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Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Tutu's Day!

I know I said that I would write about the events from July onwards, but when I browsed through my picture folder today, I found so many nice stuff that I want to write about, since April! Those that I didn't get the chance to write in my old blog. So I'm going to record them down here now!;)

If you let me choose which season I like best, I wouldn't hesitate to say Spring! I used to like Autumn before I actually experienced it myself. I liked Autumn mainly because of the pictures of Autumn that I saw in books. Those beautiful yellow orange leaves falling down from the tree, it's simply breathtaking.8->

Now, I'm not saying Autumn isn't nice enough. It still is, though I'm saying it in terms of the whole aspect. 
For instance, Autumn isn't so sunny all the time. The wind is cold, not those cosy cold, but chilly cold. :-SS  It's very nice to see all the leaves turning red and orangey, but when all of them fall off, the trees look all so bare and naked, I'd feel sad for them. :(

Spring, on the other hand, reminds me of a colourful, pretty, bubbly, happy fairy! She waves her wand and everywhere becomes green and full of life. Flowers blossoming and the fragrance is welcoming and refreshing! :x:x:x There's no way for you to feel down/unhappy during Spring, because it's so sunny, colourful and bright!! :D

Spring is also the time when I can bring my baby bunny out for walks without worrying it might catch a cold! :):):)

That day was the first time I bring Tutu (baby bunny) out for a walk in the park!

Spotted my own company's workers walking on the street! XiXi Cleaning Company! LOL!! ;)
=)) okay I'm just kiddinggggggg, but that's really my name though, same Chinese character!! 

Bought some snacks with me while shouldering bunny's travel bag on one shoulder. It had gotten so big, I felt exhausted carrying it all the way to the park. #:-S

Finally at the park!!! Tutu took a while to come out, sniffing the grass, marvelling at the new environment. (It had been staying in the room for months since Miki bought it back from the roadside.) 

There were a lot of western ppl sunbathing in the park, when they saw Tutu, everyone said, "Ohmygod, look! There's a bunny!!!"

See, a guy spotted Tutu here!

Travel bag, snacks and jacket to keep warm.

Tutu looking contented resting under a bush.

A very pretty little girl that looked like Natalie Portman came to play with Tutu! She said she wanted to give Tutu some pretty hair clips.... :)

Hairclips for Tutu! Which one nicer? :D

Hair clip no.3!

And then another cute little kid came. Tutu loved to be caressed. :)

Eye contact, mind-reading....

Happy Tutu!