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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lazy Afternoon in a Pretty Lil Cafe.

One thing I love most about Shanghai, they have a lot of pretty little coffee shops for us to spend the lazy afternoon, sipping drinks, day-dreaming, reading a book, catching up with friends. 8-> A place where you can feel serene and peaceful. :)

There's this really cute lil cafe near our school named Happyface. ;) It has a small garden outside and inside it's all cosy and homey.
Xiao Pai and I spent our day there having our photoshoot, I brought my bunny, Tutu, along and the waiters there (2 cute guys wearing black apron :">) were nice enough to let me walk my bunny inside the cafe.

"Just don't let it stroll into the kitchen. If the cook sees it, we won't be able to save it!" said one of the waiters. :)) Hahaha. Tutu seemed to understand the "threat" and kept itself out of sight and going undercover, hiding underneath the sofas/tables/chairs and sprawled itself comfortably on the floor.

One bad thing about Tutu, when it gets comfortable with a place, it'll feel safe enough to pee. :-<
So that day it felt so comfy and safe, it found a spot at one of the corner of the wall and PEED. X_X

I was like, :-O TUTUUUUUUUUU!!!! *screaming inside coz don't want the waiters to know* LOL.
Then I went around the tables, stealing tons of tissues from the tissue boxes and threw them on Tutu's weewee. *very not environmentally friendly I know* :( :( :( 

Then I secretly threw the soaked piled of tissues into the rubbish bin before the waiters came! Ahahaha! Tutu got the guilty look on its face.

The waiters are so nice they even got some carrot from the kitchen for Tutu to chew on! :) Felt double guilty about Tutu's weewee!!! :-S In the end I locked Tutu inside a small kennel at the garden outside while we continue photoshooting. :)

A picture with the very nice + cute waiter! :) Thank you for being so nice!

I love the reading corner of the cafe. There are some really nice books on the bookshelf! The one in my hand is The Ten Commandments of Dog Ownership.:x:x:x

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