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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Miki In Malaysia Ep. 3: Japanese Girl V.S Gadis Melayu

It's already Episode 3!

Hahaaha! I feel like I'm making some kinda local drama series wtf. XDDD

Seriously I've never been more "semangat" in writing blog, it's great to get the passion back! :) In my first blog back in year 2008 until August 2012, I pretty much write about every single thing. If I have a picture in my phone, I'm going to get it into my computer and caption it into a blogpost. LOL.

Now when I look back, it's really a waste of time. I spent too many time in editing pictures and only writing captions for pictures. There's nothing too memorable about that. So in July 2012 I created a new blog, which is this one, and I only blog about things that I think is important, and worth writing about. And I stop captioning my pictures into a post. It's so pointless. I want to really spent time recalling what has happened, what exactly am I feeling/thinking at that time, so when one day I read back the post, it'll bring a smile to my face.

That's why from July 2012 until now, this blog only have 209 entries including this one. LOL. While the previous one had 1312 posts LOL!

Okay stop, I need to continue my drama series wahahaha! Starring Miki, Uzair and I in this episode LOL LOL!

We got back home from KL around 4am thanks to the super slow UTAMA bus, and slept around 5am after showering and everything. I already called Uzair on the bus to ask for him to fetch us at 11am, but I overestimated myself, I couldn't even wake up at 11am, I just remember dragging myself up at 8.30am and texted him that I want to delay our plan to 1pm. LOL. Sorry Uzair. T_____T

Uzair brought us to Sukiyang, the new "Haipeng" in Kemaman! Seriously what happened to the old Haipeng? I missed that place. The new Sukiyang's service is really slow. :( We ordered 3 iced coffee and 2 set of buns and didn't get it after 30 mins. When I raised my hand to ask, they didn't come. After like several times, only the waiter came and they actually forgotten about our order. T_____T

Chia Ying also told me about the slow service there. Last time when her family went to dine there and ordered some meals. They didn't get the meal after like a longggg time too. And in the end they told the waiter they didn't want it anymore. The funny thing was when they were about to leave, the dishes were served. =.= So they just sit back and finish the meals. Haih.. 

I have some friends working there too, so I'm not criticizing all of the workers there. Maybe just some of them who always forget. :( Hopefully they will improve this soon!


I ordered 2 half-boiled eggs for Miki since it's really a Malaysian/Singaporean kinda food. She finds it pretty interesting. The way it is served and eaten.

However, she doesn't like the taste of it. Hahahaha! One way to see if Miki dislikes the food, if she eats one spoon and pushes the plate to me. Hahahahaha!

Miki is too polite to say it out loud if she doesn't like the taste of the food or if she can't finish it. I know her really well, I know she is going to force herself to finish the whole thing even if she's full just out of politeness. 

So every time my mom says, "Eat more! Eat more! If it's not enough just order more!" And I can see Miki going green in the face because she is already really full, but at the same time she just nod her head and scooping more food into her mouth, I'm worried about her stomach bursting. LOL. So I quickly tell my mom, "MOM, she's full. Don't ask her to eat anymore. Trust me."

And my mom will look at me suspiciously and say, "Are you sure? She just ate a little! *squeezing her eyes into slits* Or you just want to eat the rest for yourself???"

OMGGGG 冤枉叻!!!!Never ever felt so wronged in my life!!! T______T

Btw Uzair wasn't behaving like his old self that day. He was like super shy. *cough* And all the time he was like whispering to me, "OMG she's so pretty in person!!!!!" And then cover his face and giggled like THIS.

I was like.... trying to stay...

And my inner self just want to punch him in the face. 
DUDE, behave yourself. 

My Malay best guy friend and my Japanese best friend! :D Yeehaaaa! :)

After the brunch we brought Miki to TunasManja so she could buy some local stuff to bring back to Japan! :) Miki bought a packet of Sukiyang coffee since it's our local famous coffee. 

I'm really in love with  my Forever 21 knuckle rings! And the Diva connected-love necklace given by my baby Sera! :DDDDD

I was telling Sera I wanted to look for knuckle rings and she suggested Diva since everything there is really pretty. Though in the end I bought the rings in Forever 21 since I got the RM30 voucher after spending more than RM 150. LOL.

Anyway I still stop by Diva later to check out the items, and Sera suddenly bought 2 necklaces there for me!!!!!! T____T I was like, What??!??!! Why so nice?!!?!?!!! T_______T

This is one of the necklaces, another one will be revealed in the next post. :DDDDD

To be honest, I wasn't really an accessorized person last time. I think it's kinda troublesome to wear accessories, but starting from last year, I started to find accessories really fun, and I'm going to collect more to match with outfits! :))))

One of my Forever 21 buys! :) The yellow skirt! Mad love it because the colour is so perfect! :) I'm going to be more colourful from now on. :)

Selfie selfie everywhereee.

Miki was really excited when she got into the supermarket coz everything in new and interesting to her. So she took all the pictures below. And in the end, she bought kaya, snacks and even Maggi Mee home! Wahahahhaha! :)))))

Miki was like OMG when she saw these chillies. I bet she never see as many chillies before in Japan since Japanese don't eat spicy stuff. Hahahahaha!

I tell her this is Malaysian Yakult. Wahahahaha!

The next stop, we went to The Store to check out Baju Kurung! :) 
I wanted to get a new baju kurung, coz the one I bought last time was friggin' expensive and this time I want to get a cheaper one but at the same time, colourful. 

I'm training myself to be a better consumer. LOL.
And I think I have to show Miki the traditional Malay costumes! :)

Miki decided to try out a shawl!!! :) The really nice Kakak there helped her to wear it as a tudung. :)

Very nice what! :DDD 

And then Miki tried out the Baju Kurung too! She chose a black one. :)

We asked the worker to help her with the tudung again so she get to wear the whole set together! :)

Oh I took a video of the process! Hahahaha!

Very pretty!!!! Look just like a gadis Melayu! :) In the end Miki bought the shawl, but not the baju kurung coz it's pretty pricey.
She can just use the shawl like usual around the neck in Japan. :) It has the Malaysian pattern. :)

The very nice worker! :))) I bought a set of baju kurung there too! :)

We got home after that and my mom brought us out for afternoon tea! Seriously we had never been hungry for even 1 second all the time when Miki was in Malaysia. T_T
And I took the opportunity to eat as much as I can, coz if Miki is not here I probably just stay home all day and won't get to eat all these good stuff LOL. 

Which brings me to say, I'm getting god damn fatter and fatter.

Okay, enough complaining of my weight. We brought Miki to this really famous Warung Otak-Otak Che Wan! :)

They demonstrated the process of making keropok lekor! :)

And also Otak-otak! Which I kept saying as Otot-otot. =.=

Sera recommended Mee Chalong so I got it! :) Miki said the soup tasted like Japanese ramen. Hahaha!

Pais Ikan! :) I like the sauce but I think it's too much trouble to eat it. I hate fish bones.

We got the steamed Keropok Lekor instead of the fried one.

And Chendol!!! Hahahaa! I told Miki about it before it was served.
I described Chendol as green colour booger (nose shit) wahahahhaha!!!!! And it freaked Miki out!
Though at the same time I tried to reassure her that it was my mom's fav, so she would still try it out.

When it is served I showed her the green slimy booger-looking chendol and she was slapping me and asking me to stop. Wahahahahaa! Well, what are friends for? :DDDD I just keep repeating. Bahahahhaha!

Anyway she tried it out in the end and she actually liked it. :D 
Lesson learnt: Never judge a Chendol by its cover. Tqverymuch.

Eat eat eat non-stop!

The satar at the Warung Che Wan was sold out, so we went to the stall beside it to get some so Miki get to try it too!

Satar is my fav our of all the food there! :) 

We went to Pantai Teluk Mak Nik to enjoy the sea view and ate the satar. Though I have to say the beach is not the best in our area, so many rubbish!!! People really should stop throwing rubbish on the beach. :(

We had some fun at the beach and left after the my mom finished the last 3 satars.

We brought Miki to my aunt's cake shop! :) Remember she made the "Welcome To Malaysia" cake in the first episode??? :D 

My aunties and uncle were all there and they took out all the fruits so Miki can try them all!
Since Miki told me she wanted to try to drink from the coconut, my uncle opened one for her. She was amazed with the taste, because in her memory, coconut water is supposed to taste like those coconut milk beverage selling in supermarkets. LOL.

She loves mangosteen and jambu very much! Jambu is very refreshing, and mangosteen is really sweet, suits her sweet tooth!

She tried the coconut flesh and.... after one bite, she flashed a shy smile, which I knew automatically she wasn't used to the taste LOL. So in the end my mom helped her to finish it. Hahahah!

We went home to shower and change, then we went to the nearby famous Nasi Lemak stall owned by the dad of my highschool classmate, Osman! :))))

The nasi lemak there is soooo good omg. My dad always goes there to DaBao for me. Hahahaa!

I tried out the laksang there too. Uhm... Langsang? Laksam? Someone enlighten me.

Miki's Milo Ais.

We also get Nasi Minyak and Nasi Lemak besides that langsam/laksang/langsang thingy.

The sambal is killing Miki, and at the same time she's trying to be polite hahahahahahaa!!!!!
*keep calm and drink your milo*

After the dinner we drove to Cherating to watch firefly! :)
My mom and I were pretty disappointed because the fireflies there were depleting compared to the last time we went. So little fireflies, it was pretty boring.

But since Miki never seen it before she found it pretty interesting. The only fun thing was when the boat sped up on the way home, it was really exciting and we yelled and waved our hands. :))

I got a text from Choon Kiat asking us to join the yumcha session, and since it was Miki's last night in Malaysia, I just have to bring her! :)

We went to Kemaman Star and the guys, after knowing Miki loved Roti, they suggested us to order Roti Canai, Roti Bom and Roti Tisu! hahahaha! So many roti!!!

Roti Tisu in process.

After trying I think Roti Bom is my fav. :)

Then the guys trying to prank Miki into wearing the Roti Tisu hat, telling her it is the edible Malaysian specialty hat wtf hahahahaaha! So pandai tell story lohhh XDDD

Miki too shy to wear it, so I started first. Hahahaa I think this can be a very memorable picture. :D

I have to put that thing on her head coz she kept resisting LOL! Btw the light behind makes the effect of sun rising from the mountain ahhahahaha!

Tomorrow will be the last episode, so stay tunedddddd! :) Okay bye. :)

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