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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Retro Style + Bob Hairdo. :D

Things that I'll do when I get bored.  /:)
Have been taking some videos of myself playing violin these 2 days, and realise what a pain video-taking is. :-w
My mom, who has been really patient helping me holding the camera also got upset in the end because of the endless retakes. Hahaha. Sorry mom.

I'd love to upload the videos here but the size too big and it seems to be uploading forever so I give up. :-<

Anyways, I got tired of video-taking and decided to find something to blog about. Haha. Found a long-sleeved polka dot top in my mom's closet and thought of doing a retro style post! :D

Tied a ribbon at the bottom of the top for a chic look! Love my torn EMODA shorts. :)

Got bored of my medium-long hair and do a bob hairdo again! :D

Helloooo I feel so boyish. Hahaha!

Going to continue video-shooting later. T____T Ciao peeps!


  1. Your shorts are soooo short! haha :)
    it's a very beautiful matching though!
    waiting for more updates~

    Have a nice day ;D
    Xixi, fighting! \(^o^)/

  2. :)) haha! Hmm I like short stuff, but maybe this one too short lol. :DDD will buy longer jeans next time haha!
    Thanks for the comment!