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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Energy Is One: Hiromi The Trio Project!

As you can see this is dated in May!
This post will be about Hiromi Uehara, the jazz composer and pianist and her Hiromi The Trio Project: The Energy Is One concert in Shanghai Centre Theatre in May! :D

I've heard of Hiromi Uehara like a year ago when I saw a video online that got lots of praises and positive comments. 
I clicked on it and I remembered the piece is called Place To Be.

It is one of her composition and it is really beautiful and pure. She was crying when she's playing it. So many emotions contained it simply touched my heart. T__T

I want to share the video with you guys! I really want to know the story of this composition, what is she thinking about when she writes it. :)

Do listen to it and let me know what you think! :) :) :)

Here's the poster of Hiromi's concert in Shanghai!
Bass: Anthony Jackson 
Drums: Steve Smith

I forgot to bring my camera that day so I can only take picture using my lousy hp cam with on has 2 megapixels. :(

Sorry for the awful quality of the pictures!!!

The stage.

The concert started. 
Hiromi permeated such energy that I can feel the heat surged towards me even at this distance! She bounced on her seat, bang the keys with her fists (but it sounded amazing) and stood up dancing while playing the piano. It's such an amazing performance!!!

She made us enjoy the music because she herself was so happily indulged in it! You can see her smiling like nobody's business when she plays. She made me smiled. :)

The Bass, Anthony Jackson and drummer, Steve Smith were really really cool too! :x:x:x

And then the most thrilling thing happened.
Hiromi performed Place To Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O :-O :-O My favourite pieceeeeeee!!!!!! :-O :-O :-O

Before that she was playing some other piece called "Haze" if I'm not mistaken. It was a piano solo piece, and a very delicate one. 

I must say I really dislike some of the Chinese audience! They don't really know how to keep quiet. And for god's sake, can you just turn off your phone before you get into the concert hall?! X(

There were ppl coughing non-stop, and A LOT OF photo snapping sound. 
Well, you see, there were paparazzi there because Hiromi was like the Jazz Princess in Jazz world. They kept snapping pictures throughout the concert.
The photo-snapping sound was extremely loud when she was playing her solo pieces! 
*kachak! kachak! kachak!*  ~X(

SOOOO ANNOYING!!! X( X( X( Cannot focus on the music already. :( :( :(

So after playing "Haze", Hiromi stood up and said she would play one more solo piece. 
"But this time, can you all please be quiet? *smile* Please? For my sake? Just one song, maybe 3 minutes. Can you do that?"

"I know I look very nice today, nice dress, nice hair. *smile* but please don't take pictures for 3 minutes, yea? Only 3 minutes! Thank you!"

She said it really politely and smiling all the time, I bet everyone (especially those noisy ppl) felt paiseh. LOL.

So this time, everyone kept quiet. Really quiet you can hear the sound of needle dropping on the floor. ;)

And then she started playing.

It was so beautiful I stopped breathing and goosebumps coming out on my skin.I could feel tears coming to my eyes and I blinked them away. *sigh* 

Thank you Hiromi for the wonderful wonderful concert!!!
When the concert ended, everyone was reluctant to leave. Some people started to shout "ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!" and soon the whole hall clapped their hands and shouted together.

We were hoping that they will come out and perform again so we clapped and shouted for 5 to 10 minutes. I'm not sure, but it feels like a really longggg time. :P
Though sadly they didn't come out in the end. :( :( :(

Pictures in the ladies' room. Haha!

Light blue jacket (forgot which brand) 
white evening dress bought online
Shoes from Zee Amor. 

Had a fulfilling supper at BurgerKing! :D
Have to say their burger looks so much smaller than the picture. Hmmmmm.   /:)


  1. She's such a wonderful musician!

    very expressive!!!

    I don't know exactly what she thought when she composing this piece, but it must be something meaningful, sweet and sorrow...

    1. Yes!!! If you go to watch her concert, you'll definitely be amazed!!!! :))))))))))))