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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Element of Surprise.

Have you guys ever feel like something shoot up in your head and exploded like fireworks when you receive a present? The feeling when you have the physical reaction of your eyes getting bigger, your mouth opening into a wide O, and you scream and jump around like a crazy person? 

That's one of the reasons WHY I love presents so much, both the process of giving them out or receiving them. I love the feeling of elation, the suspense before opening the wrapping paper. And to achieve all these, we go to the basic of it, THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE.

About 2 weeks ago, my blogger friend, Ivy suddenly told us (Maple, Fion and I; the 4 of us have our own special chat group in Wechat) that she wanted to give us a little gift. She asked for our addresses and sent the present to us by courier. 

There was a little interlude, she made a lil mistake in my address hahahaa, but the postman still manage to send it to my house!!! :) Thank you Mr Postman you're awesomeeee! :)))))

When I received the parcel, I was guessing what's inside. It feels very soft and light. So I carefully opened the parcel...........

And I screamed. LOL. Let's be honest I'm not a screaming type of person lol. I mean, I used to be when I'm younger la, but now I'm like old already, so I'm much more, ahem, you know, mature and solemn. BUT, upon receiving Ivy's present I was like bubbling with excitement and happiness I couldn't contain  myself. LOL. I immediately get into my Wechat and literally screamed into the voice message hahahahaha!!! I have to let the excitement out or I'm gonna explode. XDDDDD

Alright enough crapping, I have to show you guys the present!!!! :)))))))

I'm using up all the stickers I can find to exclaim how touched I felt. Inside there's this mickey-shaped note with Ivy's cute handwriting! T_____T Thank you dear! I hope I will have my own concert in the future lol, if so, I'll get you a free ticket la no need you to buy. And your present definitely is NOT CACAT!!!! T____T It's perfect!!!! I'm DEFINITELY bringing it to Shanghai and USE IT EVERYDAYYYYY!

Mwahhh love you lots! Hope to meet you in real life soon too! :DDDDD

The present is this mad adorable+cute+creative tissue cover. TOTALLY DIY by IVY!!!!!!!!!!!!
So much heart and effort put inside the making of it! T_____T
Even got my name "XI" on it! T____________T

Wait till you see the other side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG got violin and bow, and pretty dress, heels, and bag!!!!!!!!!! 
Somemore got violin strings on it OMG! T_____T Cannot imagine how much time and effort Ivy used! So creative and everything so detailed!

The very happy and proud owner of this amazing gift! 

Switch to the back camera for better quality pictures wahahhaaa! (okay, just excuses to post more pictures here) XD

I'll get you something nice from Shanghai next time I come back kay!!! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!! :)))

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