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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mint! :)

Hello lovelies! I've been staying at home whole week, practising/eating/blogging/sleeping. Nothing new. (:|

Can't wait for August to come, have some trips to look forward to! 
For the time being, I've been learning how to cook and my mom actually let me handle the lunch so it is pretty cool! So far I've managed to cook some simple stuff that got pretty decent remarks from my parents.  /:) 

At the mean time, I also starting to lay my hands on photoshop. You see, I've been using the simplest photo editing software like Meituxiuxiu, Photofiltre and Photoscape. Those require lesser techniques because everything is preset. Just one button and you get what you need!

However, the downside of the softwares are the effects are set, and you can't adjust it the way you want. For example, you want a fairer skin, you click on the "fair skin" button and tadaa! You have a perfectly fair skin. 
But wait, here's the catch. You think it's a tad too fair, it'll be perfect if you can make it slightly darker.

Well, sorry, you can't. You can either have the original skin, or the fair skin, nothing in between. :( That's why I'm learning how to use photoshop now! :) It's ze most powerful photo-editing software ever existed! :D :D :D

I'm still a beginner now, but I guess I'll improve soon! Then you guys will see more good pictures in my blog!

Just got some pics from my dear friend, XiaoPai. :x
Here's a mint dress from her collection! Just a teaser, stay tuned for her 2nd update! ;)


  1. Haha, the same to me here... practicing, reading, composing, eating, chatting, sleeping and repeat....

    You look real good in a mint dress! I love it :)
    and I think your pics "No need to photoshop at all" haha :P

    I curious about your hometown, so it would be nice if you post something about it ;D

    1. :) Thank you San! Happy to receive your comment!
      LOL, you see sometimes my original picture might be too dark or colour too dull, so I'll need photoshop to make it more attractive! =))) I love to have pretty pictures! =DDD

      I didn't go out with my friends yet, have been staying at home these few days. Will definitely update about my hometown when I go out!! =))))