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Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Island with All ze Seafood in the World!

Shanghai, although with the word "海”(sea) in the name, there's no sea in sight around the city. There's only a HuangPu River.:-s
To get to the nearest beach around Shanghai, you'll have to take 2 hours bus + 1 hour boat to reach a lovely little island called 嵊泗.

I'm lucky to have a group of adorable friends over there and they invited me over for a trip! :D:D:D

I departed around 8am in the morning, and reached the island around 11am. The crowd were pushing each other forward when we got down from the boat, I tripped and my lacey shoes fell into the sea! :-O

The boat crew tried their best to retrieve it but in vain. So in the end I threw the other shoe into the sea so it can join its twins floating in the sea. :)
*pretty romantic thought* 8->

Snapped this before it floats away. Good bye my shoes.. :( 

My friends came to take me at the dock and we headed straight for lunch!
They treated me the famous seafood dishes there and I was like OMG there're too many dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is really something, because I'm born at the sea, peeps! I've seen lotsa seafood but I swear I've never seen so many seafood dishes in front of me in my whole life! :-O
Like really everything seafood! :))

Some of the dishes! =P~

After lunch, we went straight to the beach! It was so crowded there! I didn't take pictures of the beach because all of us were in a rush for a good swim! It was too hot! Besides I'm worried I'll ruin Jimmy's camera. LOL. 

ps: Jimmy, see I so thoughtful. :P

There were lots of vendors selling bathing suits and swimming things there! I got myself a cute swimming suit with skirt below coz I'm shy. :"> Haha... Again, no

This is taken after the swim! Pardon my naked face. :( No make up nor contact lens so my eyes very small. :(
Haha anyway must upload this pic to prove I have had a swim! =D 
Proof of swim = my wet hair

I just realised my waist is actually slim though all my fats accumulated at my tummy and thighs. :( I dowan!!! *must slim down my thighs*

Went back to the hotel for a thorough bath, scrubbing out the sea salt in my hair and the glittery sand on my skin.
The sand of the beach there has glittery effects! It is like they pour glitter powder on the beach to mix with the sand. It's very pretty!!!

After the shower, we went for dinner, and it was all seafood again!!!! @-)

The 2nd picture is raw prawns! Eat with wasabi and drink Chinese white wine to kill the bacteria. Just like sashimi for Japanese. :)

The last picture is the eel. It looks really good swirling around in the plate. :)


Not just yet! More pictures of seafood!!!
Little lobsters, fishes, shells. I just keep stuffing myself with seafood, seafood and more seafood. LOL.

After seafood, go to the seaside for cold drinks and ice cream! Thank you my dear friends for treating me! I never felt fuller in my life before!
At first I only want to order a single ice cream, and then the little sister beside me said, "Hey sis, you should really try this, and this, and this."

Before I could react, she already ordered all of them for me. So I ended up eating/drinking 4 to 5 cold ice cream and cold drinks!!!!!

Beautiful sea view. :)

I had never eaten so many seafood and cold drinks/ice cream in one go, so in the end my body K.O and I got acute enteritis that night. :-& I think it must be the raw prawns plus cold drinks that caused it.
It was only after I went to the hospital to have an intravenous drip that I felt better. :-< 

Anyway the the day after I was okay again! Haha, see I can even go sight-seeing around! :>

At DaBeiShan (大悲山)

LOL. I avoided the prawns, even though they ordered the cooked ones this time. =))

Going back to Shanghai! In the boat. :) With the seashells accessories I bought from the souvenir shops.

So colourful!!! :x:x:x

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