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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Playing With My Hair. :)

Hello dearies, I'm kinda bored today! LOL. So I spent some time playing with my hair and self-captured. :D :D :D

I'm happy to have my straight hair back! I'll never ever perm my hair again! Dislike x 100 that hairstylist in HC Shanghai, because he coaxed me into perming my hair like a lion mane (Maggie mee head). :( He probably wanted to make more money because hair perming costed more. He kept telling me my hair won't look so thin and boring afterwards and I believed him.

After perming, I regretted it so much I washed my hair 10 times trying to straightened it back and brushed it like mad but the perm maintained. T___T
I looked 10 years older omggggg.

So yea, I'm really happy to have my straight hair back after so long! Straight hair is ze best ever! :)

My hair has grown longer so now I can do more things to my hair! At first wanted to try out some nice hairstyles I learned online but didn't have hair curler and my hair is so die-hard straight I couldn't blow it into curls. LOL. In the end I can only stick to some simple hairdos. T___T

Straight hair is love. ;) Didn't dye my hair for a year already. Haha!

Twist and pin! Very easy! :)

Pig face. O.O

High ponytail! :) Love how it sway from side to side when I walk! Just tie it up as high as you can! :)

Bob hair! Tie your hair loosely and twist the ends inward and hide them with pins! ;)

I kinda like bob hair. LOL.

So yea that's it for today! :)

And peeps, please be careful when you guys go out at night, seen lots of bad things happening around the country on the newspaper. Robbery, rape, murder, thieves. Just take care and don't stroll outside late at night!

Till then, XOXO!


  1. I love "twist and pin" and "high ponytail" style!
    I also love your pig face too~ hahaha =P
    I'll waiting for some more styles!

    Take care girl! try to go home before it's dark!
    someone here is worrying about you =)

    Thanks for brighten my day with your smile =))
    Have a nice day!

  2. Thank you San! :) Have a nice day too! :)