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Monday, February 17, 2014

Miki In Malaysia Ep.1 : Edible Rainbow & Pervert At The Beach.

I'm back in full blogging spirit!! :)))) 

You guys wouldn't believe this, my bestie, Miki actually flew from Nagoya, Japan to Malaysia to visit me! T_______T I didn't see her for 2 years plus already! 

She told me that she had been working really hard, saving the money and bought the plane tickets herself. Since the flight straight from Tokyo to Malaysia is very pricey, in the end she bought the one from Nagoya to Shanghai, Shanghai to KL and KL to Kuantan! 3 times!!!! O.O So much trouble interchanging flights, and I'm really worried about her safety! 

I kept telling her on wechat to be extremely careful of her own safety and belongings. She later told me that her mom also scolded her for not getting direct flight by adding more money lol! But I can totally understand her, if you start working you'll know, how hard to earn the money and how many things to consider when you don't have enough budget to go travel! Anyway I really admire her courage and I'm thinking if I am to go Japan soon in the future will I be able to survive in a foreign country myself. Hahahaha. :) I guess I will. *fingers crossed* *time to learn Japanese* (speaking of which I already bought the whole set of "minna no nihongo" and will study it when I'm free!)

I was so excited the day before Miki's arrival and I kept pacing in my house, making gurgling noises out of excitement hahahahaha! And my parents were like kept brain-storming where to bring her to eat or to sight-seeing. My mom pretty much mop the floor for 3 times in a day hahahahaha! My mom kept nagging me to clean up my room and I was like, "Oh come on mom don't worry, it's Miki, she's used to me being messy." And my mom gave an exasperated sigh, shaking her head and continued cleaning the house. Hahahahahaha!!!

When it was the day of Miki's arrival, my dad drove me to the Kuantan airport around 9am to pick her up, I pretty much jumped up and down in happiness to see my beloved Miki again! :)))) It had been so long!!!!! 

Miki forbid me to take her picture because she said her hair is messy after the long journey LOL. So I settled with the luggage and bags. :D

We had breakfast at the airport. Btw don't ask me anymore WHY Miki is so slim and I look so fat beside her, because this is the portion of our food. T_____T
Which reminds me, I need to cut down on my food. T_______T

When we got back to my house, Miki kept telling me my house is very big *really?!?!!* and showered me with presents!!!!! T_______T 
Check out what she got me!!

The awesome Hello Kitty cup and Godiva Chocolate! She told me that I probably can only find this in Japan because it's like the collaboration of Hello Kitty (Japan!) with Godiva! :DDDD She said this will be my Valentine's Day present because the day she arrived was 13th of February, a day before Vday! :DDD

Omg so thoughtful, and I didn't prepare any present for her! *facepalm* T_T *failed bestie*

And she also got me a birthday present! :D A 15th Anniversary Lunasol travel make-up set!!! *eyes shining with gratitude* T_________T I used the make up the next day and omg the quality is really nice! I know I can always dote on Japanese products. :D hahahaha!

Btw Miki told me I can see the instructions of how to use the set at the back of the box. I turned over and... it's all in japanese. =.= I can't read a single word wth. T_T hahahah Luckily there're some pictures showing me how to apply the eye shadows. :D

After opening the box, it has a sleek gold appearance and the inside contains all my fav eye shadow colours (the brown colours, good for daily wear!) and foundation, blush, mascara and lipgloss! Totally an all-in-one set! All I need to add is just eye-brow pencil, eye-lash curler and eyeliner :DDDDD

Wait that's not all! She also got me this cute frog with magnetic hands hahahahaha! And behold, it has a name. You can call it Watanabe-san. :) I'll make sure that it'll be my constant companion when I go travel around. I love how I can put it anywhere since it can hang onto things with its magnetic hands hahahaa!

Now let's get to the part where I brought her for lunch! :) I had been surveying and decided to bring her to try out Malay food. Thanks to my friend, Uzey for recommending! We actually went there to try 2 days before Miki's arrival just to know what to order and to try out the food for myself. Hahahaha. Omg so serious. :DDDD Coz I'm welcoming a VIP guest to Malaysia okayyy? XD

So in the end I have decided upon Norisqa Kafe! The owner is from Sarawak I think, and they also provide the famous Sarawak delicacies, Kek Lapis, which I think I HAVE to show Miki! :)

This is the cover of the menu, check out the lower part, you can see all the certs of the competition they have won lol!

Uzair recommends this Getuk Ubi, it's some kinda fried potato side dishes, taste creamy and sweet. And you can request for Nasi Lemak sambal to go with it. Usually people just eat it plain like that, this eat-with-sambal is actually an Uzey-thing, but I tried it and I actually prefer it with sambal too! :))))

The happy me trying out the Kek Lapis there! :) This is a gif picture from the day I went there trying out the restaurant with Uzey hahaha!

Here are the prices! :) Not bad, totally affordable :)

The interior of the restaurant is very nice! I like how they put the Vietnamese caps on the Tiang. :DDD

Miki trying out the special beverage there: Kurma Bandong Cincau a.k.a KBC. :) Kurma means dates, so it's actually good for health and at the same time very refreshing. :)

Here are the famous kek lapis!!! It is served cold and I'm mesmerized by the colours! :) Uzey told me that usually these are really expensive during Hari Raya, considering how much work they need to put into making all those layers.

And you can also order for birthday cakes or wedding cakes, they can design your name into the inside of the cake, so when you slice it, your name is going to appear at the side!!!!! Crazy!!!! :D I'd definitely want to see that!!

Btw every single colour has its own taste, remember not to eat the whole piece in one go, use your fingers to snap it into smaller pieces and try different layers at a time! :DDDD

The food that we ordered. The Asam Pedas Ayam rice set, Mixed vegetables, and Ikan Pari Bakar! :) Miki can't really eat spicy food so she kept drinking her KBC like crazy. Hahahahaha!

Btw my schoolmate, Muzammil is the chef there! So cool! :)))) Very proud of him coz the food is really nice! :)))) Thumbs up! :))
The woman behind Muzammil is the owner of the restaurant, I think she's the one making Kek Lapis. :DDDDD

For anyone who wants to visit the place, Norisqa Cafe is situated in Bandar Chukai Utama, Kemaman. :) 2 shops beside Parpardelle! :)

After the lunch, I went back to change to a beach-friendly outfit and since Miki didn't believe that I can drive I decided to prove it to her. LOL. She was really amazed (and scared for her life at the same time LOL) and decided to work harder on her driving skill too. Haahaa!

I brought her to the Santuari Penyu in Cherating to see the turtles. At first I wanted her to see the turtle laying eggs, but sadly it isn't the season for them to come up yet. :(

Again, standing beside Miki with her stick-thin legs make me feel like a fat giant omg. T_______T *I need to cut down on rice and exercise like crazy*

The baby turtle!!

The next stop, the cherating beach and also the place we met a pervert! :(

I forgot to charge my phone so I left it at home charging and went out with Miki and my mom to the beach. Coincidentally my mom forgot to bring her phone out too! O.O When we got to the beach my mom decided to find her friend in a nearby resort and chat with her while we headed to the beach ourselves and take pictures.

Everything was okay and great. We were taking pictures and Miki was really excited to see the beach. Then suddenly I felt something is wrong. You know, it's like sixth sense or something. 

There was this Malay guy in his thirties wearing yellow shirt and jeans in a red helmet. He was riding the motorcycle to the beach and starting to ride to and fro for no purpose. He kept glancing at us and the way he looked at us sent shivers up my spine. Damn weird one. You know a pervert when you see one.

Then he suddenly stopped his motorcycle like a few metres away from us, and he got down and stood beside the motorcycle. He looked uncomfortable and kept stealing glances at us. I quickly nudged Miki and gestured her to go further away from him. 

Suddenly that guy unbuttoned his jeans and put his hands inside and started touching himself WTF. I knew we were in serious trouble by that time, and I look around the beach, omg shit, no people is in sight!!! And I didn't bring my phone, and even if I did, I can't contact my mom anyway since she didn't bring hers!!! I know I need to get away ASAP from the beach and find my mom.

That guy was looking creepier than ever and suddenly I saw a western guy swimming in the sea. He seemed to take notice of the pervert too and he slowly came up to the beach. I immediately went up to him and told him about the situation and asked for his help to accompany us to the resort where my mom was at.

The really helpful and nice guy, turned out to be an Italian and by the name Mauro was our life saviour! Thank you so much! We passed by the pervert and he was rubbing himself on the motorcycle and at the same time shooting regretful looks at us WTF. I'm so glad that we managed to walk away safely. 

I can't imagine what will happen if Mauro wasn't there, and me without a hp to call my mom. :( 

After the disturbing interlude we walked around the street of Cherating so Miki can get some souvenirs. :) Found this cute lil cat! I find cats to be extremely funny since they always have this pissed-off face. LOL.

We finally came to a shop where we could try painting batik! :) It's only RM 10 for 1 painting! :) Miki and I chose a Kampung picture to start with. The aunty gave us an example of how we can colour it. :) It was in a sunset hue.

So many colours to choose from! :)

And then we start. We decided we would not follow the example given and paint our own version of Kampung hahahaha!

The end result!! We called it the Night-Time Kampung. :)

While we were painting, we saw Mauro again! He decided to paint one himself too! :)))) And he chose the picture of a butterfly with a flower. :)
I like how he colour the background. :) Very special! :)

Picture with Mauro! thank you so much again from saving us from the pervert! :))

And beside him is the beautiful worker from the resort! :))

Happy girls leaving Cherating and in search of more FOOD! :)

We went to try out the Sate Sekeluarga stall right beside Shell Station on the way to my previous highschool. :) I think it's on Jalan Dato Omar right beside the Shell Station for those who want to go there. :)Uzey told me it's like the most famous satay in town! To be honest, I really feel like a new-comer in my own hometown because I didn't know all these places!!!!

Right beside the satay stall is another Roti Tempayan stall! I've never tried this before so we ordered one! And I chose Kari Kambing. :)

They stick the Roti at the side of the Tempayan that's where its name comes from. Hahahaha!

Another puke-rainbow experience omg!! So good! And the kari omg!!!!! Must try!!!

Miki fell in love with the satay right away and she gobbled up everything in no time! Hahaha! Good to see her with such a good appetite! She even went to take picture of the stall again just to remember the name of the satay and she said she would advertise this when she went back to Japan. Hahahaha!

In the evening, I brought her out to join my highschool friends for our favourite yumcha session! Hahahaa! It was so funny because Miki is soooo shy, I've decided to get her out of the Shy-shell. LOL. She wears the "I love Cherating" tee that she bought that afternoon hahahaa! :)))

When she got home we took out the cake that my aunt made for her as a welcome gift! :))))

Welcome to Malaysia!

That's all for today, lol, omg I actually wrote so much. :))) Stay tuned for the next post!!!!

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