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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lilac Dress :)

Hello peeps! Sorry for not updating recently! Have been pretty busy. :D
And since now that I have instagram, I seldom bring my camera out anymore and all those pictures in my hp automatically got uploaded into my instagram! 
Instagram is real love! :x :x :x

I don't like to use my instagram pictures to blog because I already captioned them each so I guess there's no need to repeat the stories here. :)

How're you all going there? Hope everyone is doing fine!

I feel like I shouldn't abandon my blog, so I play dress-up today and took some pics to blog about haha!

I'm wearing a lilac dress from OEMURA. :)
It's very light so it'll flow with the wind, which is super pretty!
I especially love the beautiful flowery prints on it! Lilac colour is just too romantic! :x :x :x

Some big face pics to start with. Hahaha!

Pardon the dirty mirror! Haha! It's a maxi dress. :) 

Going to sleep now! Good night peepo! :)

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