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Monday, July 16, 2012

M50 + Reel Kitchen!

I've decided that this blog shall start with posts from July 2012! It's impossible to blog all the events in my life from April until now. Too much posts! :-S
So here's a post dated back to 6th July 2012! :)

It had been rainy for days. :( It usually does before Summer finally settles. This rainy period is called HuangMeiTian (黄梅天). It's said that Summer is finally here if there's no more rain for 3 continuous days!

 That's why I was jumping around with joy when I see sunlight shedding through my window! Rainy days are too dreary and I will feel less energetic when I see the dark grey sky.So I'm really happy to see beautiful blue sky again!

Dressed up for outing!

Outfit of ze day:
Drop-shoulder shirt & torn jeans bought online
Bag from H&M
Wedges from Wegoharajuku 

This was before I trim my fringe. See how it covered my eyes! So in the end I did center-parting so it is slightly better afterwards.;)

We decided to go to M50. Last time I went it was during winter. It was too cold so I didn't get to stop around and take picture much.

M50 is one of the biggest art space in Shanghai. There're altogether 4 to 5 art spaces, I'm going to visit them all! :D

Before you reach the art galleries, you can already see a lot of interesting graffiti all along the walls. There's not a single blank space left. Everywhere is splashed with paints and creative drawings.I spotted 2 foreign guys spraying on the wall when we got there! I wonder if they will get caught if the police officer spots them?

The graffiti are not the usual ones that we see around. They are meticulously sprayed and design. It's intriguing.

Messy but beautiful, isn't it?

Kinda random pic coz not in time to pose. LOL.

Good "Frind", the missing E added below afterwards! Haha!

Panda represents China, and these pandas are cool!! :D The white light flashing out of their eyes make them look like Superpandas with laser-eyes power! @-)

Found this Superman with cool hairstyle on the wall!!

Only later I realised someone copied it from a sticker on the firehose thingy.:P I have to say the one on the wall is much more better-looking. *I prefer big eyes* #biased :D

Some pictures outside the art galleries.

Walking around for hours and in the end it rained again! :(:(:(
Didn't bring umbrella with us so hid inside a cafe. Lol.

Still the rain didn't seem to slow down, we decided to catch a cab and leave.

Dinner at Reel Kitchen near JingAn Temple. It is a really amazing place.
I've been there before once with Miki, my ex Japanese roommate. She found it online and we both loved it there, though for no reason, we didn't go there anymore afterwards, so I kinda forgotten it.:|

It was that day I suddenly remembered that place and ohhhh how I loved there!! :x It has a food court at a side with spacious seats and good lighting. Outside there are a lot of yummy stores like Anna Banana, Hungry Toast, Pan Koo, Mc Donald, KFC, Japanese ice creams and waffles stores!

Decided to try out the seem-to-be-very-popular beef hotpot store. So many ppl queueing up there!
Spreading out maps to find new places to go. :)

When the hotpot arrived. 
OMG sooooo big!!! :-O

The hotpot is Si-Chuan-ly spicy, so we need to get something to drink! Luckily Hungry Toast offers a really huge serve of lemonade with just RMB7!

Ended my dinner with the super yummy Mango dessert from 满记甜品!:D

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