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Monday, January 27, 2014

Preloved Items Sale 2nd Batch! :)

Hello dearies! The previous Preloved Items Sale went pretty well, and one of my gorgeous friend wants to sell her preloved items here on my blog too! :) She's a really amazing fashionista so I was really excited to share her clothes with you guys! :))))) I had my eyes on the items too, but I think I'll let you guys have the chance to grab them first! :)))

Without further ado, let's start! :DDDD

1st Item: Cotton-On Dress with a Cut-Out back

Love the pretty prints on the dress and ESPECIALLY the back side! :DDDDDD I'm always a sucker for cut-out dresses! :D Any dresses with cut-out details I'm so gonna get it! :D 

Size: XS (Worn only ONCE)
Original Price: RM 70
Selling Price: RM 35

PS: For your reference my height is 174cm yeah. I usually wear XS or S for top and M for bottom.

The colour and print is exactly like the one shown in the picture yeah. It has a bit of washed-out effect. :DDDD

2nd Item: Sleeveless Dark Grey Top with Lacey Back!

Was totally in love with the back side omg! :DDDDD Super intricate lace details! :))) Btw the colour of the top is the one shown in the picture below yeah. It's dark grey in the front, and light grey at the back. :)

Size: S (Worn Twice Only!)
Original Price: RM 20
Selling Price: RM 10

It looks lighter in this lighting, the real colour please refer to the pictures above kay?! :)

3rd Item: Forever 21's SKOOL SUCKS Criss-Cross Back Tee

I was like laughing so hard when I saw this tee! :) The words on it rocks! HAHAHA SKOOL SUCKS! :)
It has this really battered effect so it makes it even cooler! :) It's pretty loose so I actually prefer to wear it drop-shouldered. :) 

Size M (Worn Twice Only!)
Original Price: RM 69.90
Selling Price: RM 30

4th Item: Leopard Print Dress from NICHII

This dress has a very interesting cutting! :) I love how the lower part has a slightly "tanglung" shape. Makes my body looks more curvy woots! :DDDD The zip is at the side and don't worry about it falling off because it's super tight and I can actually wearing it and jumping around even with my poorly lacking chest area. hahahahahaha! :) 

Size: S (Worn Twice Only!)
Original Price: Forgotten (should be above RM 50)
Selling Price: RM 20

5th Item: Miss Selfridge's Magic Tube Dress

To be honest when my friend sent me the picture of this dress, I was like mehhh it looks really common, but when I got the dress and worn it. OMG I TAKE BACK MY WORDS.

It's a MAGIC TUBE DRESS. It fits me like a 2nd skin! O.O Can't believe it. My mom also like jaw-dropped, you look very elegant in it. LOL.

It's totally elastic and fits all the curves perfectly! And I won't have to worry about it falling off or whatsoever! The perfect tube dress ever!
I'm thinking of keeping this if nobody buys it, but too bad a pretty girl already reserved it just now hahahahaa! :) Anyway, I'm happy it finds a great owner too! :) 

Size: S (Worn Once Only!)
Original Price: Forgotten, but heyyy it's Miss Selfridge's!
Selling Price: RM 40

Reason WHY I feel like it's so common. Hahaha. Look at this picture! Btw sorry for the bad quality, I already edited it but it still come out crappy like this. Don't worry it's perfect nice black colour and cotton yeah! :) These 2 pictures just to show you the shape and look of it. :)

6th Item: Cotton-On Navy Blue Stripey Dress!

This one is like the cutest stripey dress ever! :) Another dress I would loveeee to get for myself IF it's a tad bit longer. T______T My mom thinks I look cute in this dress too, just a lil bit too short. T_____T

This is the time when I regret to have this height. :((((((((((( Can't wear a lot of pretty dresses because they will look too short on me. :(((((

Anyway love the elasticity of the dress, accentuating the curves! The colours of the stripes are supposed to be dark navy blue and white yeah, but it comes out looking like black and white in the pictures.

Size: S (Worn Twice Only!)
Original Price: RM70
Selling Price: RM 35

That's it for this time! :) First Come First Serve okay?!!!
If you can bank in before 30th it'll be the best coz I'll be able to send them out to you all before CNY! :) Won't be around for the first 4 days of CNY yeah! :)

PM me at FB if you are interested in any of this, or email me at

Postage fee not included yeah! :)))))) Don't hesitate and get it fast!! :))))

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