didn't manage to get much good pictures considering the lighting isn't ideal.

In the end, I decided to postpone the photoshoot until the next sunny day! In the mean time, I'll post up 2 pictures that I think is okay. LOL.

Here you can see the sky is already getting dark on the left.

It's pretty cool to see the gradient from left to right! =D There were thunder and lightning already, so we left immediately after taking this picture!

Dark clouds looming. Snapped from inside the car.

Mommy mistook an alternative road back to Cukai on the way back. We journeyed on the unfamiliar kampung road, not knowing when exactly we'll get home.

Then we discovered this really huge food-stalls-market near a building with huge words called "BINJAI SOUQ"! ;)

We spent some time to find a place to park, there were so many people there buying food to buka puasa later! :) It's so nice to see such happy and boisterous place!

Food stallsssss.

Only in Kemaman! Satars!!!!

Very colourful drinks! I wonder how it tastes like! =P 

Giant otak-otak! Only RM1 each!

Cute menu! :)

I like how they hang the light bulbs and plastic bags up there. :D :D :D Everything so colourful!

Fried foodsssssss. :x :x :x

Nicely packed noodles!

Love the colours of the puddings! Especially the pale pink one!! :x :x :x

Durians tied onto a motorcycle!

I'm so excited to see so many durians after so long. In Shanghai it's hard to find even one! LOL! I bet my China friends will be so happy to see so many durians!

Bought some satars and otak-otak home! *nom nom nom* ;)

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