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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hubby Does My Makeup Tag by Beautifymeeh and TamangPhan. :)

Just saw the cutest video of the day on Youtube!!!!
Was watching some makeup tutorial videos there and this title got my attention.
"Hubby Does My Makeup Tag" 

It's about 2 really sweet Korean couple where the husband does the makeup for his wife.
It's funny that the girl was like "please don't turn me into a monster" and the guy is so good at makeup because he always watches his wife's makeup tutorial videos on Youtube! (Yea, the girl is a Youtube makeup GURU! :D) He even got her favourite eye shadow right!

I think the end result is stunning! :) Thumbs up for the super adorable guy!
I'd like to do the same with my bf in the future too! Hahaha! It looks like so much fun! :x :x :x

Enjoy the video peepo! :) This video made my day!

Btw, if you guys want to read the pretty girl's blog, here goes: 

She's going to have a baby soon so congratulations to her! :)))

Till then, see you peepo!

PS: Oh yea, and some more updates here! Just watched another similar video of Husband does the makeup for the wife, though this one is kinda disastrous. LOL LOL! Anyway still really sweet and funny! 

I especially like some parts of the video for example:

Wife:What is this, is this a foundation?

Wife: What is the colour of the lipstick? (expecting him to check the label and say the correct name)
Husband: (took a quick glance) pink.

So let's watch this video, I laugh throughout! What a suffering face the girl has going through the makeup process hahaha and yet she's being so sweet encouraging the guy to continue. LOL!

So yea she ended up looking like a badly sunburned person but I do think the tanned skin looks very much like Snooki hahahahaha!!

Btw this girl is also a makeup GURU on Youtube like the Korean girl up there!
You can go like her FB page here: Promise Tamang Phan

Hope you guys enjoy the videos! :x

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