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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just... Everything? :D Part 1

So, I just checked the date of my last post: 4th of March 2015. :) 

Which means, I didn't update my blog for almost 5 months. *applause* :) I'm such an amazing blogger.

I didn't even think of updating it until I got back to Malaysia with all the glory of internet freedom, and when I browsed through my posts I realised how much I missed blogging!

I have so much things to share with you guys, these previous 4 months is full of activities, events and great ppl and memories! :) So I will just dig out my phone pictures and share my thoughts! :) I guess it will take forever to sort out all those pictures. Let's just go with the date of the photos. :))))

I've been getting pretty dedicated to gym starting from March. It was the perfect timing when there was a new gym opening just OPPOSITE my school, and they want to recruit lots of new members, so they had this crazy discount for the first 100 new members. I was lucky enough to get one of them! Woohoo! I bought membership for 1 year and 4 months.

I'm trying to develop it into a lifestyle. It just feel so healthy after sweating and despite feeling sore and stuff, I will be so energised for the whole day!

Now my target is to control what I eat, and hopefully, I will reach my ideal body shape. *determined face*

The best thing about going back to Shanghai is to see my awesome friends again and get showered with gifts! :) Telmuun got me these from Mongolia! :)))))

With my bestest bestie hahahaa! The gorgeous Xingxing :D

Just in case you don't know it yet, Here are the food that represents Shanghai. :) Xiao Long Bao, Spring Roll and Soup Dumplings.

My Ah Po and Ah Gong in Shanghai! :) My uncle got married with Shanghainese so I have relatives in Shanghai too! :DDDD

One of my favourite class, Western Music History. I think teachers are one of the best people in the world. They are one of the main reasons why you will like a certain subject. So I'm grateful to have some amazing teachers in my life! :)))

Okay, so this is the place I spend most of my time in. The practice room. Also the place where I have most of my selfies in because of the great lighting and because I got tired of practising and I need to do something else. LOL.

And oh yeah, I have started working part time at a music school, teaching, since last year September. :) And it proved to be one of the best thing happening in my life.

I used to think teaching doesn't suit me because I wouldn't have the patience to do it, and I think looking at kids everyday will be hell.

Turns out, I love the kids so much and I love sharing what I know with them. I'm worried that I might teach them the wrong thing so I did a lot of research to make sure everything I teach is correct. Which in turn, I improved a lot because I need to teach them! LOL. So you can say that my students are my teachers too. :)))

I have encountered so many different type of kids, some learn fast, some don't get it at first, but I realised, everyone is different, there are no stupid kids. It just depends on what kind of method you are using. Maybe she learns faster by watching, another learns faster by feeling, and he learns faster by listening. So being a teacher is like being a psychologist as well. You need to find out what the students needs so you can help him/her to improve. :)

I love my job. :)

My phone is full of pictures of kids posture or violin-holding. Mostly are wrong postures because I want to show them how they look like in the picture hahahahah, that always does the trick. 

Leo, don't stick our tummy out! And your violin head is slipping down. LOL.

Alexandre, you sure your violin is ON your shoulder?

And of course there is great posture pic too. :) hahaha! All the kids are amazing, and I'm proud of them!

I like to spoil my students with birthday gifts. That was in the beginning, when I only have like a few students. Hopefully I earn enough money to do that to all my students in the future hahahahaha oops. T_T But it feels great when I see their excited face, and they always get super motivated in practising after that, yeay!

I got to know more vegetarian friends, which led me to know more vegetarian restaurants! :) Here's one: Pure and Whole. :) It is good.

But I'm a carnivore so sometimes I like all the meaty and cheesy stuff, like this.

Love the spring time in Shanghai, the weather is like the most perfect ever! :) You have the sun shining down and spreading out the light so everything is glistening but not too harsh for the eyes. It isn't hot at all, just like you're bathing in lukewarm water with a bit of flower-scent wind blowing in your face.

I think I can write poetry. :) LOL.

Here's my super pretty cellist friend, Micky!

And then my boss, Feifan and I went to watch Baymax, and I fell in love with this loyal buddy with huge tummy. Btw Shanghai is not the best place to watch movie because the movie tickets are super expensive. 

For the latest movie, the price is around RMB 100 to RMB 150 per ticket, which is like RM 75 per ticket can you imagine! And now that Ringgit Malaysia is getting even lower, you don't want to count the currency change. *sigh*

And on days when there are discounts, the cheapest tickets we can find online will be around RMB 50 per ticket, which is like RM 25, still much higher than Malaysia. So I seldom go to cinema in Shanghai unless my friends ask me to.

Oh yeah, and a lot of movies will be shown a few months later in Shanghai compared to Malaysia. It is so strange! I guess maybe the government need to filter the content of the movies before showing them to the public. Hmm.

And this picture was taken after I slipped and fell in the school canteen. So embarrassing omg. Hahahahaha. I was wearing my new H&M shoes, and at that time I was in a rush and was running in the canteen, the floor was so slippery so I slipped and fell down on my face.

There were so many people in the canteen that time, and I was wearing skirt wtf. T_T And the worst thing was the people were laughing at me. =.= Okay can't blame them because I think it is pretty funny myself too, but HEY WHY NOBODY COME TO HELP ME UP. Next time you guys slip I will laugh at you, okay? Deal. Hahahahahha.

After that day I decided not to wear that pair of shoes anymore. Okay just kidding, but I'm not wearing it to school canteen anymore. T______T

Remember I always go to this oil-paining place called Paintertainment? :) I wonder if I blog about it before. It has now became my favourite place in Shanghai. Every time when I feel stressed out, I will just go there and paint something. 

And there was this amazing bakery shop right opposite it called the Sunflour. So Feifan and I decided to have a brunch there before going to paint.

Here is Feifan! She's my boss and one of my best friends in Shanghai! :) She opens the music school I'm now working in. She is like the most capable girl I've ever seen, super talented and she can handle everything so perfectly well. I learn so much from her! :))) Most of all, she has an amazing personality so I always feel inspired and happy hanging out with her as well as working with her. :))

After we had the brunch, we were happily walking to the painting place and was told that it wouldn't open until in the afternoon. OMG, our plans were ruined. Coz we both had stuff to do in the afternoon. So we decided to just walk around and take some pictures.

We discovered a lot of beautiful lil things and places! :) Feifan is a great photographer so here are the pictures! :)

I guess I will sort out more pictures and update soon! :)))) Stay tuned! :)))

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